WTC Podcasts, Sponsors, and Recommended Books!

442856144_3d74167a19_m.jpgYou may have noticed that there have been some changes/additions to We The Change over the last 24 hours.

As one of my blogger friends Alex Shalman said to me, “your site is growing up so quick”!  True, in only four months WTC has garnered over 700 RSS subscribers and become one of the fastest growing personal and spiritual development blogs on the web.

SO, that means we have some sponsors now, and I would like to tell you about them.  Before I do I also want to let you know that starting next Wednesday, I am launching a weekly podcast where I will interview top thought leaders, authors and speakers from across the mind-body-spirit continuum.

The Podcasts are an attempt to spread even more awareness of all the people and groups “out there” helping to improve people’s lives, save the planet, and spread consciousness.  I figured I am only one guy writing this blog, and only have so much to offer.  I hope the pods expand WTC’s offerings and give different perspective on

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how we can initiate transcending change!

OK, here is some info about our sponsors:

The Now Watch

I love this product because it is SO simple, and is a constant reminder that we should all be living in the moment.  I have had the pleasure of meeting the creator of The Now Watch, and when you ask Adam what time it is he replies “its Now and 11:30”.  I wear mine every day and it certainly aids me in remaining present!

Guy Finley

Guy is a best selling author of several books, founder of the Life for Learning Foundation, and creator of the very

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powerful audio course “Secrets of Being Unstoppable”.  The audio course is incredible, and I highly recommend it to anyone yearning for quality personal growth material.  Incidentally, Guy will be my first podcast guest, so tune in next Wednesday!


Gaiam is a leading lifestyle company that sells healthy, organic products that are eco-friendly and conscious.  For example, I recently bought a Neti Pot off Gaiam (for those of you who don’t use a Neti, I highly recommend it…cleanses the nasal passages like nothing else).  This company has recently acquired several others, and is creating a cutting edge community for all things wellness.

I have also introduced a new feature: Monthly WTC book recommendations.  For the first month I have chosen three classics, and if you have not read these books I highly recommend picking them up:

The Power of Now

Eckhart Tolle’s classic text regarding the power of the present moment.  This book transformed the way I go through life, and I constantly practice its lessons.  In fact, I often read a chapter or two in the morning, just to get myself “present” for the day.

The Tipping Point

A thoughtful and inspiring examination of how certain things become popular, and “tip”.  Read this book with the context of “how can we create a tipping point for the environment, consciousness, and for general wellness”.  A must-read for anyone who truly believes in their work or a cause.

Wherever You Go There You Are

Have you ever thought about trying meditation?  This is the book that got me understanding why I needed to meditate, and how I should begin doing it.  I highly recommend this book for anyone who is intrigued by the practice….its one of the best!

There you have it…I am glad WTC is growing and evolving, and if you have any recommendations for sponsors or books you can feel free to comment below or email me directly at!

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6 Responses to “WTC Podcasts, Sponsors, and Recommended Books!”

  1. Great job Todd!

    Subscribers, sponsors, podcasts…how long until you pull a Leo and go Problogger on us?

  2. Todd says:

    LOL Kevin…well you are certainly on a similar path! The blog is a lot of fun…and a lot of work. Don’t know if I’ll ever be a problogger like my man Leo, but this will certainly constitute a big part of my life for the foreseeable future!

  3. Peter says:

    Awesome idea to do the podcasts Todd. I found Steve Pavlina via his podcasts and things have just snowballed from there…. I’m sure you will find yourself some new readers.

  4. Alex Kay says:

    Fantastic Todd, looking forward to the podcast! :)

  5. ZHereford says:

    Great work Todd!

    Continued success and all the best!

  6. Todd says:

    Thanks SO much alex and Z…the kind words are much appreciated!

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