Why We Love Watching Pro Sports!

nfl_zoom.jpgTo steal a line from the movie Coming to America: “did you happen to catch the professional football contest on television last [weekend]?  The Giants of New York triumphed over the Packers of Green Bay by kicking an odd-long shaped ball through a big H.  It was most exhilarating”!

Being a die-hard Giants fan, I have been flying high all week, and am finding it hard to stop thinking that “we” (the Giants) are actually going to the Superbowl!  My feelings of elation, which I presently share with millions of New Yorkers, got me thinking: what is it about big-time sports cialis canadian pharmacy that can make us feel SO good (or, at other times, so bad)?

I have come up with 5 primary reasons why humans are naturally drawn to high-level athletic competition.  If you are not a big sports fan, read along anyway…this article may help you understand why your spouse/sibling/boss turns into a different person during the “big game”. 
1. Pure human passion is showcased

The reason why Michael Jordan was such a dominating basketball player had MUCH more to do with his internal fortitude then it had to do with his physical gifts.  YES, he was blessed with supreme physical talent, as is Tiger Woods, but the real reason we love watching athletes like these is because they showcase something very rare—a potent single-mindedness which blocks out all negative imagery.  Their ability to focus on the task at hand, and be in the present moment, is what draws us in…and it’s an expression of pure human passion.  As a group, the NY Giants showcased this type of fervor over the last few weeks…and it has been a beautiful thing to watch.

2. It teaches us that the impossible CAN happen

In the 1936 Olympics, American track and field star Jesse Owens, an African American mind you, went into the heart of Nazi Germany (Berlin) and won 4 Gold Medals.  In 1980, the American Olympic Ice Hockey team beat the powerful U.S.S.R. squad in what has been termed the “miracle” game.  Humans are drawn to achievements that were previously deemed impossible.  Why?  Because secretly we understand the impossible exists within each of us, and we are always searching for avenues to express our “impossible” desires.  Through sports, at times, we see that it can be done…and we connect with it at a very deep level.

3. Life becomes simplified

The ultimate mission in sports is pretty straightforward:  win or lose.  Unbeknownst to most of us, big sports fans experience a heightened sense of clarity as the winning or losing scenario draws closer for their favorite team (or player).  Life becomes simple in those moments as we are transformed to a temporary existence that is defined by only two things: winning or losing.  When put in this context, attaining “fanship” of this magnitude almost becomes a spiritual experience!

4.  It reminds us of when we were kids

gmen1.jpgFor many people watching sports brings them back to a time of much less worry and stress—childhood.  For many others, being a sports fan reminds them of a time when athletics provided a much needed outlet to express themselves.  Either way, watching the Giants jump up and down after winning (and me jumping up and down with them in the privacy of my living room) made me feel like a kid again…and I fell asleep in about 30 seconds afterwards!

5. It reminds us you really can play a game and be successful

How often do you think “man, how great would it be to play Baseball for a living and make millions of dollars a year doing it”.  I know I do!  But it is important to remember that there are tons of jobs related to sports which are not the athletes themselves.  There are the camera men, writers, reporters, towel boys, trainers, etc…the point is this: there are a lot of professions out there which can showcase the passion of the participants, and sports are a wonderful reminder of this!  Find a “game” you love, and become a substantial contributor to it.

There you have it– why we love watching big-time sports so much!  And, go Giants…I think theyn have a real shot against the Patriots :)

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8 Responses to “Why We Love Watching Pro Sports!”

  1. Peter says:

    Nice article Todd. Can you explain, though, why you Americans call it “football” when all you do is seem to throw it? Hence I like to call your version of the sport “throwball” :)

    Ps check out some Australian Rules Football sometime if you can….

  2. Todd says:

    LOL Peter– our football is the REAL DEAL :)

    Actually Australian Rules version is nuts…no protection, I dont know how more of them don’t end up seriously injured

  3. ZHereford says:

    Todd, even though I’m a basketball junkie, I’m a big sports fan period!

    We follow the woeful Lions in these here parts but I’m very happy for you and the Giants! Whoo hooo!

  4. Brad Baggett says:

    Great article Todd. I have many of the same thoughts about sports and why we follow them so closely. I even wrote an article about it during my favorite time of the year, College Football season!


    By the way, I love the changes happening on WTC and wish you all the luck in the World with the new sponsors and podcast.


  5. Leigh says:

    There has to be something atavistic in the way we lose ourselves in sport. The deposing of the ‘other’, somehow seen as ‘less than’ is a cathartic moment. Our history shows endless conflict and bloodshed. I can only give thanks if sport is some sort of substitution for the desire for violence that we seem to still carry, as witnessed in the national and international affairs on a daily basis.

  6. Todd says:

    Brad and Z– Thanks for the nice comments :)

    Leigh– interesting points….didnt really think if it this way…and thanks for writing it,

  7. Ben says:

    As an Australian who has watched, for the past two decades, the six football codes played around the world, I may be slightly biased, but Australian Rules Football is the most skilled game played by the fittest athletes. Rugby League requires the toughest players.

    It’s unfortunate that professional sports brings out both the best and worst in those playing.

    @ Leigh – The original Rollerball with James Cann covers the sport as substitute for nations going to war.

  8. Ben says:

    Wow well written and inspiring. Unfortunately, all of the above is incorrect. Professional sports were designed to keep you stupid and un-informed on real world issues. What does it actually mean to your life if Lebron James plays for one city or another? Does that mean you will get extra money at work if you cheer one team or another? It may get you laid, if you are smooth enough to land a dumb girl that is a sports wanna be. It’s so tribal it’s pathetic. They call the Cleveland Indians the Tribe. The Tribe! You feel empowered about your teams success and somehow that makes you a success, when in reality you just wasted the whole day watching a bunch of guys you’ll never know or will eventually forget about, when you could have spent the day making money or learning something, other than whats the hottest commercial today. People that talk about sports are pathetic losers with no hope. Newsflash!!! The Tavistock created the whole idea from an office. They decided that big cities will have big arenas for people to go to and learn absolutely nothing about life except how great it is to cheer with thousands of other people while a guy runs around with a ball. Oh Boy! It’s time to lift the paper bag off your head and take a look at what’s really going on. Stop living vicariously through some sort of team think. losers!

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