Why The Law of Attraction Does NOT Work For You

The “law of attraction” has a very enticing promise: the ability to manifest anything you want through belief and intention.  But does it work?

Some people are very successful with attraction (just watch The Secret to see 20+ personifications of it) while others fail time and time again.  I think a primary reason people fail is that they have a mindset that does not allow attraction to work its magic.  More often than not, these inhibiting belief systems are below the radar screen and reside in the subconscious mind…making them really tough to overcome.   


The purpose of this article is to provide 4 questions you should ask yourself before you try and implement “attraction”.  Answer these 4 questions as honestly as you can, and see if you start to uncover some “non-attraction-allowing” beliefs deep within you.  Before I get to them, let me share an incredible recent experience: 

When I started talking to my girlfriend about attraction, her response was “yes Todd, I am very attracted to you”, but then when I explained what I meant about the law of attraction she had a more typical reaction: “OK, than I will start to feel more money coming into my life, because that’s what I want”! 

The following day when she was paying for lunch, Irina (my girlfriend) noticed the cashier staring at the quarter she had just given her.  The guy on line behind her asked to see the strange looking quarter, and after inspecting it told her she was in possession of a pretty rare coin.

A few hours later, she did some research online and learned that she was indeed the owner of a very rare quarter and depending on its condition might be worth up to $2,500!


Talk about attraction:  The day before she agreed (almost begrudgingly) to try and attract more money in her life and the very next day she learned that the very money in her pocket was worth more than she knew…and the money she seeked to attract came to her in the form of money itself!

Irina was certainly a “newbie” in terms of purposefully trying to attract things in her life; but it worked for her because she has an internal belief system that allows the law to manifest.  Ask yourself these questions and see if you really have what it takes to make attraction work for you:

1. Are you REALLY open-minded?

Deep down, do you really believe that you can manifest things simply by habituating the art of believing in them?  If not, attraction will not stick for you.  It is absolutely necessary to examine your most basic beliefs, and uncover your most innate skepticisms, to enable attraction to ensue.

What you can do:  If you answered “no” to the above question, talk to someone who has made attraction work for them.  Query this person about their internal beliefs and find out how they have come to accept attraction as reality. 

2. Do you believe coincidences are random, or do you feel they mean something greater?

Coincidences are the physical manifestation of attraction, and the gateway to understanding it.  If you do not believe they mean something broader, than attraction will not work for you.  When the coin situation happened to Irina, she remembered our conversation from the day before and immediately understood that there was a connection. 

What you can do:  When coincidences happen, keep physical track of them.  Write them down on paper.  By focusing your attention on coincidences you will attract more of them and ultimately develop a greater sense for what they mean.   

3. Are you ready to WORK HARD?

So many people have become excited about what attraction implies, only to complain that it doesn’t work for them soon after.  The most difficult part of the law is to cultivate the routine of monitoring your thoughts.  Checking in constantly to what you are thinking is the key to making attraction work.  Its hard work, and you have to ask yourself if you up for the challenge! 

What you can do:  When you begin down this path, it can be helpful to quantify at the end of each day what % of time you spent in positive attraction mode and what % of time you spent in negative thought patterns.  Physically write it down so you can SEE the results.  This practice can be extremely enlightening and is an integral piece to attracting more of what you want…

4. Are you in for the LONG HAUL?

Attraction is a life-long practice.  Although you may get lucky and manifest something pretty quickly (like Irina), it does not mean attraction will always work for you.  For the practice to be truly beneficial, it is necessary to cultivate it over the long-term and purposefully accept it as part of your every day experience.

In conclusion, I believe the laws of attraction CAN work for anyone.  The first step is to ask yourself the right questions and do a little digging into your subconscious mind…it is there you may find the answers to why attraction does not work for you!

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55 Responses to “Why The Law of Attraction Does NOT Work For You”

  1. kiley cobb says:

    I have trouble accepting this. Understand, I know this law is true. I See the universe or whatever it is wanting to give me the world ( figuritivly speaking of course) but i block it somehow and cant overcome allowing myself failure and improper management from others, I know am talented and gifted, i see it all in front of me I just cant reach out my hands and take it>.??? I don’t know what to do.

  2. Todd says:

    Hi Kiley– yes, it is easier to understand this law intellectually than to actually integrate it in our lives. I totally hear you. There are a bunch of things you can try. First, I wrote two follow-up articles on this topic, the first talks about positive thinking, and the second details the power of using affirmations. These are two great tools to try.

    Here are the links, and if you want to speak further about this, offline, feel free to email me directly!!



  3. Phil says:

    Hi….I am retired and learned about this many years ago when I was a child…from mom. It wasn’t explained the same way, but it was close.

    In short believing is something people can do easily and other find it difficult to do.

    I remember when they told me in order to enjoy Scotch, it takes awhile to acquire the delight as it tastes lousy. Learn to ride your bike or become a piano player or learn almost anything worthwhile and at first you doubt, but stay with it and it will come to you…..practise. Even untalented people with no music instinct can become a dynamite piano player with practise and do it.

    I know that this works and is true as I have done it all my life with amazing results. I hardly ever was able to even mention that things just came to me easily….every job mysteriously appeared…I took them and felt lucky. Then I made a list of things I would like to have….lots of things….even little things….one was a five string banjo. I got them all…every one of the items on my list and the banjo came as a birthday gift from a banjo teacher that overheard me say I wanted to learn. It is a fine banjo too…not a junker with a great case too. I still have it as a reminder of all this.

    I get a lot of inspiration from the guy that said you can’t see electricity, but wow…it helps people worldwide and no one seems to understand it.

    So this is free and works every time just the same as gravity….no exceptions or special people, etc.

    So just do it…..watch your thoughts. We have to do this anyhow. Remember either we control or emotions or those emotions control us. And thoughts create emotions…right….so you are involved whether you believe it or not.

    I had a really pretty girl friend that kept saying she had low self esteem and couldn’t do this or that…..said it all the time.

    But she was very good at her difficult job and said she was good at that…very good. I said see…it works….she said no no . Think of what she could have had if she chaned her self conversation and attitude to positive.

    So in my mind…there it is….it is what it is and we need to work it…it is easy too.

    People will say….yeah yeah yeah, but….

    So what is your mind set ? Do you know that it works for stopping smoking, drinking and drugs too. Set your mind properly and stay with it.

    I did it with smoking and drinking. Once I decided to just do it and stop complaining about if I have to stop, what a bummer to I am now a non smoker/non drinker and feel great, save money and avoid cancer and DUI’s….lots of benes that far exceed the pleasure of hangovers and cig expense/smoke etc.

    Sorry I rattled on, but don’t be the poor guy/gal that could change their life in an hour of self readjustment and continue on a miscellaneous life…try hard…work at it….do it today.

  4. Todd says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful comments Phil, and your points are well accepted here. I appreciate it…

  5. Elona says:

    Lately everything in my life goes wrong,big and small things.The man I loved and was engaged with left me after 10years,my business is not working anymore,I can hardly afford anything,dont have many friends,even products I used to buy are taken off the market!(one of the small things of course)So can you please tell me HOW do I manage to think and be positive?But still,I must say your article is great.In fact for the moment I read it Iam a bit more positive and even feel better but it doesn’t last!I had another business idea which would definetely work for other people but of course not for me.I don’t know what to do anymore and how to cope!

  6. Sanders says:

    For those who is struggling to become wealthy, here is the real “secret” that Rhonda Byrne and Co. did not tell you about.


    That is what made them millions. And you can be too. Sell, sell, sell. Doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. Sell anything regarding Law of Attraction.


  7. Kamlesh says:

    Hi all

    Please advise how does one master the Law of Attraction.

    Cause man i have tried like crazy to manifest stuff, and ho boy dont let me begin to explain the dissapointments.

  8. Our life’s have been planned by us before we came here. That means that some of us will learn about and use the law of attraction deliberately, and the vast majority will only use this fundamental law by default. Make no mistake, you make powerful use of the law of attraction daily, but the question is are you using it by default or consciously? Learn to meditate, write down the object of your desire, write down what you will do when it comes, visualize and feel it into your life. Read what you wrote down several times a day.

    You do the very same thing with the negative things you invite into your life! think about how many times you think about what you dont want! I’m just asking you to do the same thing with the stuff you do want.

  9. ed says:

    I have been trying to manifest the same thing for 7 yrs. When I email those who are supposed experts with past successes, they either don’t email me back,or,they give a quick half assed answer that doesn’t make sense. I want people who REALLY know how to manifest desires to help me because I will not give up.

  10. Kelly says:

    Hi, I have been looking at my core beliefs for a long time now, I see what it is that is holding me back but I have no idea how to move forward. I know in essence what I want. I see why my life is the way it is, i have this belief in my own lack of ability to welcome in the changes. I see it reflected in all my life experiences and relationships. While I am aware the resources lie within me no amount of positive thinking, feeling, becoming aware, clear has allowed any of it in. I have done brandon bays journey work, I have been doing byron katies ‘the work’ I have been asking my body where i am holding onto things. I am so distraught with this game I play. This need for drama in my life, the need for the drama of believing in lack in my life, this game is just like a merrygoround. I have lost all belief in myself now, trust is so little. It has been many years now, I need to move forward. I know if I do the same things I will get the same results I for example today felt inspired to go for a drive with my partner to somewhere nice as its really sunny. We both know we have not enough money to do that, its just not in the bank. I just feel so limited in my life financially and everything im just so very upset about all of this. How do I turn my wants into needs so the deeper part of me needs what i want to the point of welcoming it in. I am aware that what I need i have and what i have i need. OTHERWISE it would not be in my life. Their is a need for drama more than prosperity and its killing me. I just gotta have some change instead of this status quo.

  11. Todd says:

    Hi Kelly, thank you for the honest comment. I feel your pain, and have felt very similarly in my life. Its interesting to view someone else’s drama from the outside. YES your life situation is VERY real, but I urge you to continue to give yourself perspective. You can shift out of a scarce mindset instantly. Did you ever take the Landmark Forum? If not, I HIGHLY recommend it. Very useful for perspective.
    Hang in there, life is all about ebb and flow. Smile during the tough times. Smile at your pain and fear. Let it be there, just the way it is. Transcend it…hope this all helps :)
    Much love to you,

  12. g says:

    I have tried LOA for a long while now and I really didnt see anything manifest. I bought the books and cds and nothing so for. No relationship, no money, no nice stuff. I use all my might and thoughts and feelings into what I want and I feel very offended by people who tell me Im doing it wrong or that Im just not thinking positive enough. I have thought positive so much that its pretty much all I think of.

    Dont get me wrong, if it worked for you, Im really happy for you and its must be nice to achieve such a wish but for me and others who have tried its very disappointing. I would never stop someone from trying it. It really sounds wonderful but again it didnt work for me. Just like some diets dont work for everyone, LOA didnt work for me.

    • jamie says:

      I am sorry to hear of your trials. I am new to this, so I really don’t know anything other than it has been working for me. Could you be trying too hard? I get up in the morning and before I get out of bed I tell myself…”this is going to be a great day”.
      I then think about my goals and what I want to attract while taking a shower. While I am brushing my teeth I think about my wonderfull wife and kids and other things that I am grateful for. I then leave it to the universe and go read the paper and go to work. Occassionally throughout the day I have to think good thoughts to change my “feelings” and I have seen some awesome stuff in just a few days. I have started a blog about thelawofattractionworks and I am hoping some people put there successes in there. Hopefully you can check it out and get a boost!
      Take care G and good luck!

    • Hillary says:

      do not be discouraged.. It pretty much does not work for anyone. They got richer from the stuff you bought. It is a crock. If it was an actual law of the universe then belief and being positive would not enter into it. You do not need belief or positivity to belive in the law of gravity or that day follows night or that flowers bloom in the spring do you? I thought briefly about a car accident and it happened within a couple of weeks, I have thought constantly for 14 years about finding another loving relationship…nothing only disappointments. I had no BELIEF that I would have a car accident. I simply saw one one day and thought,,,gosh what a pain in the arse an accident would be here (I live in italy) and yes I had a minor fender bender within a few weeks. The thought was in and out. No belief that it would happen to me.

      In life we attract some things and we do not attact other things. Life is like a deck of cards. some of us get the two aces and some of us get the crap.

      throw away those books and do not spend anymore money on their blah blah blah. You can ONLY manifest the things you CAN control…but they want you to believe you can manifest the things you CANNOT control.

  13. April says:

    I tried LOA very actively a year and a half ago. I put myself in a meditative state and wrote down all of the characteristics I would like in a mate and additionally wrote how I would feel with this person. I would actively put myself in this feelling state everyday. I honestly can tell you that I could feel the Universe manifesting him for me. I felt the power of the Universe behind me and I was walking on air. A short while later, I met him…I was sure. I was sure because the familiar feeling I had conjured up everyday when reading my manifestations aloud was the same feeling I felt with him. It was pure resonance. We were blissful for a short time. The unthinkable happened. He changed overnight into nearly my worst nightmare. I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t know what to make of it. I still kept believing for a while and tried to release expectations. It kept getting worse and he became less like the person I once knew. In fact, almost in complete opposition. My life was almost destroyed.

    I believe that it worked, and I KNOW I executed it properly and to my knowledge, there were no underlying “subconcious” sabotaging ideas. In fact, I dealt with those early on. In addition, I had no previous pattern of being with a man such as this. I am broken hearted and afraid now. I know it has power and I know it works, but what happened?? What do I do now. How do I trust it or myself. It rattled me to the core and my spiritual world is turned upside down. As you can imagine, the rest of my life also started sinking. I have recently started coming up with a theory with what went wrong, but I am open to suggestions. What happened??? I won’t rest until I know.

  14. Todd says:

    Wow April, that is some tale. Thank you for sharing, and I am sorry you went through something so difficult. To me, the ‘law of attraction’ has nothing to do with the transformation that happened to your partner. You attracted exactly the right person, and this person’s change was also exactly the right thing. There is a life lesson buried deep within this painful chain of events…and although I can not tell you what this lesson is, I am sure you can find it if you dig deep enough. In fact, I am sure you can come out of this much stronger, and with more power, then EVER if you seek to learn the real message hidden here.
    Sometimes, when life throws its worst at you, the REAL challenge is to smile at it, accept it, and seek for the meaning within the pain and fear. This is SO hard to do, but the testament to an evolved being. You can DO IT! Just be patient and think about it :)
    Much love to you,

  15. I think the law of attraction is simply about focusing on a goal and going towards it. Many people don’t ever think about what they want, so they don’t follow a path towards success. It is not the “law” that makes this work. It is the work one puts in that makes it work.

  16. sherry says:

    i am very very glad since the day the idea about LOA was introduced to me by my Humanities professor. it really changed my life, it gave me the joy in life that i want. i actually performed the different processes that i’ve learned to attract wealth and as welll as love to come into my life…how can i use thr LOA to attract the one person whom i’ve been eyeing for almost a couple of months already? i really want him to be my boyfriend because i really feel something strong for him, and i feel that he’s the one for me… :)

  17. FalseGods says:

    The law of attraction is a very flawed belief. Just like religion it sets the promise of good things happening to people. Since people just cannot accept or do not want to believe that things happen beyond their control they need to have hope and faith in something. When people are desperate they will turn to just about anyone and give their last dollar just for any chance of it improving their lives.
    I have had dealings with two people from the Secret and they are nothing more then con artists. I went to a seminar by one of them which was a “free” seminar but yet when I was there he wanted the crowd to fill out a form and put down their credit numbers to order his products. Once i saw that I ripped up the form and walked out.
    The other guy was no better I had a question about one of his products and sent him a couple e-mails he never responded to. I also did some research and discovered some dubious information about him on the internet.
    My point is like religion the law of attraction was created by someone who had a good idea to not only make a ton of money but to try and control people. Thats all religion is anyway is a form of mind control over people.
    I tried the law of attraction several times and did everything that was said to do but it NEVER worked. Sure there were times i thought i was getting somewhere with it but then when i got what i wanted I eventually fell into a worse place then I was before.
    People can call it “limiting beliefs” or “you really don’t feel deep down you deserve what you wanted and thats why it failed” to me those are excuses that are made for something that is nothing more then a concept that doesn’t work.

  18. Korynne says:

    The Law works. I have come across the movie and its phylosophy very recently due to thr hiccups i hve had in the last months. In reflection, i understand i am now in this position as the result of my thoughts. How do i know the law works though? Because i have been applying it unconsciously without knowing since i was a kid. I will explain. When i was 8 after a row with my parents i had decided: i will not be spending my life close to what i perceived to be a destructive family, and i will live abroad. Yeah, u will say. Guess what. At 20 i reeived a contract to work abroad. That îs very rare for a normal
    person from an eastern european country. When ppl asked Me howcome i achieve what i achieved, i only told them: i knew i will get there, i didnt know how, or why, or when, but i knew i will live abroad. I just knew. I had visions, deep down visions AMD sincere belief i will live successfuully abroad. I isnt know how, AMD durung my teenagers years until 20 there wernt many practical posibilities but i went along with my daily life, with the deep belief that my dream îs my reality. My visions were different from my friends ones .ididnt are myself in their community, married there with children. Those thoughts just did not exist, not that i rejected them, but they were nil, void to
    Me. To cut it short. One day a friend had proposed to Me to contact this Other person who lives in Australia, who was looking for someone like Me with my qualifications etc to fill in a job position. I said YES and to cut it short… I moved to Australia. In te space of 8 months(after formalities were out o the way). Now though i am in the uk but, there. Some might call it coincidence, but had i not been si convinced i deserved AMD m place was somehere else, i wouldnt have gone anywhere… Just as we are rejecting endless opportunities daily because of our limited belief systems. We must reset And train our unconscious mind to be who we choose to be. That doesnt mean killing the Old us or pretendig to be someone else. The hard work for Me îs now to let Go of te negative side of Me which i have grown comfortable with. Its very hard. What do you guys say abou this?

  19. Abhijit Angne says:

    Hi there,

    I have been a very recent addition to this entirely different theory of LAW OF ATTRACTION, I liked the concept & want to believe it.
    Incidentally, I wish this should be like the Infinite discoveries & Inventions that man has made all through these years to ease his/her existance in this Universe.( Moreso in the past 100 years). I wish this is a theory that has taken centuries to come to its final form just like the way we understand Electricity or the other modern age forms of gadgets & tools. But somehwere this all borders on the fence of blind faith & factual science. I know I will be immediately sorted by telling me that ‘to believe’ is its first step, but for a lay human like me, I just repel the idea of make believe & fool myself with crazy stuff like reading the payable receipts as gift in millions,weird, this needs to be controlled, this needs to be shown the clear path, Pls. guide.

  20. ed says:

    How can anyone understand the LOA from those who are successful, if no one will share what they do?That’s the problem… people won’t answer HOW they do it and it makes it seem that they may be FULL OF B.S.

    • Rashan says:

      Hey ed.
      Sorry for late reply i just check out this website.
      Well i watched the movie called the Secret and its all about the LOA .
      It works yes it does and the basic key to its success…you have to BELIEVE that it actually works. You have to think and believe about whatever you want . Example once i saw a fragrance as an ad . And i fell inlove with it . I thought about it and that its mine and all . and i believed it was and how happy i was when i had it and how itll smell when i put it on….well, not so very long since then , i got it as a gift. (: .
      So you have to Believe , and trust that itll work . You have to believe from your heart. And always be positive :) !
      For example , Dont say ….. I dont want to fail in my exam. Say , i will suceed in my exam, say i succeeded in my exam..over and over :) !
      Tc ! and Goodluck:)

  21. Herb says:

    I have made it work in my life ever since I found the books (Think And Grow Rich, The Science Of Getting Rich And Beleive And Acheive) thats when I found the secret one day as I was flipping through the channels I seen some of the teachers on Oprah talking about this law of attraction then I found the book than the movie that day I went over the material and watched the movie over and over but I discovered there are couple things missing from the secret that put all the pussle peieces together to get the whole picture. Thinking I could just will things to happen for small stuff like a coffee maybe or a parking space I would think of a coffee first thing in the morning and my room mate would always grab me one everytime I thought of a coffee first thing in the morning well thats not the case with the bigger stuff. The universe will give you what you want but you have have to do something some kind of action first really know what you want is required.example lets say your looking for a girl friend well your not gonna find one just sitting on your couch you got to get out in to the world and try to get one weather it be signing up for a dating site like plenty of fish or going to the bar or going for a walk you have to get out of the house and your head the universe will do the rest. Same goes for money or anything else some kind of inspired action is required write things down in pressent tense as if you already have them and have a vision board with the things you want by looking at them as many times as you can and imagining have them puts you in vibration with that thing and you might get an idea to do something to take some action to get that thing. Also when you have limiting beleifs you will never get what you want unless you clear them eft is the perfect way to let go and get rid of limiting beleifs than thing will manifest faster. the biggest thing to rember thinking positive and sitting on the couch will not make things happen for you you do have to participate in this law and in life you got to get out out of the bubble or the patterns you have made for yourself and get uncomfortable and take risks by talking to people telling them your dreams and the things you want the reward is greater than the discomfort you might temporilly feel continue to learn and grow and great things will happen for you with much love and respect.

    Good sites to check out

  22. Chuck says:

    Great stuff Todd. Thanks! LOA and “The Secret” are new to me too…5 weeks new. I have a lot of windshield time in my sales job and I must admit it seems to be working somewhat, based on the number of contracts I am writing now. (Of course I want more…!) I confess I am disappointed sometimes, but my affirmations which I say outloud are working…even for the no sales.
    Regardless, I am MUCH more positive these days…even my wife and kids notice the difference in me. I am becoming quite practiced at recognizing negative thoughts and squashing them right there on the spot. It is also getting a little easier as the weeks go by making the affirmations, keeping myself feeling happy, picking myself up from “down in the dumps”, and being grateful for all things in my life. I also must say that I see God more readily in all things around me. I’m a little closer to God these days than 5 weeks ago.

  23. todd says:

    I have been using the law of attracton for several years.I dont understand how people can say it doesnt work.At the very least you think positively and you will feel better.I have managed to manifest a few things into my life.Sometimes i have figured out what i am trying to manifest is wrong for me and i will change what i think about.My ultimate goal is to think positively nearly 100% of the time.So in conclusion those of you having a hard time manifesting what you want,keep checking in with your thoughts during the day.Good luck.

  24. Robert says:

    My comment below is purely an observation and not meant as racist (as there is no such thing) nor slanderous but what I observe the human animal behavior:

    I Googled Law of attraction and my conclusions were true; this is definitely a Caucasian belief. This is NOT a minority belief. So, why does the Caucasian Sapien want EVERYTHING?

    Why is it Brown Sapien cultures and religions all have community, sharing, and humility in common? Why are White Sapien beliefs steeped in domination, subversion, greed and the “I” principle? Brown Sapien thoughts tens towards the betterment of others while Caucasian Sapien schools of thought in this country are primarily based on materialism, selfishness, and personal gain from others. Why is it that Caucus Sapien interpretation of beliefs are so aggressive than non Caucus Sapiens?

    Success has little to do with mind power, it has to do with majority. If you’re on top, the “Have-nots” are going to flock to you because you’re EXPECTED to be the “Haves”. They don’t have an attraction to you. It’s natural Alpha/Beta behaviors amongst animals. I doubt a lion has to THINK like a lion to get what it wants. HE just is a lion who, from his appearance and reputation is expected to be ferocious, and violent. Just like White American culture.

    So I wonder how much MORE (if that small aspect of existence is what you are looking for in life.) we could get from people without control but instead WORKING with people? Hmmm….

    • Natalia says:

      No offence, but I think that your comment sounds a little stereotypical. Excluding the law of attraction, we are human beings, and in behaviour, different from animals. They are ruled by instinct, while we are ruled by morals and beliefs. So predators like lions, bears, or wolves have built in dominate natures as aids to their survival. They are supposed to be strong and ferocious in order to increase their chances of surviving, as well as protecting their offspring against rival predators. This does not apply to humans.
      I am an average Polish woman, and I have a community that is the least greedy/dominant around, as we work together to give back to others. So being a “caucus sapien” and living in America myself, certainly DOES NOT make me ferocious/violent and my community greedy or dominant. Anyone with a Polish background is familiar that they are some of the most hard working people around and very ambitious when reaching goals (also applies to other people in the world). However, this does not make them aggressive or selfish at all. At least not ALL of them and exactly EVERYONE that is classified as just a white American. Therefore, being or wanting to be successful in life has nothing to do with aggression at all. Just strong will and ambition to reach any desired goal in life.

  25. Rishan says:


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  26. Sunshine says:

    I’ve practised the LOA. I have smiled when the World has fired crap in my direction. I have smiled when the bills came in and practised all the required methods to require what is my ‘birthrite’, abundance.
    Months, years went by and I am no better off. In fact, since practising the LOA on reflection now, all I was doing was ignoring the bad and waiting for something that I now know was never going to happen. After all that I feel like I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown. I’m a glowing positive light, I naturally make others feel upbeat but now that I’ve woke up and got a nostril full of reality the truth is I’ve got no wealth to show for it and have never had it so bad.
    I was doing everything right. Reading the above comments it seems those who are trying hard are brainwashed into the fact that if they question the LOA then that means it will stall their ‘Abundance’ coming when really, it just saves the ‘LOA sellers’ the bother of explaining why it’s really not working. As somebody else said and it is true, “Remember: PEOPLES GULLIBILITY IS YOUR PROFITABILITY”.
    At the end of the day, Alan Sugar and Duncan Bannatyne dont look like beaming lights of ‘LOA’ practicers and they’re doing well! Time we all stepped back and saw who is really getting rich from the LOA. Sorry folks.

    • musicislife says:

      i am an asian and i have grown up in a small town with occult environment. when i was a kid i saw a hollywood movie in cable and heard this song ‘wanderer’ in it. i really liked that song and wanted to listen it again but i belonged to a backward region and had no access to such hollywood craps except tv. i had that song engraved into my heart. i didnt tell about it to any one. After may b two months one of my crazy frnd gifted me a second hand cassette of hollywood oldies which he bought from a nearest city. to my surprise it had that song. :)
      when i was in highschool i was living in city with my relatives. i had a crush on ths girl in my class. i really liked her but never had courage to tell her. sometmes we used to had extra class sessions and teacher always rearranged the sitting arrangement so that most notorious guys could sit with gals and then they would not create chaos(we were always shy when near any gal). out of 8 extraclasses i got 5 chances to sit with my crush. it was just like teacher knows how i feel for her. but in actually no one knew what i feel. i was fool that stiil i could not manage to talk to her. :(
      but soon i left that school coz i wanted to go back to my small town. and u know my parents were not letting me to come back. i really never wanted to stay in city and wanted to go back. miracle happened and i was forced to leave the school. my parents had to comply. i was allegdly blamed by school for something i never did. anyway i cant explain how much happy i was then.
      there are so many incidents in my life which can be explained by only one term ‘miracles’. yes they have been miracles for me.
      after observing my own life and others i have made few conclusions

      -law of attraction is damn damn true
      but sometimes we need patience for example i first time met my gf 5 years ago. i felt like she is my soul mate. after that first meeting we never saw each other again for 3 years.we were far apart. i sometimes thought of her. accidently we met 2 years ago and we both were feeling alone and sad. that became the reason of our infatuation and consequently love.
      -dont expect result consciously coz our consciousness works logically and we take decisions after analyzing present situation and our experience. law of attraction works subconsciously.
      for examle ur heart is telling you to do something or not to do something. but you think , analyze and then conclude what yu shuld do. i was once caught sneaking out of hostel and on that day i did not wanted to do that. but i did coz my frnds wanted to and it was only me who was caught. :(
      -if u want smething make sure u really want it i mean yu truly want it. desire should be from ur heart and you will do anything for it (if needed). remember man i dont know whether good win or bad but truth always win. so desire shuld b true to ur heart not someone else’s idea that u r adopting frivolously. our subconscious only works for thoughts which it accepts to b true.
      affirmation create truth in our mind and then subconscious wrks on it. most of the time it fails coz we are not true to idea we are having.
      -be positive coz negative situation creates series of negativities if we let it go. try to control negative thoughts. after all whats wrong in thinking positive. positive thoughts give you hope and negative thoughts give you depression. whats best?
      -do not try to have contrary goals
      for example my frnd loves a gal. he want her to love him. but on the contrary he do not want her to get serious for him. as a result he is always frustated and feel like looser.
      -law of attraction works in the form of oppurtunities. its all up to you how u grab them.
      so have ‘waiting wishing and acting’ attitude instead of ‘sitting waiting and wishing’.

      miracles happens dear
      but b true to ur desires.
      there is difference between love and infatuation.

  27. Stacey says:

    Todd, I am looking to email with you directly, because the matter I would like to discuss (albeit briefly) is a very personal one. I tried to find your email here but with no success. The LOA have been following me for over a decade now, and I never realized what they were until today. Now I must be honest here; I never bought into The Secret, or even what I had heard about the LOA. I have a healthy scepticism for these things. I believed in fate before, only for it turn out to be nothing more than coincidence, several times in fact. And the coincidences were uncanny. However, recently I have noticed that a string of coincidences throughout my life – some of them even more uncanny than the ones of yesteryear – have brought me to this point. A point in which there is something that I want, that I feel would realize a lifelong dream of mine, but that seems impossible and far out of my reach. I would appreciate it if you could email me and perhaps give me some advice about it? Stacey

  28. Cynthia says:

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to write a quick note to say that, The Law of attraction does work.

    I was working long hours with a very low salary and on a place that I didnt like at all, I was so unhappy that I just decided to leave.

    For one week main main goal was to watch each of my thoughts, and to do things that would make me feel good, went to swim, shooping etc.

    People used to say to me…. I cant believe how calm you are and you dont have a job. My answer was I better enjoy it because I will find a job very soon.

    So I just managed to enjoy one week as I got a job earning double of what I was on, in a massive company.

    It does work, we just have to believe it and leave our negative conditions behind.

  29. Derrick says:

    After reading this I decided to give it a try. I really wanted the house I owned to be sold and, to my surprise, it came true two days later. It really does work!

  30. Jake says:

    Ive also accepted this law for a very long time and i did believe it has a place in my life. hopefully i could get a full on grip of it. although, alot of the people i have talked to about it say it doesnt work. even comedians like dave chapelle whome i admired alot thought it was a load of crap. it still doesnt kill my beliefs towards applying the law in my life since ive tried it for one school semmester, which went pretty well. yet, im still trying to get back to it. i noticed that hard work also plays a role in the law of attraction so basically its what u make out of it which makes it so great. well thats what ive experienced. any suggestions or tips before i attempt it again to my academic life?

    Thank you,


    • awas says:

      perhaps people who already are rich and famous and have anything they desire dont believe this… i think the opportunity is too good to pass up. people have lost the realization of how amazing each one of us is over millions of years… its such an honor to still have people who believe in this. when i learned about the secret i felt as though i had known about it in the back of my head forever and it just needed to be put out infront of me. now it has… and you really have nothing to lose just by changing your negative thoughts to positive ones

  31. STORMY says:

    listen up everyone…..if the Law of Attraction is a law like the Law of Gravity and the other laws of the universe then it should work automatically right?

    The Law of Attraction is NOT a law of the universe or it would work every time for everyone..but it does not. HOwever the Law of Gravity does work for everyone everytime. Do some people float around and not others?. Of course not.

    The money is in the selling of this idea. Of making people believe that it works for everyone and of course there is ALWAYS some justification for why it does not work for someone…blah blah blah. Of course.

    Sometimes we get what we want and sometimes we do not. Life is like a pack of cards. SOmetimes we get the aces sometimes we get rubbish. Pretty simple.

    yes thoughts do emit a frquency and they are energy but lets not get all crazy believing that thinking about something will make it so.

    the Secret Video oversimplifies and misleads people. It just is not this simple!!!

  32. Sahil says:

    Law of attraction is 100% real….I got to know about it in Jan 2011 & I have received couple of things by visualizing them..

    Trust me friends-Though it is not a magical world but it is indeed a miraculous world.

  33. Victoria says:

    OK. Long story short, I bought the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes on the previous day and to tell you the 100% truth, 30% of me believes in it, and the rest of 70% thinks it’s just rubbish. Why? Because, to be honest, I am actually very narrow-minded. I am a strong believer in science and even though I am a proud Christian (sometimes I do question God, however), I just couldn’t bring myself into believing the Law of Attraction. Don’t get me wrong, I want to blieve it, but somehow I can’t because I’m very science-based. Could ANYONE help me into become more open minded so I can believe?

    Additionally, the book made me all confused coz in th beggining, it claimed that ‘happy an positive’ thoughs would get you anything, but then like, in Ch 3 or something, it moved on to LOA and how you must believe and ask to get your desires. What is going on?!

    If you are kind enough, pleasr e-mail me at: mgcandm@yahoo.co.uk

    With much graititude, ~Victoria

  34. andy137 says:

    ok, so i recently saw the movie ”The Secret” and i’m amazed…well i consider myself open minded and i don’t have any religion, i’m sceptic and i believe that the law of attraction is real because it has happened to me a lot of time but without knowing it…well to say the truth i started applying the law of attraction because i’m overweight and i want to lose some weight but i didn’t fully understand what to do so for example what do i have to do to lose weight and becoming a successive mousician??

  35. Sara says:

    I think that the law of attraction alone is not enough. You need to have education and support systems which ALLOW you to manifest what you want. You have to take positive action on it every day. Thinking is not enough – you need to know what is GOOD for you, what are the RIGHT things to think. Then it will work.

  36. Urmi Singh says:

    Hi. I believe in the Law of Attraction. But I am surrounded by a bunch of negativity thinking people. I find it hard at times to maintain my positivism through this negativity.

    I start believing in some thought pattern…and there goes…BOOM…..a negative remark from a source or two. How do I handle this?

    • Bart says:

      Hi Urmi,
      If I could be at service, … I went through this kind of situation many times in my life. Especially after watching the Secret, I do care who I talk with. Bob Proctor, Les Brown, M.B Beckwith… if you study them more, they advise -> “OQP” (Only quality people). Robert Kiyosaki says – “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”.

      It hurts a lot especially when someone close to you says “You will not make it”. What I understood what they mean is “They, THEY will not make, not you.”. All I do is have a conversation with each individual that is worth explanation -> “Please accept me and what I am trying to achieve, support me or go away as this is neither true loving nor sympathy”. If they still do not understand, they not only have big issues with self-acceptance but also they are not worth of you . It does not matter who this is – the closer they are, they should be more ashamed – I had to completely shut down relationship with my sister, father, uncle.
      Do not get me wrong – I love them, and wish them well and feeling big compassion as H.H D.Lama advices, but before they understand that they are those people who should support me most I will not let them mess with my dreams.

      “A man who thinks he can shall not be disturbed by those who think they can’t.”

      When you finish, they will be speechless and they will apologise for not being there where you needed them most.

      That is my way, not suggestion neither advice. I deal easily with compassion and love even If I am not allowing someone to my life. Please take care, what works for me may not work for you.

  37. Bart says:

    Hello everyone,

    The Universe / God / (Fill in what is most appropriate for you) will never give you something you are not prepared for.

    To everyone who think it does not work, you are right (sort of :p ), and I share your point of view as I had been where you are, someone who does not see any proofs in his life have 100% right to say it does not work. It is something different than religion which you cannot “see”, but LOA is different, it is checkable.

    When I was 14 I wanted to have a girlfriend, so much that I cried a lot. What I was feeling inside was a feeling “What kind of girl will want to date with me?”. Years passed, my frustration of being alone grew. When I was 18 I felt in love with a beautiful girl from next door. For 5 years I though only about her, not seeing anything else, gave up studying , my working time was filled with thoughts about her. For those 5 years I tried to talk to her about 4 times… never agreed for a single date. … . She was like from another dimension, her beauty was disturbing, I was trying and trying, deep inside I thought “She will never go for a guy like me,.. poor and living with grandmother”… It has been 11 years now since I saw her for first time and we have never dated… as … something (someone) better happened to me later …

    I was getting older, still desperately wanting girlfriend but deep inside I was feeling worthless, “or maybe If I had a car and own place I could be worth anything”. I had enough anyway of everything around me. “Somehow” I managed to get out of country and move to another. Found well paid job, bought my dream car (thought it was never possible) and then “it” happened. After 11 years, when I cleared all blocks of feeling worthless (in this case having -> “maybe if I had a car and own place”) I managed to have my first kiss with a girl at 25. It took me 11 years on working at myself to become “worthy” in my mind (have a car and own flat) of having a girlfriend.

    So If you want something clearly ->vision board, dream, affirmation but for the rest of the day thinking and believing different, it will never happen to you. So when you say “it does not work for me”, all you say that you are not aware of your dominant, sabotaging thoughts that are stronger than your desire. If you thinking of a nice sports car but inside worrying of expensive insurance etc, you will never have it. If you want a partner but inside feeling, “I am not ready” you will never have him/her until clearing ALL negative blocks. If you want money, but inside feeling “What If someone steal my fortune ?” you will never going to be rich.
    Your dominant thoughts always, always, always win. If you are telling it “does not work” all you say is “everything that is bad is working well in my life”. That means you are attracting everything that you are unaware that you are attracting. It may take years of effort to find all the blocks, that holding you from what you want by watching your mind. Yes – being in this moment, in every minute and watching what your mind is doing. Asking all the time, how am I feeling now : fear ? if yes of what, sadness ? if yes why, joy ? great but why , love ?. Those questions will reveal those blocks. Then when you are aware of block (example : I am afraid, someone could scratch my Ferrari if I had it.), you can deal with it (finding solution) before manifestation by looking at for example insurance covering accidental scratch. Then when you know you are covered, your block is gone ! You have to find all of these blocks. If it is about being in relationship -> when you think about having it if you are alone, look closely for you subconscious thoughts – they will reveal all the blocks, so you can deal with them one by one. Ask yourself questions all the time, be aware of what your mind is doing -> “when you are away it does not mean that your computer is not downloading anything from internet”. The same with mind, when you are not aware of your self-talk, it downloads from universe what it wants for you.
    All I can suggest to someone who already disbelief in LOA to watch his/her mind for 1 day, closely, asking questions all the time, every situations ->What am I feeling about myself?, What I am afraid of?, Why I just behaved like this?, What am I feeling when I look in the mirror? etc. You will be shocked and astonished when you write down all those things your mind is holding about yourself. What is more, when you watch your mind for longer, you will understand that absolutely everything in your life comes from your limited thoughts.

    My subconscious thought patterns made me suicide when I was 17 (so happy to survive and grateful now), kept me single until 25, manifested and made my first vision board completely true in 3.5 years (24->27) , made me a true man of courage of my own dreams in 16 years, found and manifested most beautiful and kind women in my life after 14 years or three months after precise description (already 2 years of most phenomenal relationship). Les Brown was waiting 13 years to become who he wanted, John Assaraf was waiting 5 years for his house. And you are telling me after a month, year or five it is not working ?

    What I have now is the result of my past years, James Arthur Ray says “If I spend 20 minutes with you, I will tell you where you will be in next 3-5 years by the way you talk about your life.”
    I have had a new vision board for a year now, I might be waiting another 15 years to anything come true until I become what I want, until I clear all the mess I have been putting there for last 30 years, but I will do what I can,… those years are going to past anyway… where do you want to be then ? Blaming yourself or everything around for abandoning your dreams or be proud that you have done what you could ?

    After reading this article, you will not be discouraged after 3 month without manifestation, will you ?

    Sometimes the Universe will not give you what you want,… it will give you something better later : ). If it is about a named person, bare in mind that like in my case it may not work as other person is also manifesting and may not wish to be with you. I would rather recommend to write a description of ideal person, then it is different story as you will be given a person who will be looking consciously or unconsciously for someone like you.

    Everything I wrote works for me, If you are not strong mentally (feeling of lack of not having already what you wish for) I do not recommend waiting for manifestation as it draining, I know and understand. With all the respect, after you try for at least a day to watch your mind and thoughts closely, writing them down and comparing to your current circumstances you will realize why you are where you are.

    All the best,
    You will make it if you want enough, if it is going to take month or 15 years.

  38. kavita says:

    LOA does work.My computer was’nt working.Deep within me there was desire that I wish I had a new one.I decided let’s try LOA.I visualised as if I already have a new one & felt good.Just one month later my relative gifted me a laptop.
    I feel more confident now & also very happy as i have decided to focus my mind only on things that I want.Things which u dont like think as if u r watching a movie.Enjoy it.
    A feeling of abundance,joy,love is what that matters.

    • Kyle says:

      ONE WHOLE MONTH!? How do you know that was the Law of Attraction and not just luck happening? I would think if the Law of Attraction were real then your laptop would come at the most later that week you visualized having one though feel free to point out your ideas as I do wish to be enlightened.

      I am cursed to be stubborn so it’s very hard for me to be open minded to new ideas but I am trying.

      • Kyle says:

        Edit: I meant the universe making your laptop gift come sometime during the week you visualized it (within 3-5 ‘business days) as part of the standard. :)

        • kavita says:

          This is reply to kyle….May be my message reaches u now .u r on the right path…The fact that u r trying to accept new ideas is itself remarkable…I did’nt specify the date to the universe when I wanted an laptop or else I might have got it within 2-3 days…Now that it works I am confident…I have to be in alligned with the universe to receive it…That means I have to cherish every moment….not to take anything seriously….I think u r blessed to be free….The universe is welcoming u with open arms to explore a joy life….& its so simple…..u cant hurt urself at any cost….Theres no other option but to love urself….cheers…..

  39. Kyle says:

    I am not really open minded about the law of attraction as it’s a new concept to me and I wish I could be so I can attract money to me.

    Money always seems to slip from my fingers usually in unsuspecting ways:

    I was taught you reap what you sow by my family which means the harder you work the more you will earn which in my opinion is true to some cases but not always because luck is all about being at the right place at the right time which NO amount of hard work can make happen. None, zero, zilch.

    I do not really have anybody I can talk to that believes in the LOA so I am left alone about it.

    Thanks for the article however

  40. Dave says:

    As a relative newcomer to the presence of this methodology I just wonder why people come here writing negative comments. This can only be instilling further doubt in the people who are try to make it work for them, whilst gaining from or giving away nothing to others.

    It seems to me that the most commonly used cynicism revolves around money with comments such as the perpetrators are the only ones that financially benefit. Whilst this maybe true on many levels, it would appear that by making comments like that, their predominant mindset is around the lack of money & to follow a scientific path that apart from magnetism, “like attracts like” means such cynicism cannot possibly bring about what even they are trying to achieve (whether they admit it here or not). Indeed it seems to fester around a jealousy of others perhaps being able to achieve what they have not been able to, and as such make attempt to torpedo the efforts of others. Such comments must be ignored by ones that are making a genuine effort to expand.

    More worryingly there was someone who felt on the verge of breakdown, because this system has not worked for them. If the cynics here are proven right and the whole LOA is an unprovable fraud, then if anything happens to this person, then their conscience can never again be clear, & as such their own long term plans must then come to shipwreck. My own views which are being directed to the person who feels in mental trouble is don’t get impatient. You’re possibly spending more time worrying on things that may happen in the future when 99% of worries never arrive. Impatience, worry, fear, anxiety it’s said are contrary to the workings of the LOA, as they just bring about more of the same. My own efforts have found a way past these emotions. I think a mental detachment is required, each time I feel that way I say & feel “I’m letting go”, I keep on doing it until it’s gone. This, especially the feeling element is very, very hard work, but I do feel better afterwards. Best of luck to all who try to impliment the LOA to & those who don’t.

  41. ed says:

    AFTER believing, staying positive, taking action constantly…. The LOA would not work for me. When I’ve had ENOUGH…. curse words flying out of my mouth and raising my hands in disgust, SOMEHOW, within DAYS, the things that I want come to me. Gratitiude, believing, being positive, would NOT work, BUT…. throwing a tantrum did.
    Someone please tell me why, and do I have to keep throwing fits in order to manifest my desires?

  42. useless says:

    hoping to address some of the issues raised here.

    some say, if it’s true that you can attract what you want, why don’t you already have everything you want? the answer to this is simple: u weren’t listening properly to the DVD. they said clearly that right this moment, you are already manifesting the sum of all your thoughts. because most of us ordinary people have a combination of positive and negative thoughts, hopes as well as fears, and conditioned beliefs, that is what we manifest everyday. to really control all your conscious and subconscious thoughts, you will need the knowledge of a master psychologist. actually, even that won’t be enough, because any psychologist will admit to you that their field is an incomplete one where many things are yet to be understood.

    to those who felt dissatisfied that those who profited most from the loa are those who sold it, i partially agree with you. but the problem lies not only on those few individuals, but on sales-methodology-as-we-know-it. everywhere you go, when someone is truly trying to sell a product, you will find words like “guarantee” and “100%”. the whole concept behind sales is based on making false, absolutist promises – in short, everything you want, as soon as possible. i can only hope that it will one day evolve. besides, while i cannot comment on the many courses that accompanied the Secret, the book and dvd itself were quite cheap. this much you must admit. and i do believe that the key behind the producers’ success in attracting wealth by selling LOA, is that they did have a grander motivation behind it – perhaps, a genuine desire to create a happier world.

    when you inquire at a fitness center as a potential client, they will try to guarantee that you will gain the body you most desire in a very short time. perhaps a few people will achieve that, but many will not, and unless persuaded with more sweet words, they will drop out from the gym feeling disillusioned and cheated. and this is a pity because now, the various other benefits from working out – just feeling good because of the endorphin rush, having better circulation, simply not getting tired so fast – are denied to them. and this resembles what is happening with the LOA.
    to those who say that LOA, like religion, were just tools used by certain people to gain power, consider this: mastering LOA actually demands that you aspire towards something even more perfect than many of the religious figures of the past. all of them did things that are unacceptable to one who desires to truly train his mind into a tool that serves the positive. look at them: one committed genocide on a scale second only to Hitler. one cursed a tree to death simply because it wasn’t in season when he was hungry. another was a sexist: having finally grudgingly decided to accept nuns, he warned: “because of this, my religion will be dead after 500 years.” on that note, however, while it’s possible to PRACTICE LOA, i don’t believe that anyone as of yet has MASTERED it; in fact i doubt that anyone ever will. in this we must be realistic. if an electrical engineer truly MASTERED electricity, he might make a car that can drive a million miles on one cent of electricity.

    i think it may be folly to practice LOA while assuming that you will definitely get everything you want – for our minds are very complex and there are many hidden forces at work. instead, this is what i propose: if the LOA is as real as electricity and gravity, then everyone should practice it knowing that it does in fact increase their CHANCES of success. put it this way – trying to achieve your goal without consciously practicing positivity is like trying to get huge and muscular without protein supplements – it can still be done but it will be that much harder. so use LOA as a booster in working towards what you want.

  43. John, S. C says:

    I just learned about the LOA. I’m am agnostic and perhaps a bit atheist at the same time. Ever since I learned about this law, I downloaded a picture of what I want and printed it. I visualize what it would be like having it, the joy I would feel. It almost feels like I do have because I visualize using it exactly how I would use it. I hope this really works..

  44. King, S. R. says:

    In the Bible it clearly states God will give you the desires of your heart. He also stated that you have to believe that you’ve already received it and it shall be yours. Rhonda Byrne is selling something that Jesus spoke about years ago. People just don’t see it that way. It’s not some secret. It’s right there in plain view in the Bible.

  45. Belle H. says:

    I do believe in this stuff, I have had many coincidences happen to me and I do believe that there is a greater meaning to them, but is it bad to want proof? Even though I have searched up a lot to find the right answer, I feel as if i still need more proof, does it mean I don’t believe? I guess there’s always this part of me saying it’s just to good to be true. I hope you can find the right words to this selfish answer. Thank you

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