Why Money Is Just Another Form Of Energy


A few weeks ago I read an article in a morning new

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spaper talking about the benefits of investing in something called the ‘vice fund’, a portfolio of companies in the tobacco, alcohol, casino, gaming and oil industries.

The article touted the ‘fantastic’ news that over the last few years this particular investment option has averaged a 17.5% annual increase outperforming more traditional vehicles by considerable amounts.

This got me thinking: outside of the ‘benefit’ of making more money, does anyone else see the moral implications involved with investing one’s money in areas that capitalize on other people’s addictions and shortcomings?

Furthermore, at what point in our societal evolution did making money trump health, happiness, and personal well-being? How long have greed and egoic desire for more, more, more been prominent over the natural human tendencies for peace, vitality, self-control and fulfillment?

From a loftier perspective I began thinking about the concept of money not just in the physical form but in the context of energy. Here’s my case:

Money Really IS Energy

People who invest their dollars and cents into the ‘vice fund’ must understand they are also contributing their energies into these vices, even if they are not personally afflicted by them.

They are actively perpetuating other people’s terrible addictions by helping to increase profits for these companies; allowing them to market themselves more, form stronger special interest groups and gain momentum in a myriad of ways.

But that’s the problem isn’t it: People are more concerned about their personal ROI than they are about the energy their investments and money circulates into the greater environment we live.


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yourself: do you view money as something completely separate from yourself or do you see it as an extension of the person you are. Most people view money as separate from them and have a host of strong emotions concerning the role it plays in their lives: power, jealousy, greed, scarcity, fear, etc…are all common emotions money generates.

The way I see it, money is just another form of energy, and that’s it. The way we choose to make it, spend it and invest it is a direct reflection of

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the people we are.

I believe we have a social responsibility NOT to view money as separate from ourselves, but start viewing it as part of the energetic vibration we contribute to the greater culture around us. And this is a BIG shift, believe me. Let me give a personal example:

What You Invest In Pushes Energy In That Direction

Recently I was asked to invest in a real estate deal in Pennsylvania by a very close friend, someone who I respect very much. My buddy has had wonderful success investing in property in this area of the country, and researched the proposed deal in the greatest of detail…so of course I was intrigued.

[ps, as I was writing the above sentence, this friend called me. I haven’t talked to him in weeks…synchronicity really is an amazing thing].

When I found out the real ‘benefit’ of this project was based on the discovery of large reserves of natural gas under the land, and that this deal was prefaced on the assumption that big oil companies were going to come in and buy the land for much higher prices, and then drill into the earth to expunge the resources, I lost interest.

I choose not to put my personal energy (money) into such things as I feel there is great damage caused to the environment by such projects. Could I have made a lot of money investing in this project? Unfortunately in the world we live, probably yes. But for me it’s just not worth it as it goes against what I believe in.

Become Aware Of Your Spending, Earning and Investing As Personal Energy

The way I see it, money is not separate from who we are as people but an extension of our individual and collective energies. I am not trying to argue that I am ‘holier than thou’ or better than anyone else…just explaining my views concerning the importance of viewing money as part of our personal vibration.

For me, investing in the real estate/natural gas project did not sync with my philosophy concerning the environment…and adhering and honoring my intrinsic worldview by FAR outweighs the potential monetary benefit I might have gained.

I also know that other projects will come along (and have come along) that will resonate with me on all levels…and I choose to spend my time and money living and breathing these areas.

SO, be wise with your money. Become aware of what you spend it on, what you invest in, how you circulate this form of energy into the greater environment around you. Understand that the single minded desire to make money only for itself never leads to fulfillment and happiness. Spread it to good, sustainable causes. Contribute to peace and social justice. Enjoy yourself in a healthy and beneficial manner.

Doesn’t this just sound better!

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19 Responses to “Why Money Is Just Another Form Of Energy”

  1. K. P. says:

    Hmm, that is a very interesting way of looking at it. But, their is something that their that feels like that old the solar system is an atom type of thing. Their are similarities but, it is inevitably wrong.

    Anyway If you friend knew for a fact that their was oil under the property then I don’t see a problem… If you are self conscious about the CO2 emissions that are going to come out of it think about what I am going to say: There is more evidence that says that C02 is a direct outcome of the sun getting hotter and not the reason for it.

    There is a video on youtube that explains it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjv6H5wgkYQ

  2. Hey Todd, What an awesome post! This is a topic dear to my heart as well. There are so many worthwhile causes to invest in — why make the rich that are contributing to “negative energy” causes richer? Stumbled, Dugg and I’ll Twitter it too – I think this is a very important post. Gratefully, Jenny

  3. I knew “Socially responsible funds” that avoid those companies, but didn’t know there were funds that specifically invest in these companies. Note that most funds include stocks of these companies. For instance, Philip Morris is in Dow Jones Ind — so it’s in all large cap funds.

    It’s said that Ben Bernanke (Fed chairman) has only one investment — in Philip Morris. When I heard it, I seriously considered buying it myself, but just couldn’t do it. I know too many people who suffer from addiction.

    There is nothing wrong about money, but losing our balance and going for greed is problematic, I think.

  4. Evelyn Lim says:

    You’ve brought up a very good point about money being a form of energy. Yet many of us fail to see this truth. It is an energy that resonates well with love, abundance and joy. If one is driven by greed and fear, money is never going to come so freely and in great quantities!


  5. People do lose sight of the fact that money is just a tool. Fortunately, there are vice funds for the darkworkers among us and socially responsible investing for the lightworkers!

    I appreciate your perspective. Stumbled.

  6. Garry says:

    Hi I would just like to say that I like your concept of money being energy. Choosing how we utilize that energy can have many repercussions for our world.

    But the underlying idea here is really that everyday we are bombarded with choices. And from those choices we are able to shape our world around us.

    If you look at all your choices as a creation you will start to understand the impact simple everyday choices exert in our lives.

    If you want your immediate environment to be relaxed and calm. You don’t Turn the tv onto CSI and have your ghetto blaster blaring out.

    Choices just simple everyday choices

    upon this you create your world

  7. Hi Todd,

    Yes,it sounds better.
    The choices we make,even little may be,will have a profound effect in our life.
    I appreciate your views on money.Yes,Money is Energy.We should be master of money not vice-versa.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Best Wishes,
    Kannan Viswagandhi

  8. I truly believe that money is just energy. Before we invented money, we just kept track of who performed a favor for who. So money is just a way of keeping track of favors – or energy!

    Great article, I’m really loving it!

  9. farouk says:

    i think viewing money as part of our personalities is what’s responsible for making us feel bad when we lose some of it

  10. Chris Phone says:

    Interesting thought. It sounds so simple and and easy. Thank you for new insight!

  11. D'Arcy says:

    I was so happy to ‘stumble’ upon this post Todd. I have felt the same way about human beings being responsible for the manner or reasons they invest money in particular ventures and I’ve always thought companies as a whole should be more cognizant and responsible for how their products affect individuals. I used to work for a major soda company and made a very good salary; but I felt guilty working there. How could a company make so much money selling a product that is so poisonous?!? I was told that at least they provided jobs for families…..POOR excuse! Irresponsible too! It’s a shame that we’d rather place an emphasis on the ‘creation’ rather than the ‘creator’.

  12. Harry seldon says:

    Very nice post. I wish I had read it a little earlier. I totally agree with you on the fact that money is energy and that it leads to consequences on our way of life and our way of development.
    I have just written a post about that:


  13. Uday Deo says:

    I have similar thought on Money as a energy.

    As we know energy can neither be created nonr destoyed similarly money energy have same principle. Money only changes from one hand to other hand (as energy changes from one form to other). Hence always money should flow from higher source to lower soruce then only circulation will be proper.

    Recession is in mind & with above law of money circulation it is effective solution on the same.

  14. Abyooda says:

    You remind me with Pink Floyd song about money that money is also a gas, that can evaporate easily ;)

  15. Suky says:

    Hi there,

    Great post, I totally agree.

    It’s another expression of the self. I think we should have a holistic approach to everything we do and monitor and manage this from our core.

    Kind of like a business where you are the head and you look after every department, you personally take care of every facet of you. Money is just one of them but they then all contribute to your raison d’etre. This all depicits the whole being.


  16. Tina Panagos says:

    It’s been an absolute delight reading your Blog. Funny how I chose the money blog last.

    I totally agree with your perception, it all makes sense. I am a person with very little money and instead of stressing that I don’t have more…I think about how I can spend it “wisely”. now with this being said…I wonder how MY perception would MAYBE change if I had a lot of money. But even now as I ponder, I don’t think it would. Money means very little to me. I need it, but don’t particularly want it. Make any sense?

    It’s a pleasure to have read you.

  17. TheBeard says:

    I FULLY agree that money is a form of energy. And we know that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only change form– as one post mentioned. However, we are talking about a FIAT CURRENCY, one that is heavily manipulated and insanely inflated (and continues to decrease in purchasing power!) in it’s very short history. That means your “energy” is being hyper-inflated and manipulated behind your back, without you knowing it, and having NOTHING to do with your day-to-day “positive energy” transactions between people. Anyone who chooses to ignore this fact is ignorant of the ones who created it (corrupt, power hungry internationalist bankers) to manipulate the masses. The dollar will eventually crash, and when it does, your “money-energy” will not equal your “labor-energy.”

    It is therefore important to diversify your “energy” into hard assets that come from the earth, like precious metals Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum. It is time for us to be in charge of changing forms of this energy from a monopoly money to a hard-asset backed REAL currency that does not devalue. Remember what happened with the housing bubble? There is a currency bubble attached to ANY fiat currency in the history of all fiat currencies!!! Do not be caught with your pants down when that bubble explodes. It will take wheel barrows of cash to buy a wholesome piece of fruit or vegetable. To avoid that scenario, our “energy” should also go to providing for ourselves and our families by growing organic, sustainable food, and learning to harvest rain.

    In the short term, this feel-good notion of our money being just a form of energy is fine– but it’s not a safe long-term strategy based upon so much historical data. Every year that goes by you lose more and more of your purchasing power.

  18. Just a few comments:

    Your remark that money is an extension of ourselves is quite fascinating. It would seem that the way in which we spend our money, and they way we view money does indeed reveal a significant amount about ourselves. Why, I myself am quite unpinned when it comes to the spending of disposable personal income.

    However, there are a few things which you might need to be aware of dear friend. The first is that when you purchase a share of stock, you in no way contribute to the profits or earnings of that company. You merely hold a piece of ownership of that company. The only time when the company benefits from selling stock is during their Initial Public Offering, also known as an IPO. Your intention to not invest in things that encourage addictions in indeed noble but you are really not having any effect on the company’s well-being. A more effective might be to boycott their products, not their stock. But if you ask me, the more romantic route would be to purchase a controlling stake in the company’s ownership and destroy the way they operate. You may lose a few dollars in this process, but it is for a noble cause right?

    Aside from that I thought this article was a jolly read. I believe wealth to be a beautiful thing which can create joy, peace and hope. Money is not the enemy, it is merely a tool, a utility which can be used for good or for evil.

    Humanity of Insanity?


  19. Very nicely said – money is a form of energy. In the ancient times we didn’t have money and the world was working on barter system. Then the people knew the value of things around them. In today’s context everything is just based upon money. Can man just survive on money if all the resources on earth disappears on day? We have to have conscious decisions and not let “Money” energy overpower us. You made a great decision and had care for environment. Kudos!

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