What Oprah Winfrey 'Gets' That Most Celebrities Do Not

aleqm5icxhxhgqmogdqrcxvizpvomhszoq.jpgAs many of you know, I am a big fan of writer Eckhart Tolle.  I have talked about his first book The Power of Now extensively, and his second book A New Earth:  Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose has exploded, topping the best-seller list on Amazon.com and becoming the fastest-selling pick ever at Barnes & Noble!

This feat has been helped largely by the endorsement of media giant Oprah Winfrey who suggested the novel

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to her famous book club a few months ago.  But Oprah did not stop there, and starting next Monday she and Mr. Tolle will be conducting the first of 10 weekly webcasts where they discuss major points in A New Earth for free to the general public.

Given the content of the book and the strength of Oprah’s celebrity, this is almost a radical occurrence in our society.  Here is why: 

What A New Earth Is All About

First let me give you a brief synopsis of A New Earth as summed up on its back cover:

“Tolle describes how attachment to our ego creates the dysfunction that leads to anger, jealousy and unhappiness and shows readers how to awaken to a new state of consciousness and follow the path to a truly fulfilling experience.  Transcending our ego-based consciousness is not only essential to personal happiness, but also the key to ending conflict and suffering throughout the world”.

Yes I know this summary sounds spiritually deep and metaphysical, but that’s the point—I can hardly believe that a book on this subject matter is the #1 book in America!  This is SO encouraging, as it shows that more and more people are now ready to discuss “deeper” issues and accept spiritual truths. 

We are living in a time where conversations about personal

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and global consciousness are becoming mainstream…and we should be thankful for this since they are the impetus for transcending improvements.

Why Celebrities Like Oprah Are So Important

There are plenty of “individuals of influence” who are doing amazing things in the world.  Bill Gates is donating a large majority of his entire fortune to charity, as is Warren Buffet and Sir Richard Bramson.  But these people are still in the vast minority.

In Oprah’s case, taking A New Earth to the masses is an incredible leap of faith that will propel the universal effort for ‘transcending change’ to a much greater degree.  The airing of the Tolle webcasts will initiate countless awakenings and foster incredible positive energy into the world.

We have to applaud and appreciate her efforts, as bringing the content of a book like this to the public in such a broad fashion would have drawn major criticism in the not-so-distant past.

But times are different now, and the public is very accepting of works like A New Earth (perhaps for the first time in our history).  Visionaries like Oprah understand this, and are taking advantage of the mass desire to create everlasting peace and kindness throughout the world.  This is what makes celebrities like her so special—they are leading the way, literally, to a “new earth”.

A Perfect Storm For Real Change Is Assembling

The way I see it, we have a perfect storm of positive change occurring in the world today.  First, we have the ‘people of the world’ at large who are coming together hankering for fundamental changes to take place.

Second, we have influential and powerful luminaries (like Oprah, Deepak Chopra, and dare I say it, Barack Obama) who are stepping into the limelight willing to initiate these changes.

Third, we have mass accessibility of information.  Advancements in technology, communication and the internet have allowed this “New Earth” to manifest and it is important to recognize when leaders like Oprah are using the new mediums for wonderful causes.

This very blog alone is read by people in 32 countries around the world.  Can you imagine how many people will begin learning about Eckhart Tolle’s life changing (and planet changing) views via these webcasts?  Amazing.

What This All Means

As books, blogs, magazines and webcasts like this gain in popularity (and they are) more of them will sprout.  This “movement” will continue to gain momentum until we reach a point where the things we strive towards will spontaneously become the norm.  Some call this moment a “shifting point” or a “worldwide tipping point” but no matter what you call it, it is on the horizon. 

Events like the Oprah/Tolle webcast are tangible pillars that we can point to and say:  “yes, that’s what this is all about”.  And when the events, blogs, magazines, etc. bring people together they become even more powerful; another facet of what I love about Oprah’s efforts. 

The conversations for fundamental change are everywhere, so become aware of them and join the conversation.  I will be on the call on Monday…will you?

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14 Responses to “What Oprah Winfrey 'Gets' That Most Celebrities Do Not”

  1. Peter says:

    Yup, change is happening… I can feel it! Good stuff Todd – thanks for bringing these webcasts to my attention.

  2. Todd says:

    no problem Mr Peter…hope you can hop on the call!

  3. Norea says:

    Isn’t it just great! I am so excited! Some years ago, I had trouble believing in this big shift, but now things are really coming together. The more we open up to a new level of awareness, the more momentum we’ll create, the more this earth will be renewed. WE ARE THE CHANGE!
    I’ll be there on Monday. Well, actually it will be Tuesday for me, 2am to be exactly, but I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world! What a problem though to get the book. I had ordered mine online some weeks ago, but the english version was sold out. Fortunately at a local bookstore I found a dutch translation, still hoping the english version will arrive shortly.

  4. Ani says:

    When I watched the show when Oprah promoted the book “The Secret” I questioned why Oprah risked her reputation promoting it. I thought it represented simplistic view and encouraged more attachment to materials and success. But I rejoice about her recommendation of Tolle’s book A New Earth. Maybe people was not ready for Tolle’s book few years ago. He makes concepts such as ego and impermanence so practical.

  5. Coll says:

    I had no problem getting the book and at a very reasonable price through amazon. I will definitely be there on Monday evening.

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  7. vincentkamau says:

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  8. Joe B says:

    I found another heartening pointer to how this is affecting the world in a positive way. FoxNews had a very mean spirited pan of the Oprah/Tolle event:


    If they think it is bad, that can’t be nothin’ but good.

  9. just pasing thru says:

    “… the mass desire to create everlasting peace and kindness throughout the world” — sorry, but this is a bit trite. I have no problem with aspirational the classes expressing their fluffy dreams — but the land of Oprah & co is currently engaging in one of the greatest modern mass killing programmes in modern history. 1,000,000 (est.) Iraqi men, women and children might be living a life today if Bush and Chaney et al had not followed their crusader cult dreams.

    And how quickly we forget Vietnam — and all the despot Generals the US democratic system supports. But to be fair they are following a formula set up by the British on the decay of their little global empire – e.g., Kuwait, Brunei … anywhere there was a pot of natural wealth. And then you have the millions of Palestinian refugees cooped up in modern concentration camps/ghettos in their own land because 60 years ago a Zionist dream was implemented by Europeans and Americans in someone else’s backyard. Yes, there is a shift going on, it has been going on for thousands of years.

    The current wave is towards China, Russia, Brazil and India as the new economic superset. Peak oil, Iran and others dumping the US$ as the single trading currency for oil are only external manifestations of a deeper trend: towards a realisation that nothing has really changed in human evolution, and most likely never will. The real golden rule: they with the gold rule.

    Sorry to rain on your parade, but the technology and economic shifts going on are the beginning of new phase of the same old drama. Very little in the way of new age thinking is even kindergarden level for Asiatic and Indian cultures. If you really want to pay off some of the karma that your previous generations have banked for you, then pop over to Cambodia, or Vietnam and help pick up some of the 100′s of millions — yes, that big! — land mines, unexploded bombs and diseased bodies from chemical use.

    Please, if people want to wake up from their bubble dreams — especially in the US — then turn off that opium poppy Oprah and that criminal ex-narcotic user GWB and his cabal, and look out the window onto a real world landscape. The one that has 25% of humanity living in China alone (with India set to pass them soon), 80% of humans (mostly women and children) living on less than $2 per day, a climatic system under extreme stress, energy and food competing for the top priority, and Americans driving their SUV’s listening to bubble gum spiritual gurus practicing that old leachcraft on their wallets and purses.

    The biggest shift this and future generations is undergoing is towards irrelevance. Many, have successfully arrived already.

    What Oprah W and others get is lots of money and attention. Simple. Yours!

  10. Todd says:

    Thanks just passing thru– you paint a pretty hopeless view of the world. There is great reason to believe things are changing at a more fundamental level then many may realize. The only thing we can ALL do is have faith in the good, the peaceful, and sustainable ways of being. All we can do is shift our individual attention towards the positive, the beautiful, and the transcending…thats the way I choose to live my life…and when we all do this all the bad shifts, and even goes away. Anyway, sending you much love and respect across the oceans…and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  11. just pasing thru says:

    Mr Todd,

    No, I did not intend on expressing a “hopeless view of the world” — far from it — it’s a realistic view of the world (albeit from my perspective). Living with this reality and working for and against it is the ‘Work’.

    I would suggest that you have slightly confused the meaning of the word “do”. Faith is something we have. Action is something we do. Feeling/sensation is something we experience. Emotion/love is something we share.

    It is not my aim to lecture, but single minded positivism is actually part of the problem. When we can sniff the flowers and the rotting dead corpses with equal concern then we will have a more balanced perspective from which to judge, or better still discern, what should be done and undone.

    “Doing” starts with the awareness that we are asleep. In a prison, hynotised to the terror of the situation. There are many ways designed to help us awaken to the challenges of our life and times. By all means try them and learn. Most have enough recycled material from past epochs to be of some value. Sorting out the wheat from the chaff is the doing task. The traders in this business are even entitled to make a fair living from it. (But many fail the test of avoiding the guru adulation trap.)

    By the way, while we are “shift[ing] our individual attention towards the positive, the beautiful, and the transcending” we could also be popping down to our local military industrial complex and seeing how they are practicing TQM on those landmine assembly lines – those same beautiful achievements of engineering that will most probably end up looking like toys and blowing the arms and legs and eyes off little children in places like Afghanistan.

    My view is not hopeless — far from it! It is a righteous anger at the hypocrisies of modern life styles that seek to avoid the responsibilities by shifting the focus away from the full picture.

    This anger is the fire in the belly that can be used to drive change in ourselves and the world. I have much more respect for people like Jane Fonder that Oprah W. She (and others) got up and faced the anger of her own tribe by pointing out the evil of the Vietnam war. When I see young Oprah and her ilk dropping in on the front line in Afghanistan and Iraq to help pick up the little kids and women destroyed by ‘Western’ democratic interventions then I’ll reevaluate my opinions of her (which are not many!).

    They were shooting students at Kent Sate University in the 1960s. This world’s opportunities are not built on Nike shoes that magically go from $2 in an Indonesian sweatshop to $200 in a NY shop. They are built on people like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and millions of invisible little ordinary people working in their own ways under the influence of their conscience rather than Murdoch’s News empire, TV’s advertising Cartel or Hollywood’s Scientology spell.

    Look, keep up your good works, but just realise you also own your share of the dark side! I’ve just been around too long and seen too much to fall into the belief that much of this what I call “Madonna’s world of Cabala” — by way of a simple example — is any deeper than the reflection in the pool of water she is gazing into. The depth, if there is any, is within the inner world of the gazer. Task: while watching your Oprah try and sense and feel and become aware of how much manipulation of your senses is going on by the system she fronts to pacify your conscience on key issues that might otherwise lead to righteous outrage and action at the terror of the situation.

    … and now I’ll leave you in peace…

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  13. Patric says:

    I loved the post, but in the second paragraph you identified THE NEW EARTH as a “novel,” which by definition is a work of fiction.

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