What 6 Months of Change Can Do For You (Subscribers Only)!


One of the promises I made to readers when I launched W

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e The Change was to only write about things that I personally experience.

Given that this website has garnered over 1,000 subscribers in 6 months (I still can’t believe this) there must be something appealing to

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the very personal and sometimes vulnerable approach I take with the articles I publish.

Truthfully, this website has served as a direct mirror to my life over the last 180 days. As many of you know I left a relatively stable and financially secure job situation last September follow to my passion in life.

More accurately, I transitioned out of the position to give myself time to figure out what my passion really was.

So 6 months later the million dollar question becomes: have I found it? Yes, I think I have. But that is not to say I know exactly how it’s all going to play out…because I don’t.

I am moving into what I call “Phase II” of my life transition process, which entails how I am going to make money and support myself amid recent revelations.

I plan on openly exploring this next phase with We The Changers, and am certain the right situations are manifesting even as I write this!

The Evolution of My Own Personal Development

When I first began writing this site, I wrote a lot about the benefits of nutrition and physical exercise. In the last few months, I have not written so much about these topics.

It is not that I don’t believe in proper eating and exercise anymore (because I do), it’s just that my own journey has evolved to a point where I feel compelled to write about other issues.

I have made no secret that I believe we are living in a time where fundamental cultural changes need to occur across our political, social and economic spectrums. Actually, I think we would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t understand this…at least from an intellectual standpoint.

I have written a lot about the underlying movement that is banding together all over the world to initiate such changes. At its core, this ‘movement’ has a spiritual undertone and I have embraced this philosophy because I am experiencing it very personally.

I have tried to share my own awakening with readers, and my mission in doing so has been to initiate these types of changes within YOU. For more, please check out the following articles:

All Roads Leading to Costa Rica (For Me)!

Kill Your Ego: Recognize The True You

Stages of Consciousness

I want you to know that writing articles on these subjects, because of their subjective nature, has not been a great thing for the physical growth of We The Change.

I get a lot less traffic then I did when I wrote about the benefits of eating berries everyday. But the truth is, I don’t care so much. I am sharing my own journey in life, and I refuse to steer away from this purpose.

Where We The Change Is Headed Months 6-12

This site is 100% about helping readers expand their consciousness. My mission is to provide content that sparks moments of awareness within you, and I will continue to share my personal journey as I think it’s a very effective way for this to happen.

I see myself as a conduit of information. Stuff comes to me, I experience it, and then I throw it out there. But I do not want WTC to be solely viewed through my own lens, which is why I have started a Podcast called Conversations to Change the World.

There are countless individuals out there who are doing incredible work to help you live a better life, and my goal is to share a different angle with you every other Wednesday.

As for what I hope to get out of We The Change, I feel that if I am honest about the things that I am going through this platform will not only serve me externally (as a business venture) but also internally, and help me find my most sought after paths in life.

Both of these things are happening, and I am now experiencing a much higher level of clarity about my life’s purpose then I was 6 months ago. I will continue down this path and utilize WTC as a tool for detailing my experiences.

Lastly I am VERY OPEN to reader suggestions. How can I make this site more meaningful for you? Are there any specific things you would like to hear about? Please let me know and I will try my best to accommodate.

This is NOT a One Man Gang

I want to recognize the incredible array of people that I have met in the last 6 months that have helped me establish WTC as one of the fastest growing personal development blogs around!

These people are my mentors, my inspiration, my supporters, and

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my friends. If you like what you have found here, please take a few moments and learn from these amazing people:

Tim at A Daring Adventure
He is an incredible Life Coach and a unique writer. Check out one of his best articles Changing Your Thoughts!

Steve at Champion Success
A true inspiration, Steve has attained success in all areas of life. My favorite piece of his is Top Opportunities for Entrepreneurs.

Peter at I Will Change Your Life
Perhaps my first blogging friend who has also become the editor of Pick The Brain. This is my favorite article from Peter: Feel The Pain, Then Make The Change.

Tejvan at Sri Chinmoy Inspiration
If you are ever looking for perspective in life, he is one of the best. My favorite is Seven Steps to Inner Peace.

Albert at Urban Monk
His articles are thoughtful, deep rooted and comprehensive. His greatest piece is The Blossoming of Love.

Alex at The Next 45 Years
A newer blogger with so much to offer. Alex’s greatest piece in my eyes is How To Live a Balanced Life.

There are so many more (I feel like I am accepting an academy award here, hehe)..but I can’t mention everyone.

As always, I hope sharing my personal story contributes in positive way to your personal growth and happiness! I Look forward to continuing the conversation with you! With much gratitude and respect, Todd

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6 Responses to “What 6 Months of Change Can Do For You (Subscribers Only)!”

  1. Thanks for link Todd and congratulations on passing the magic 1,000 subscribers mark.


  2. Todd says:

    Thanks Tejvan….feels nice :)

  3. I liked your articles about healthy eating, but I like your recent posts on spirituality even better. And you write with such transparency and integrity. My favorites so far are the post about your spiritual awakening in Central Park and the one where you disclosed your failure to achieve your goals.

    Isn’t it strange that we just have to write about spiritual growth even when we know that turns a number of readers away. I started my new blog thinking I want to focus more on business and entrepreneurship, and now find myself writing about the spiritual nature of entrepreneurship.

  4. Hey Todd, it’s my first time commenting but your blog’s certainly not new to me! Having 1,000 in 6 months is indeed a fantastic achievement!



  5. Kim says:

    Hi Todd,

    Congratulations on the 1000 subscriber mark in 6 months. That’s fantastic. As Akemi said you write with such honesty,transparency and your integrity can really be felt. Just keep doing what your doing and people are going to be drawn exponentially to you and your purpose. A leader stands out from the crowd but does not follow them but creates his or her own new path and as he/she is busy doing this, the followers are gathering behind. A lot of people do not know what their purpose is or how to find it. As you continue on your path of discovery in this way, you are helping them to also take small steps towards their own discovery and conscious awareness.

    You already know this. Trust yourself and you will know what or if there is a need to add or take away from what you are doing. Your readers will also tell you and want to draw more from you if they feel they can or need to.

    You’re a champion, Todd.


  6. Todd says:

    AKEMI– yea, I totally hear you. My advise: just write about things you are experiencing in the moment…then your blog folws along like your life!

    KIM– Thank you so much for this wonderful comment and kind words. You made my day today, really :)


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