THE SHIFT Really Is Happening!

n4305469948_6287.jpgAs many of you know, I am intimately involved in the making of viagra canadian pharmacy” target=”_blank”>THE SHIFT Movie. If you have not seen it yet, DEF check out the powerful 6 minute

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trailer at

To me, what this film is documenting is the very thing that can bring transcending and fundamental changes in the world. More than EVER, we need to spread awareness of this message…get involved in it…and encourage our friends, families, colleagues to join in.

I will tell you that doing this work for the past year has been an incredible experience. Millions of people are shifting their habits, careers, and even their worldviews, and we need to rejoice in this global awakening!

Have you seen the Paul Hawken clip that describes THE SHIFT? If not, check this out and begin seeing how real it is:

World’s Largest Social Movement

OK, so this is just a short post to ask that you to go to THE SHIFT site, and sign up!

Today, the message for this powerful film and movement was finally released to a very large audience! Over 4 Million people know now about THE SHIFT…so lets give this movement some legs!

Also, for those of you bloggers, list owners, or just very popular people…please send this message around. Vote on it on Digg, Stumble and all social networks!

Here are some links:


BRAND New Facebook Fan Page

Thanks everyone…this is going to be huge…it needs to be. Let me know if there is anything

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I can do for you!


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