The 6 Greatest Workouts to Increase Stamina


Stamina is a measure of the capability to sustain prolonged stressful effort. Gauging your stamina provides valuable insight to your overall physical constitution and power to endure disease, fatigue, and illness.

Because stamina decreases as we age, it is absolutely imperative to work hard and constantly stretch our bandwidth of endurance.

There are a myriad of incredible ways to build stamina through proper (and careful) exercise, and here are 6 of the greatest activities I have found for this purpose:

1. Bikram Yoga

Bikram is a specific type of Yoga and one of the most grueling cardiovascular workouts you can endure. For 90 minutes you are immersed in a room that is 110 degrees (intentionally) and are instructed through a series of 27 postures and stretches that will push the limits of your pain threshold (its difficulty is what makes it SO rewarding)! There is no chanting or anything seemingly spiritual about this Yoga, and if you can get past the initial pain and make a habit of the practice there is absolutely nothing better for your stamina than Bikram!

2. Lift Weights

Most people think of aerobic exercise when trying to increase stamina, but the truth is that real fitness magic happens when you simultaneously improve your muscular AND cardiovascular systems. Use weight

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machines, free weights, fitness bands and your own body weight (my favorite) to drastically increase your stamina.

3. Hiking

Hiking in nature has so many benefits that it would take a few pages to list them all. One of the less talked about advantages of taking a good hike is what it can do for your stamina. Because you are outdoors, and most likely surrounded by oxygen-giving trees and plants, your lungs will take in a greater abundance of the gas it loves most. This is extremely healthy for the alveoli that serve as the mechanism for your breath. Plus, depending on the type of hiking you do, it can be a muscle building and cardio workout which makes it dually beneficial.

4. Pilates

Pilates is a fantastic exercise that focuses 100% on strengthening the core of the body. By focusing on the stomach and lower back, a consistent Pilates routine improves posture and brings the body in better alignment. These adjustments will help you breathe easier, sleep better, and put less stress on weaker joints and tendons. Like Bikram, Pilates can be somewhat grueling and is fantastic for increasing stamina. I highly recommend you giving it a try!

5. Relaxation

Performing deep breathing exercises or taking a 20-minute nap can give your brain and body the opportunity to do some very important restorative work. As staminas opposite, relaxation is a critical component to increasing your endurance. Strive for a solid 7-8 hours of solid sleep each and every night for added benefits.

6. Have Sex

In my article 25 Fun Ways to Pamper Your Body and Increase Vitality, I did not have sex on the list and boy did some people jump down my throat! “That should have been #1 far and away” I was told. You know what, my complainers were right and having sex is a great way to pamper the body, improve vitality AND increase stamina. There are countless studies relating longevity to how much sex one has, so keep on doing it to add years to your life!

In the end, our stamina is a fantastic measuring stick for our overall wellness. Push yourself to increase endurance and build stamina, and you can literally add many good years onto your life!

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45 Responses to “The 6 Greatest Workouts to Increase Stamina”

  1. Peter says:

    Glad you included the last one… it was the first one that came to mind :)

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  3. sathish says:

    LOL man it works great but I can’t understand bikram yoga and pilates

  4. Duane says:

    regarding bikram yoga, i have played soccer at a very high level for years, and your assessment of bikram is bang on. in addition to improving your stamina, it helps with mental focus, balance, tenacity and rehab for sore and damaged joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. unfortunately, it’s not offered everywhere and even some of the best athletes can’t handle the intensity both physically and mentally.

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  6. dhaval says:

    nice to hear the last one

  7. sarvesh says:

    can running also increase stamina

    • subduedjoy says:

      Yes. I would think running would increase stamina more than walking or hiking. However, running is high impact. For those who want something with less impact, swimming laps in the pool would be good for increasing stamina. Then there is cycling or running on the elliptical machines. Bikram Yoga is good for improving strength, flexibility, and balance. Lifting weights mostly builds strength. Pilates is good for strengthening the core. Relaxation? I’m not even going to answer that one. Having sex isn’t a huge calorie-burner. I doubt it will increase stamina, not unless you are normally a couch potato. But if you are a couch potato, then you are probably the type that just lies there during sex.

  8. Jonathan says:

    Sex? You’re kidding right? I would expect sprinting or hill running but sex??? LOL!

  9. Todd says:

    Jonathan, I believe more people die every year from sexual activity than running!

  10. Devin says:

    Sex is great for stamina and it will give you ripped abs

  11. alex says:

    Here’s the best combo, me thinks. Use Bikram Yoga and Pilates moves while having sex; meaning, make the whole session look like a day out at the jungle gym. Months down the road, you’ll be doing triathlons easy.

  12. mary says:

    i like it but i realy dont know what the means..and i think it will be better if you have many note..

  13. NIF says:

    for the last one i like it

  14. akshay says:

    sex is not the one of incresing stamina.while doing sex it decrese our stamina and effect to our body..really.if want to increse stamina,do duck walk and frog jump.and swiming.

  15. danny says:

    @ Jacob
    you are so dam right, i bet he is 30 years old VIRGIN…lol

  16. aneal king says:

    fools always look for a reason to justify what they love doing…@Akshay…u r right,duck walk and frog jump are alot more tough guess some MEN cant do that,while sex is something any useless man can do…

  17. mr..rabbit says:

    haha lol, lets all get bucking then :D … naa but reli i found i lost more weight doing smaller weights lifting excerises, like pushups and dumbells and more cardio, than heavier weights and cardio

  18. kazekage says:

    i play soccer actively and weneva i gas out ma team mates begin to ask me if i had sex the previous night. so i am kind of confused about sex affecting the stamina. the general joke is that if you cant run long distance its cos u having too much sex. so does sex really help the stamina cos i do have sex a lot. advice pls

  19. dr.jay gupta says:

    ..i am also suggesting some option which can increases stamina of exercises.

    Spirometer exercises.improve ur pulmonary fitness.

    Breathing exercises..improve the fitness of lung.

    Ergometer exercises..improve cardiac fitness….

  20. LOLER says:

    lol i need to build stamina. *haves sex* ahhhh much better

  21. Urm says:

    The sex one makes sense, if you think about it. It raises heart rate and gets your muscles in motion.

    It’s a hell of a lot better exercise than a night alone with the internet.

  22. Krabbb says:

    i really love the 6 ways to increase stamina . . . . but number sex (6) is the best . .. aaaaahshshsggg i love it . . . . .

  23. Krabbb says:

    i mean; i love ur – The 6 Greatest Workouts to Increase Stamina – coz i’m doing it thrice a week . . . thanks coz i’m in the right exercise . . i also play basketball. . at my age of 59 . . . :)

  24. Yoga Teacher says:

    Of all of the exercises that you mentioned, the only one that I don’t do is to lift weights. Hiking is an activity I love as it allows me to explore the great outdoors and I try to make it a point to go to various places as often as possible. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Sex…. the most important……

  26. schizophrenia says:

    Why is sex seriously the most talked about exercise on this thread? I’m pretty sure the other things on the list are better (overall). Can you guys maybe grow up a little? Pretty please? If you get confused or angry by my comment, vocabulary, or impeccable spelling and grammar, don’t be alarmed, it just means that you’re stupid. :)

  27. Kristie says:

    I really thought Crossfit would have made the list.

  28. suraj says:

    Whenever i do sex and go to gym i get exhausted easily as compared to other days ….i know sex is good for heart etc but for stamina, i dont agree….

  29. sarath says:

    the real power through the indian yoga,stretching,weight lifting and aerobic exercises

  30. kaka muna says:

    sex lol…. you r not giving wrong advice,

  31. Seth says:

    Skipping rope and weight lift also increase stamina.

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  33. I am an accident ed electronics engineer but don’t have job my physical strength is too weak but my thinking is very high so can you please help me in boosting my stemina

  34. chulbuli lola says:

    sex is good for stamina
    y cause i know that
    i like sex thats why i m very good sportsman
    i m 32 bt i can defeat any body above or blow my age
    if you think i m bluffing try me at ”’;;;89023

  35. mikey says:

    I’m trying to bild my stamina strength is nothing without stamina I’m alredy strong but I need to improve my stamina

  36. memike90 says:

    sex is bad for you, i used to have sex many times a week even day, im 21 and have had enough sex to last a lifetime. but about 7 months ago i got serious about my health and fitness. i stopped sex alltogether, since stopping i have so much more energy and have gained healthy weight (muscle), i agree it should be good cause it increases heart rate and engages core, but i believe ejaculating takes soo much energy and protien to replace it messes with your body. i noticed a few months ago, that the after effect of sex (tiredness) lasts alot longer then normal exercise, but if you dont ejaculate its nowhere near as bad. believe what you like but this is my experience.

  37. John says:

    Crap, now I’m horny.

  38. adil says:

    everyone goes around and come back to sex???

    I would suggest for starters and couch potatoes to start walking on you treadmill and then increase speed and time

    like wise try to climb stairs up and down and increase as much as possible with days

    do yoga…… only!!! along with the help of professionals

    try this for a month and let me know how you people feel.

  39. Pradeep Patil B says:

    These tips are gud….but i thnk gud vegetarian diet with lot of vitamin D &calcium is also necessary for gaining better stamina.

  40. haha wow says:

    those who say sex is not a stamina work out . OOOOBVIOUSLY your not doing it right . and the true victum here is the poor female.

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