The 5 Greatest Albums to Listen to in the Morning

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The activities you engage in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day.  If you are one of many people who engulfs themselves with depressing news (found abundantly in newspapers and TV/radio shows), you may be creating a tremendous amount of anxiety and tension that unknowingly lingers in your body….

Listening to uplifting and inspiring music is a much better way to get you going in the a.m.  Here are 5 very different, yet equally enjoyable, albums to listen to in the morning.  I would LOVE to hear what you listen to to start your day and feel free to share in the comment field below!

Enya, Watermark

What a great CD to listen for inspiration.  Enya is often labeled as “new age” and her music is characterized as being soothing and relaxing.  However, this particular CD I find to be extremely uplifting.  The first track “Less Than a Pearl”, is just an enriching piece of work and will help give you nice perspective.  I recommend listening to this album when you wake up and find your mind “all over the place”…you know, those days when fear and doubt seem to have full control of you!  This CD will give you focus. 

Michael Jackson, Thriller

I know what your thinking: “been there done that”.  But I have to tell you, I have been playing this CD lately and it just puts a smile on my face.  “Wanna be startin’ something” will just get you pumped up, and “that girl is mine” with Paul McCartney is just right on.  Listen to Thriller when you wake up in a good mood, as this music just furthers the positive vibes!

Eminem, 8 Mile

This is PERFECT music to listen

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to do when you have a challenging task ahead of you.  His lyrics and words

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are ultra-inspiring and will leave you feeling “if he can do it, I can accomplish anything”.  Although this may be a little hard core for many people, it just means that you have not really experienced the music….he is a true artist and I recommend you giving this CD a whirl!

Bob Marley, Legend

Bob Marley’s Legend is simply one of the greatest albums ever created with the super simple message:  “Don’t worry, be happy”.  The lyrics are timeless; the rhythms are classic; and the effect this album has on you is profound.  The message is so positive that it is almost impossible to listen to it and feel down.  I highly recommend listening to this album when you wake and feel unmotivated and uninspired.  On a side note: if I could have seen one performer in concert, it would be Bob Marley.

Various Artists, Escape to St. Barts

This one you may not know about.  This album contains some of the greatest dance tunes ever compiled.  Track after track is filled with uplifting beats that just make the body want to dance as choreographed by some of the greatest DJ’s of our time.  Not into this type of music?  Then you are truly missing something, because dancing first thing in the morning is a transcending experience. 

This is great music when you are embarking on a day of freedom and adventure.   I listen to it while on vacation or during the weekend when I have no responsibility directly in front of me.  It gets the body moving and in sync with your surroundings.  Give it a try!

The cool thing about this article is that in a month from now, I may have 5 totally different albums that make me feel great in the morning.  Again, would love to hear about your inspirational tunes that get YOU going…

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12 Responses to “The 5 Greatest Albums to Listen to in the Morning”

  1. Todd, you are a man after my own heart.
    Great music! Mama say, Mama sa, Mama Ma cu sa….and I am still trying to get down the thriller dance…

  2. gregory says:

    me, morning? ok, birds, amazing morning bird calls, nature waking up wakes me up

    if i really want music, i will go for a morning sunrise raga. indian music is composed for the time of day it is listened to, and the season too. a lovely way of thinking about music

  3. Todd says:

    Thanks Terri :)

    And Gregory…man, I live in Manhattan and my verions of “nature” wake-up calls is taxi horns and my neighbors shower. So for me, I NEED my music…!


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  5. Hey Todd, Well I love the first 4 CD’s so HAVE to check out the last one! Funnily enough I have been listening to Thriller a lot lately as well. If you ask my 4 year old daughter who her favorite singer is she will even tell you it is Michael Jackson. We love to dance to him…. yes, I know shame he’s so nuts — but don’t they say that about most geniuses?! Bob Marley and Eminem I have used to get me in a pumped up and good mood for years. Now I will have to go dig out my Enya — since you reminded me of that one! Thanks for this post – music truly does make me happy and inspire me. Gratefully, Jenny

  6. Todd says:

    THANKS Jenny…and Im glad that I brought something else to the table for you. The St. Barts CD is AWESOME! I will try and get you the link…

  7. Peter says:

    Oh Todd…. seriously?

    My fav morning music is Jack Johnson. A notable mention goes to Xavier Rudd and Thievery Corporation.

    Actually the last CD sounds interesting… I’ll check it out.

  8. SootheSayer says:

    Studies show that familiar music can affect the brain in amazing ways–catatonic veterans from the first world war, actually got up and danced when old familiar tunes were played, after years of inactivity and muscle atrophy.

    Last week, I was sandwiched in between 2 semi trucks, speeding down the interstate, nervously trying to keep myself in my own lane when the Mamas and Pappas began to sing, “All the leaves are brown’… I relaxed, sat back and cruised as I sang along.

    Also, you might try a little “Aretha” when you need energy, driving home after work!

  9. GCM says:

    In India, you can actually listen to the FM radio. At the moment, private FM radio stations are not allowed to broadcast news. So the music, and the chatter, is all upbeat. No demoralizing news.

  10. Todd says:

    Thanks Gini…that is great info! And, not into Aretha too much, but thats OK :)

    GCM– man, would love to go to India, and dying to go! Just gotta find the right time and circumstances!

  11. SootheSayer says:

    I checked out Peter’s Thievery Corporation suggestion–he’s right… it does it for me.

  12. Yanni’s upbeat “Dare to Dream” album is a favorite starter — it has energy, but doesn’t distract me with words. Enya’s always a fav.

    But as a mom, my mornings are often filled with theme songs from the “Little Einsteins” or “Go, Diego, Go!”


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