Stop Being a Doormat! Lessons From An Expert (Podcast)

Do you want to switch careers but just don’t know how? Do you wish for a better life, but are too scared to take a risk? Are you stuck, and do you procrastinate?

If any of these sentiments ring true for you, then listen to today’s podcast. I interview one of the most impressive women I have met in some time: Daylle Deanna Schwartz.

photocropped.jpgOnce a typical school teacher, Daylle accepted a challenge from her students to create a rap record. She hates stereotypes, and it bothered her when the kids told her that a white woman could never be a successful rapper.

So she set out to prove them wrong, and taught herself the skill. In no time she became known as the “rappin teach”, and her life would be changed forever:

Daylle Deanna Schwartz InterviewDaylle’s story is one of true inspiration, and she is an excellent example of how anything is possible once you have belief and passion.

The interview takes you through her incredible ride starting a record label, becoming a best selling author, appearing on Oprah and Howard Stern, and eventual her journey into the world of self-empowerment. And yes, you will also hear her rap a bit!

In all, I found Daylle’s stories highly motivational for my own life. I know I can make this blog as big and meaningful as I dream, for example, and can attract anyone I want to interview on my podcast “Conversations to Change the World”.

Creating the ideal life for yourself is worth the risk! I hope you find Daylle’s experiences as meaningful as I do.

I also highly recommend you check out Daylle’s blog Lessons From a Recovering Doormat where she talks about her experiences and

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gives advice.

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Daylle Deanna Schwartz Interview

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3 Responses to “Stop Being a Doormat! Lessons From An Expert (Podcast)”

  1. Brad Baggett says:

    Todd, great interview. My buddy Chris ( turned my on to Daylle’s blog and I really enjoy it. She is such an inspiring person! I really think your podcast will be a success. Keep up the great work.

  2. Carpet Print says:

    Found this blog when searching for something else. Have put it in my bookmarks and will check back soon.

  3. [...] I’ve been very blessed to make some good friends online, especially since I began this blog. I was honored when Todd at We The Change invited me to be interviewed for his new podcast series. In it I talk more about how I got from being an unhappy DoorMat and teacher to reinvent myself into the career I have today. He posted it Wednesday and I’m humbled by his words about me. If you’d like to hear my story, check out Stop Being a Doormat: Lessons from an Expert. [...]

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