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The Benefits of Flexible Goal Setting 02/07/08

In mid-January, I had an incredible business idea.  I was so inspired that I just began writing.  Within hours I had a pseudo business plan and surmised the next steps would be to hire a web design firm and flush out proper language for the necessary website. Then I snapped back to reality. 

Podcast Launch: 'Conversations To Change The World' 02/06/08

I am excited. Today is the launch of We The Change’s podcast, which I am calling “Conversations to cialis sin receta Change The World”! Each Wednesday I will interview one expert from somewhere across the mind-body-spirit continuum and pick their brain. The goal is pretty straight-forward: to spread greater awareness of all the fantastic people [...] read the rest

The Shift Movie Will Be 'The Secret' With Greater Purpose 02/01/08

Within the last two days, cheap viagra information about an incredible movie has been brought to my attention twice. It is called “The Shift Movie” and encapsulates much of what I am doing here on We The Change, as well as what so many others are doing all over the world. Take 5 minutes and [...] read the rest

Spirituality: What I Have Learned So Far 01/31/08

‘ About 10 years ago I had my first meaningful spiritual experience.  I was living in New York City—broke, unhappy, and toiling at my third straight unfulfilling job.  Although I had friends around and was “having fun” on the outside, I was struggling internally.  The city was too big, too much going on, moving too [...] read the rest

Top 31 Motivation Hacks 01/29/08

Here are 31 of the most powerful motivation hacks you can use to increase productivity and attain greater fulfillment in life.  I have picked some of the most useful tips from quality blogs and classic texts (so some may sound familiar) and added a few We The Change nuggets.  Enjoy! 31. Make it FUN You will never be motivated to do something that [...] read the rest

Blossoming Consciousness and Positivity Carnival: 1st Edition 01/27/08

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the “blossoming consciousness and positivity” carnival!  For those of you unfamiliar with blog carnivals, they are a collection of articles from different writers/bloggers within a given topic.   For this carnival I have asked the blogosphere for the best content relating to consciousness and positivity. 

Why We Love Watching Pro Sports! 01/24/08

To steal a line from the movie Coming to America: “did you happen to catch the professional football contest on television last [weekend]?  The Giants of New York triumphed over the Packers of Green Bay by kicking an odd-long shaped ball through a big H.  It was most exhilarating”! Being a die-hard Giants fan, I [...] read the rest