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4 Useful Suggestions For Sickness Prevention and Care 04/22/08

As you may have noticed, I have not posted a We The Change article in over a week. There are many reasons for this, free work at home not the least of which is that I have spent the last several days very sick with little appetite for writing (or food)! It began last Sunday [...] read the rest

How I Made $10,000 From My Blog in One Day! 04/09/08

Although most of the content you will find on We The Ch Buy Cheap Viagra ange revolves around personal growth and spiritual development, I would like to share with you the story of how I made $10,000 in one day from this website! I think this is an important story because viagra canadian pharmacy no [...] read the rest

Using Body Awareness For Deeper Meditation 04/04/08

I would like to share with you a very powerful meditation technique I use called ‘body awarenes Purchase Cialis s’. buy generic cialis online Even though this practice is primarily used during meditation, I have found great use in utilizing body awareness in my every day life as well. For those of you who already [...] read the rest

April Book Recommendations and ‘Chat The Planet’ Podcast 04/02/08

I hope you can take 20 minutes and listen to the amazing interview I did with Laurie Meadoff of Chat The Planet for my ‘Conversations for Change’ podcast. Laurie is a truly inspiring pe Buy viagra soft pills rson who has dedicated her professional life to the education of youths over the last 30 years. [...] read the rest

From Caterpillar to Butterfly: A New Realm of Consciousness For Humanity 03/31/08

How many of you really understands cheap levitra online the journey a caterpillar takes to become a butterfly? I thought I knew what happens, but was explained the mystical journey in greater detail a few days ago and was completely cheap viagra online blown away! I would like to share this story with you and [...] read the rest

Take a Hike, Learn 6 Critical Life Lessons 03/28/08

There is nothing more calming and therapeut Buy Discount Cialis Online uk ic for me than taking a long walk in the woods. Whenever I am feeling down, confused, frustrated or sad I put on a pair of old sneakers and go foraging in a place of trees, sky and quiet for several hours. Here [...] read the rest

What 6 Months of Change Can Do For You (Subscribers Only)! 03/26/08

One of the promises I made to readers when I launched W buy cialis online uk e The Change was to only write about things that I personally experience. Given that this website has garnered over 1,000 subscribers in 6 months (I still can’t believe this) there must be something appealing to viagra without prescriptions [...] read the rest