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How to Get the MOST Out of Your Food 10/01/07

When it comes to determining the health value of our food, we focus much of our attention on things like nutritional components, chemical make-up, and origin. Although these matters are viagra online certainly important, there are other factors to consider for healthy eating and more basic ways to get the most out of the food [...] read the rest

Why The Law of Attraction Does NOT Work For You 09/28/07

The “law of attraction” has a very enticing promise: the ability to manifest anything you want through belief and intention.  But does it work? Some people are very successful with attraction (just watch The Secret to see 20+ personifications of it) while others fail time and time again.  I think a primary reason people fail [...] read the rest

The 5 Greatest Foods For Your Health 09/27/07

At the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I was taught that there is no such thing as a good or bad food. My teachers explained that what makes some foods “evil” and others pristine has nothing to do with their individual morality and everything to do with how we use them. After reading hundreds of books [...] read the rest

40 Ways You Can Save the Environment 09/26/07

The purpose of this article is to provide 40 simple ways you can conserve energy and reduce toxicity in your home and office.  By implementing these practices you will be “doing your part” to save the environment. At the end viagra canada of the list, I have provided 13 GREAT websites that you can visit [...] read the rest

8 Realizations about Pharmaceuticals 09/25/07

The rise of technology in medicine is nothing short of remarkable.  Western medicine is growing in exponential fashion, and it is seems almost every day new procedures and drugs are released that save people’s lives (and help us live longer).  But there are drawbacks, and the purpose of this article is to provide 8 realizations [...] read the rest

Why Your Smallest Actions Define You 09/24/07

One of my all-time favorite sayings is “how you do anything is how you do everything”.  It’s amazing how true this adage is and critical for each of us to become aware of how the little things we say and do play a direct role in the bigger picture of our existence.  Here are five [...] read the rest

How Humanity Can Save Itself (from Falling off a Cliff) 09/21/07

A few weeks ago I watched a 60 minutes episode about how the Comptroller General for the United States, David M. Walker quit his job to travel around the country and lecture about the inevitability of our country going bankrupt.  According to Mr. Walker the US will be flat broke (and in serious debt) in [...] read the rest