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Why Phytonutrients May Hold KEY to Preventing Disease 11/08/07

  The latest research on Phytonutrients in food has become “all the rage” in nutrition and health.  Beverly Clevidence, PhD, research leader for the USDA-funded Food Components and Health Laboratory says: “I don’t think there’s been this much excitement since vitamins and minerals were discovered more than 100 years ago”!  But what are they, where can we find [...] read the rest

Primary Foods: The Key to GREAT Nutrition 11/07/07

Imagine a shift in perception where you begin seeing how the physical food you eat, albeit important, takes a back seat to all the other things in life that feed you: your relationships, careers, spiritual practices and exercise routines generic cialis price to name a few! At the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), where I became [...] read the rest

11 Creative Ways to Enjoy a Wedding 11/06/07

This past weekend, my girlfriend and I attended a good friend’s wedding in Florida.  Because I have observed over 20 nuptials in the last 3 years (I am just at that age) I have become a certified expert when it comes to knowing how to enjoy oneself at other people’s weddings! When you attend a large number [...] read the rest

8 Unique Ways to Increase Productivity 11/05/07

  Do you ever stop and ask yourself:  “How productive am I really”? One thing is for certain: We can all become more prolific in some area, and this article will explore 8 unique exercises and techniques you can begin implementing to increase effectiveness. Try a few of these out over the next few weeks and [...] read the rest

24 Powerful Relaxation Techniques 11/01/07

  Implementing an effective routine for “relaxing” is the key to dealing with stress and anxiety in your life.  Here are 24 of the most powerful (and unique) exercises you can begin trying today: 1. Take a Cold Shower It may not be relaxing while you are doing it, but taking a cold shower is a [...] read the rest

We The Change Anniversary, an Amazing Coincidence, and Future Objectives! 10/31/07

  Last Monday was We The Change’s 50th birthday.  OK so not in years, but in days, and I still think its cause for celebration given how fast this community is growing! In a short time We The Change has garnered over 150 subscribers, received tens of thousands of page views, and steadily climbed the [...] read the rest

7 Effective Ways to Implement Positive Thinking 10/30/07

  Somehow it has become ingrained in us that negative thoughts are more realistic than positive thoughts.  This is pure madness, especially since over 90% of what we worry about never happens! We have to get our heads around the fact that being positive is actually far more realistic than being negative.  This is such [...] read the rest