Meeting Deepak Chopra

This is a story of motivation for those if you who have a burning desire to meet someone influential; someone who you know could make a positive impact on your life if you just got 5 minutes with them!

For me one of those people is Deepak Chopra, and I did get the chance to meet him.  To make these encounters a reality, it is often necessary to a) recognize coincidences and b) just go for it!  I did both of these things, and here is a brief re-cap of what transpired:

A few years ago I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a school which certifies people as “holistic health counselors”.  One of the great features of IIN’s curriculum is the guest lecture component, where top thought leaders from many areas of the mind-body-spirit continuum are invited to come and speak to the students.

During Dr. Andrew Weil’s talk, I had a moment of clarity.  It happened after he was done with his lecture and Joshua Rosenthal (the school’s founder) came on stage to thank him.


Joshua said:  “Thank you Dr. Weil that was truly enlightening.  There are so many people and organizations doing wonderful things, and it bothers me that there is no universal connection between us.  After today you will go back and do your thing and we will stay here and do our thing.  I wish we could all just get together more, and have a more formal arrangement”.

The idea came to me instantly after hearing this statement, and I embarked on a path to create what I eventually called The International Coalition of Wellness.  The organization’s mission was to create a platform and bring together the top minds in various wellness-related industries.

During the process of writing a business plan for the “ICW”, Deepak Chopra’s name kept surfacing.  At first I did not pay much attention, but then I came across an article written by him which said “Deepak Chopra, President for The Alliance for a New Humanity” in the by-line. 

This Alliance sounded curiously similar to what I was trying to accomplish, and after some research I learned the organizations were indeed alike.  At this point I knew that I HAD to meet Deepak Chopra.  But how?

The very next morning, I stumbled upon an interesting sounding conference called “World Wellness Weekend” taking place in Austin, TX.  Upon further inquiry, I learned that World Wellness was an organization that goes from city to city promoting wellness practices, and that DEEPAK CHOPRA was giving the keynote address in Austin in 10 days!

The coincidence was too much, and even though it made no sense I booked a flight, got a ticket for World Wellness, and reserved a very cheap hotel room by the conference center.  My plan was to go to the meeting, hear Deepak speak, and the approach him during his book signing (after the lecture) and pitch him my concept!  No problem…


After spending 12 hours at a fairly interesting show, Deepak was ready to come on.  What I had NOT considered was more than 4,000 Texans showing up.  After the first 90 minutes, Deepak took a break and went outside to sign books.  It was absolute mayhem; he was not talking to one person as he perfunctorily signed book after book.

At the end of his invigorating speech, he went out to continue the book signing and there were now hundreds of people on line, each getting no more than 5 seconds in front of the great orator/writer. 

As I waited (and watched the 5-10 second intervals of people handing him a book, him signing it, them leaving) I simply COULD NOT believe that I was going to come all this way only to fail in my mission.  In fact, there were a few moments where I began to rationalize the trip:  “well, I learned a lot

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here, and I got to hear Deepak speak; that’s good enough I suppose” I said to myself.

BUT, as I approached him a different voice popped in my head.  This one was telling me that I had absolutely NOTHING to lose, to say what I had to say, and if nothing else I would leave feeling fulfilled for having tried

I liked this voice much better and when I approached Deepak (sweating from nerves) I said: “Thank you for the wonderful talk Dr. Chopra, and I was wondering if you ever thought about combining an event like this [World Wellness] with what you are doing with the Alliance for a New Humanity”?

He was in the midst of signing my book, stopped, and then looked up at me.  He told me that he had indeed thought of something like this and I went on to explain a little bit more about my idea.  I began to hand him my “business overview” but he shook his head and said “no, not now, let me give you my personal email address and email me directly on Monday”.

What a feeling of elation!  Traveling all this way (on a whim) and waiting 15 hours for a 10 second opportunity…and succeeding!  It gave me the feeling I could do anything.

In the subsequent 9 months I have been in contact with Deepak via email, and he has provided some very helpful advice.  In fact, I firmly believe that my experience in Austin put me on a path to start We The Change.  Soon, I will ask Deepak to grant me an interview on this blog, an occurrence that would certainly make the story come full circle.

I posted this anecdote because I think it is a clear-cut example of how coincidences DO mean something.  Furthermore, I hope this tale shows how beneficial it can be to act irrationally (at times) and the power of just going for it!

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2 Responses to “Meeting Deepak Chopra”

  1. akhil jhaveri says:

    I loved your story!!! So inspiring. I too want to meet Deepak Chopra and I want to inspire him!

    My Life is LIVING PROOF of his philosophy! I am the story he talka about in his books and speeches. Living proof… though he doesn’t know me, yet.

    I have MS and was severly immobilized in 2007. My neurologists, in Dallas, had nothing for me except awful news. The MRI they took showed lesions going down my spinal column. A wheelchair was in my future. Despair and depression were my constant companions.

    Long story short: Through various paths, your book on Healing being one of the paths, I surrendered to receiving Ayurvedic treatment in Kerela!

    WOW. 30 days later, I am healed!!!!!! I was able to walk, run, and jump!

    I came back to Dallas and went to my Neurologist who was AMAZED by my recovery. It was like I never had MS. He scheduled another MRI to see what was going on and saw that my lesions had become dormant.

    With proof in his hands that Ayurveda has the ability to heal, he told me that he WOULD NOT TELL his patients about my treatment. I didn’t want him to abandon his ways, just tell my story, NO, he refused!

    CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Not even tell the story that someone with MS who was significantly immobilized benefited from Ayurveda!

    So, I have decided to write a book to tell my story to everyone. A story that leads from despair to hope!!

    It is with Deepak’s encouragement that I can walk now!!

    I have a fire inside my heart and have to tell EVERYONE that will listen that there is HOPE out there, don’t despair. Your body is amazing. Don’t buy the lie.

    I have never written a book; however, I am inspired by the miracle I received. I would love for you to read my story and comment. Maybe you can even add to the story with your own thoughts since you have a passion for the ICW.

    How could I get my story to you?

    You have already changed my world and given me hope. Perhaps, together, my story will pass the message of hope on to someone who needs it.

    Thank you,

    Akhil Jhaveri
    Cell: 214-934-8855

  2. Todd says:

    Akhil, that is an INCREDIBLE story. WOW, I am so inspired by you! Unreal, and am so glad I could play a part in your powerful journey!!
    Much love,

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