Making a Habit of Thinking Happily


I have written several articles on positive thinking and the law of attraction, and am always surprised by how many readers privately contact me with strong skepticism.  “Do you really practice these techniques” and “do you really find that it works” I am asked.

And although the answer is generally “yes” to these questions, I have made an even firmer commitment over the last several months to integrate positive self-talk in my life.  The results: I am now an even firmer believer in the practice of positive thinking…and I am going to explain why. 

More than ever I have come to understand that positive thinking is a technique that actually becomes a way of life, and a way of being.  After a while, thinking positively becomes a habit and your mind naturally shifts to a more positive outlook concerning your situations and the world around you.

However unreal this may sound to you, I can assure you it can be a very powerful and life-changing exercise to start yourself down the path of becoming a positive thinker.  How do you do it?  Well, for starters I recommend browsing through the following articles on the subject:

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These pieces will get you going in the right direction.  However, since I have been on such a positive quest of my own, and am constantly learning new things, I would like to add a few critical insights:

1. Realize That Flexing the Muscle of Positive Thought is Equivalent to a Workout Routine

You must understand this if you are to EVER going to habituate positive thinking.  When you physically work out your body you are only doing so for about an hour a day, and maybe 4 or 5 times a week.  When you are contemplating “working out” your thoughts, you are talking about a project that ensues 24/7. 

And make no mistake, this is hard, HARD work.  But the reward is worth it—living a life in an optimistic manner, being proactive, and knowing you can attract any situation you desire. 

2.  Create Several “Catch Phrases” As You Shift Your Thoughts

In order to really become a positive thinker, you must make a firm commitment to begin listening to the little chatterbox in your head.  As soon as you notice thoughts of fear, anger, jealousy, or anything else that you consider negative popping up, you purposefully shift your internal dialogue to more productive thoughts. 

I highly recommend creating several catch-phrase statements that you can use when negativity surfaces.    Here are some examples:

I am attracting all the right people and situations
I have great abundance in every area of my life
I am creating a successful day

Have these statements readily available to you.  As soon as you notice negativity going on in your head (and you will be SHOCKED at first by how much it goes on), repeat the words over and over again, either out loud or internally. 

You may feel a little ridiculous in the beginning, but stick with it.  Soon your chatterbox will naturally flow in the direction of the language you are entraining it.  I recommend creating at least five catch phrases that are specific to the negativity which constantly swirls inside you.

Work out that mind of yours!!

3. Generate Feelings As You Speak (or think) Positively

This is the part I did not fully understand at first, but as soon as I began generating appropriate feelings with the words I was feeding myself, the pull of positivity in my life began to unfold at a much faster rate. 

Let me give you an example:  I was sitting on the subway one day and I began to notice that my mind was worrying and stressing about money.  As soon as I noticed this, I pulled one of my catch phrases out: “I have great abundance in every area of my life” and started saying it over and over again in my mind. 

To make this activity even more powerful I intentionally generated the feelings associated with having great abundance.  As I viagra online was saying the words, I began imagining abundance in health, creativity, friends, money, and wherever my mind took me.  After 5 minutes of doing this, I felt more receptive to the world around me, as if opportunity could strike at any and every moment of my life. 

The skeptics will ask “well, did it”?  And the answer is this: when you start living in this manner, you understand that the external benefits are not always immediate, or even noticeable.  So did gold strike me at the moment of shifted perception on the subway?  Probably not.  But I can tell you that I have seen a direct proportion of opportunities presenting themselves in my life to the amount of time I have spent thinking positively.

Additionally, when you start purposefully creating feelings with positive self talk, you put yourself in a better mood.  Quite simply, you just start feeling better in the present moment, and isn’t that something worthwhile on its own?  The bottom line is that the habit works, but it takes time and dedication!

Lastly, I received a very nice note from a WTC reader about positive thinking, and her results from the articles.  Here is what my friend Passioneer had to say:

“I’ve been thinking positive lately and it’s working! Not only am I having better days, I seem to be attracting the things I want. Those little things that i cant seem to get before – like a parking slot – seem to be readily available for me now. Anyway, i hope i could attract a million euros. That would take the cake”! 

SO, make it your #1 New Years resolution to become a positive thinker in 2008.  To me, there is no personal development activity more powerful than this…

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12 Responses to “Making a Habit of Thinking Happily”

  1. Migo says:

    Thank you again for enlightening me, As I read your blog positivity entails me along the way, It is what I have in store for me this 2008, This is really my year!

  2. Todd says:

    Thanks Migo! And if you think 2008 is your year….than it will be!

  3. Tamara says:

    Thank you for reminding me of God’s promise! We are to live abundantly! And I will! This will be the begining of somethng very powerful!

    Thanks again!

  4. Todd says:

    Thank you Tamara. Anytime :)

  5. Alik says:

    Good post! I started practicing these techniques and similar less than year ago. The result is incredible. I forgot what stress is. I breath with full chest. I stopped being workaholic. I spend way much more time with my kids. I smile more.
    While the techniques list is incredibly long, in fact endless, I think one is worth mentioning. It is being motivated by failure. Instead spending the energy on feeling sorry as a result of a failure I try concentrating it on improvement – “Ok, what I learned? How can I improve it?”. I do not say “fail more” – not at all. I say use your energy o turn failure into motivation for success. Sort of positive thinking, no?

  6. SootheSayer says:

    Candace Pert’s books, Molecules of Emotion and Everything you need to Feel Go(o)d, explain how every cell in our body has receptors for hormones. The ones we use the most, populate the cell while the others (unused), drop off.

    What this means is that we lose the ability to receive those hormones. That’s why our body falls into habits of thinking–it’s a physical manifestation of repetitive thoughts.

    The good news is: we can train our brains by practicing positive thoughts that will release hormones that make us feel good–and eventually, those receptors will populate and win the day!

  7. Todd, you got it right! I love the the title of this blog post. Habit + Thinking + Happy! They are the 3 most important key words for understanding happiness. Another independent article titled “the psychology of happiness and unhappiness” explores the logic, mindset and thinking pattern of happy and unhappy personalities. The article confirms that it all in our mind and our thinking habits. According to Med Yones, the author, “What’s important is that with the knowledge of how your thinking is impacting your life, you now have a new alternative. By simply choosing to lead a happier lifestyle and continuously training your mind to think in positive patterns, you can improve your emotional well-being as well as the quality of your life immensely.”

    The articles says that only through mind programming can we become happier. Programming according to the study is simply practice and repetition to develop positive thinking and emotional habits. The study differentiates between positive thinking and programming (which seems more about actions) as follows “Positive thinking is the effect not the cause. Positive thinking or affirmations may or may not lead to change and if they do, they are limited to temporary mood improvement. The full text of the study can be found at:

  8. Todd says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful and thoughful comments to this article….much appreciated!

  9. srinadh says:

    This is Srinadh.Even though i want to be positive but i cant.I am not getting success.Even i am not getting sleep at nights.I know that i am under depression but i dont know how to over come it.Give me some suggestion


  10. Todd says:

    Hi Srinadh– wow, thank you for sharing. I am unable to give you some tangible recommendations regarding your depression in this manner. I HIGHLY suggest you go and speak to someone…whether its a western doctor (psychiatrist, psychologist) or an eastern medicine practitioner (energy healer, shaman, acupuncture)…you should go do it!
    In my opinion, its best to ALWAYS start eastern…this knowledge has been around for thousands of years…anyway, try and feel good…be appreciative of all you DO have…and i hope this website can also make you feel better!

  11. It is so nice to see a blog post on this topic. When we realise we are responsible for what we think and hence what we experience, it creates the commitment to pursue this day after day. Meditation, it is my experience, is the tool par excellence to create a distance on thought. I don’t use catch phrases but catch words; in my case:- gratitude, care, freedom. They also act as questions:- what am I grateful for, how do I show great care right now, how am I already free? I call them great gratitude, great care, great freedom.

  12. pete says:

    After struggling for over 3 decades dew to a brain injury ( which to a greater degree I have been very fortunate enough to recover probably 85% )

    I have still had to fight major depression ,addiction and terrible low self esteem .
    If I had know how difficult life was to become after the accident ..truthfully I wouldn’t have bothered .. I still regularly find myself hoping it will all end ..
    For years I figured If I die before I commit sue-side Ill consider My life a success!!!
    As you see I had pretty pessimistic goals !!!!
    But I got this far so I’m here for the long haul..!!!and Ive been able to find enough faith to just put one day at a time into my life ..But as much as I’m grateful for surviving this life I haven’t really lived my life at all.. Constant fear and loathing handicap me on a daily basis..But I’m here for the duration ..believe theres some meaning to it all..there has to be !!!
    I read your ideas today and they made a heap of sense ..In so many ways Ive know these things dew to experience but you have clarified and confirmed what life has always been showing me ..So I’m going to my best ability try some of these self love ideas you have suggested ..I’m hoping that Ill be able to get back to you in time to say there has been some progress ..thank-you for confirming that there is always hope !!!!!your well wisher Pete

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