Improve Productivity with Sound Technology

Last year, upon attending my first World Wellness Weekend event in Austin, I learned of an amazing new way to improve productivity, motivation, and consciousness. The technology is called “audio-guidance” and uses sound to produce desired brain states. I have been toying around with these tools for over 6 months, and it can be very effective; here are the basics:

Apparently the brain emits a frequency, like a battery. When we are sleeping, our brains are in a much different state (and producing a lower frequency) than when we are awake. I learned that the typical human brain emits a frequency of 4-6 megahertz while in deep, dreamless sleep, 6-10 megahertz while dreaming, and 10-14 megahertz while hard at work (or in serious thought). Audio Guidance technology uses sound patterns to purposefully mold brain patterns into preferred frequencies.

So how does it work? The brain is comprised of two distinct hemispheres, and the companies that produce the technology have developed a way to send different sounds (tones) to each ear. The two hemispheres then act in unison to balance the equation and “hear” a third signal – the difference between the two tones. This is not an actual sound, but an electrical signal that can only be perceived within the brain by both brain hemispheres working together. The end result is your brain functioning in a frequency of your choosing.

Why is this beneficial? Let me give an example– right now I am listening to a CD named “Indigo” that will produce a 14 megahertz frequency in my brain. I desire this frequency because I am working hard to write this article and want my brain functioning at optimal capacity. 14 megahertz is on the higher end, and through trial and error I have found that my brain operating at this level gives me increased awareness and improved creativity when working.

The nice thing is that when listening to these CDs, you do not just hear tones; the companies were smart enough to embed the tones within music (pretty good music too, especially if you like new-age genre). So “Indigo” is a 32 minute, new-age track that produces a tone in my left ear of 20 megahertz and one in my right ear of 6 megahertz. Working together my two hemispheres will emit a balancing frequency of 14 megahertz, allowing me to function at a very high level.

Perhaps when I go home later and am ready to wind my day down, I will put on another tone that produces a brain state of 8 megahertz. Sometimes, I use a 4 megahertz tone before I go to bed which produces a meditative state.

I love this way of increasing productivity because it’s simple and holistic and backed by many years of reputable science.

Subsequent research has shown that this technology can have incredible healing powers and thousands of studies have shown that sound patterns can be effective as treatment for innumerable disorders. Many children who suffer from chronic ADD have been vastly improved by using brain pattern products. If you are interested in this technology, I highly recommend you visit the Monroe Institute website. They are the leading research organization in this field and the developer of the hemi-sync CDs

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that I use (You can also visit the hemi-sync site to learn more about products).

This is an incredibly easy way to vastly improve your life just by listening to music! Try it out, see if it works and as always let me know what you think!

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