How To Find Your True Purpose


A few weeks ago I ran into an old friend that I have not seen

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in years. He has a terrific job at a large media company where he is highly respected and well paid. He has a very pretty

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wife, two healthy children, and a second home being built near the beach.

He has money, health, security, family, etc…but all he wanted to talk about was his frequent trips to Las Vegas where he does…well, lets just say he does seem pretty terrible things which really should “stay in Vegas”.

It was apparent that all his external success is not translating to internal fulfillment. He has done everything perfectly right according to societal standards, yet can not seem to find real satisfaction in his life. He goes to Vegas for what he calls a “release”; although I would more accurately call it an “escape”.

Internal Purpose vs. External Purpose

Isn’t the scenario above pretty common nowadays, and how many people do you know that fit this bill? My buddy is making the same error that way too many people are making, and that is searching for fulfillment on the outside first and then expecting it to transpire on the inside second.

My friends, it just does not work this way. No matter how much external possessions and material you have, it will never translate to inner happiness.

You must first make the commitment to be happy internally. To do this you must garner a genuine understanding of who you really are. Although this can be hard work, and is certainly a different path then what most people follow in our society, it is the only way you can attain true happiness:

Finding and living in alignment with the inner purpose is the foundation for fulfilling your outer purpose. It is the basis for true success. Without that alignment, you can still achieve certain things through effort, struggle, determination and sheer hard work or cunning. But there is no joy in such an endeavor, and it invariably ends in some form of suffering”.

- Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

Therefore we must put aside societal pressures and search for our life’s purpose internally. Once we get a sense of it, our external purpose flows as an extension. This is the essence of effective spiritual development.

Seeking Internal Purpose Leads To…

When you start becoming aware of your inner purpose, it is incredible what happens. Many of the shackles of modern-day

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culture suddenly disappear, and you feel free and light. People around may even tell you that you are “glowing”.

This happens because you learn to let go of all the ridiculous expectations others have of you, and also rid your mind of self-deprecating thoughts. Ask yourself: how much more powerful of a person would you be if you freed yourself of all the societal constructs that keep you in place?

How do you think my friend above would answer this question? This is not to say that you can not have kids, a wife, and a stable career. On the contrary, when you search for and find internal purpose first the things you want to happen externally become a reality anyway.

But when you do it the right way, the external results are a physical manifestation of the internal intelligence…and this makes all the difference.

Here are 5 important steps for manifesting internal purpose:

1. Ask yourself the question “what do I really want in life”?

Most people are too afraid to ask themselves this question, and I find this totally insane! To me it is perhaps the most important one to ask in all of life, and is the first step to locating your true purpose.

2. Make a practice of sitting in silence

The reason why most people are not in touch with their true purpose is that they either don’t know it exists OR they don’t know how to listen. Sitting in silence is an excellent way to have your truest purpose manifest. Every day spend at least 20 minutes in stillness and get in touch with your intuition.

3. Become a seeker of people and information

There are so many individuals out there who are experiencing higher levels of consciousness and so many books that talk about uncovering truer meaning in life, that you are doing yourself a disservice by not finding them and learning from them.

4. Create outlets where you monitor your progress

One of the main reasons I started this blog was so I could have an outlet for my spiritual development and quest for true purpose in life. You don’t have to start a blog and be as public about it as I, but what about writing in a journal? Perhaps writing a letter or series of letters to old teachers might help. Be creative about finding your inherent voice!

5. Be OK with the initial struggle

As you first start down this path, your practicality (ego) may resist your internal purpose. That is OK, accept that it is a struggle. Soon it won’t be, and you will be living externally in full alignment with the internal. That is called living a life of dreams…

It is never too late to start looking inside. I look forward to your comments and emails…

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Picture above by photographer extraordinaire Jane Feldman. And yes, that picture is of me in Costa Rica a few weeks ago!

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61 Responses to “How To Find Your True Purpose”

  1. Ina says:

    Hello Todd, thanks for a thoughtful post as usual. We all search for happiness, but happiness is a feeling that is hard to define, and varies from person to person. I have also read Tolle’s A New Earth. I am now reading “Stumbling on happiness” by Daniel Gilbert, who introduces psychological methods to understand happiness.

  2. Tim Brownson says:

    Todd, this is EXACTLY why I spend so much time up front talking about values with clients. If you don’t know your own values (and I’ve never had a client that did) you don’t really know yourself.

  3. Todd says:

    Thank you so much for the kind words Tim and Ina. Means a lot coming from both of you. I HAVE to read that Danial Gilert book…it keeps coming up for me!

  4. Todd – it seems that people search for happiness and tranquility like it is some sort of event that begins, ends and must be found again. That’s called “entertainment” and it is always external.

    I like all five of your key points and agree that following them would help anyone who wants to enjoy true happiness.

  5. Todd says:

    Thanks for the comment Chris. I agree with you about the entertainment remark…it is fine, but should be secondary to internal purpose!

  6. Suzanne says:

    What a timely post! I was having a conversation yesterday about having always wanted to play music and sing, and it’s the only thing I’ve consistently wanted throughout my life. But I’ve put up roadblocks for myself, and I’m the only one who can remove them. So, I’m doing roadblock removal work (in my head) and I am beginning to play and sing. :) I know now that I should have followed my heart and my soul’s guidance all along, but better late than never!! :) Just the knowledge that I can do this NOW, no matter how I’ve hampered myself previously, is producing a lot of joy in my heart, so I know I’m on the right path. :)

    Thanks for such a timely and well-written article!


  7. Kenna says:

    Great Blog. I found it inspirational. Suzanne, we have a common goal. I want to sing and play again.
    I have physical barriers now, I suffered a stroke in 2003.

  8. Todd says:

    Wow, look at that Suzanne and Kenna…some coincidence! I am happy that this post was useful to both of you. Kenna, I am sure there is some way you can engage in your desire to play music…I mean, you did reply to this article, right!
    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

  9. Sam says:

    I feel that everything has an antithesis and I need to be the proverbial stick-in-the-mud. In my opinion, formulated by many books, experiences and observations, no one can ‘manifest’ a true purpose. Everyone has it as they do a genetic or spiritual inclination; some are more artistic while others are more math-oriented. The purpose is there; what stops many are the illusions of limitations, fear and even doubt. Your steps, as you may be aware, are not necessarily the end-all of finding happiness; it’s a beginning and that is truly exciting for anyone who happens across this; I don’t discount it. However, the first step is simplistic as it is misleading; What you really want in life needs to be separated from the result and the action. Having a house and financial security maybe what we want, but isn’t our purpose. Yes, ask your self the hard question, but realize that what makes you happy and what drives you will bring about those external things that add to your happiness. And if it doesn’t add to your happiness, you most likely won’t notice because what you are doing, no matter the lack or simplicity of your life and things, is what is fulfilling. I think your place in life, helping people get to happiness, is fantastic; personally, I hope that the more you learn, the clearer this will become for anyone who makes the journey of fulfillment.
    We constantly declare who we aren’t be looking at what we don’t like about our selves and our direction; we rarely think to invert those and think about what we’d like to be and what we can do to attain it and admit to ourselves that we have the power, intellect and right to attain it. House, car, kids and 60 inch flat panel monitor will come when we claim no doubt in what our purpose is, but is secondary. I could go on and on, but won’t. Anyway, that’s just me. Keep up the good work.

  10. This is the article after my own heart! And as you just mentioned in the comment, synchronicity starts to happen when we tune in to our inner voice. I have experienced this (twice last week!).

    If I may add something — I think my true purpose goes much further than what I want in my life. When we think only about serving ourselves, it somehow betrays us, like what happened to your friend. One’s true purpose of life goes much further than oneself — it reaches the universe.

  11. benny says:

    Interesting post. I do have one thought, however. I agree with what you say, until you start listing out steps. Now, I may have done the same thing, but it just hit me that it might be better to fully explain WHY one should do something, such as finding internal purpose, but not how. I say that simply because everybody is inherently different and they can resonate with the “why” but will take different paths to get there.

    I’m not disagree with what you’re saying, and if anything those steps are guidelines that can help. But it’s just a thought I wanted to throw out there. It seems to go along with the whole “finding yourself” idea that finding your true inner purpose seems to go along with, and I think finding your own way to get there will only reinforce the ultimate true purpose you end up finding.

  12. Todd says:

    SAM– I read through your response twice. I totally agree with you that you can not “manifest” a true purpose. I was working under the premise that a true purpose exists for each of us, and the way to uncover it is to go internal. The 5 steps are merely a guide to delving internally…something which most people in our culture refrain from doing!

    AKEMI– I could not agree with you more, and that is certainly fodder for a separate article!

    BENNY– This is a very relevent question, and also worthy of another article (or book)! The short answer is, when you are not acting in alignment with your true purpose, you feel off and not yourself. And who wants to go through life feeling this way? When you work to uncover genuine purpose, life magically unfolds in a wonderful way…there is never struggle, only acceptance. Good question, sorry not answering it too well here :)


  13. John says:

    I’ve read alot of books on this subject and spent many hours searching for my true purpose. Victor Frankl, author of “Man’s Search for Meaning” , concluded that the meaning of life is found in every moment of living; life never ceases to have meaning, even in suffering and death.(Wikipedia) From this and other sources I’ve concluded that my purpose in life will be revealed when I am truly able to be present without ego or fear.

  14. Mike King says:

    Great post! The fact that purpose takes time to develop is so true. Its also something that can change over time as you realize it and refine it more and more.

    Thanks for such an inspiring post!

  15. ZeTron says:

    Great post. I find it so odd coming across people who dont naturally take time out of their day to sit in silence… I used to have a 9-5 job and with a long commute. It may sound funny, but I really enjoyed the drive because that was my time each day to sit and basically relax and let my inner self talk (I also happen to like driving, so that helps a bit too)….

    A very good book one should consider reading is: Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. I read it when I was 16 or so and it changed my perspective of life, for the better.

  16. Todd,

    Great post. Knowing yourself well starts with present awareness. In Zen ideals, present awareness begins with self revelation. Buddha’s message was on “atma jyoti” meaning “seeking purpose of your soul”.
    You are precise in focusing on inner awareness as a means to find the true purpose of life.


  17. Great article, Todd. I would like to add that joy is a very simple indicator of our purpose. When we experience joy, we’re on to something. And this doesn’t have to be loud joy – it’s like a quiet, bright bubble of happiness that we carry in our hearts.

    Where people get confused is that they think the joy comes from what they are doing. As in – “I’m joyful in the outdoors, so I must be a park ranger. But that would mean leaving my life in the city, so I can’t do that.” We need to investigate who we are being when we experience that joy – the energetic essence we are tapping into that brings the joy into our hearts.


  18. Todd says:

    John, Mike, Shilpan, Andrea, and ZeTron…THANK you for the fantastic replies and additions to the article. There is so much more that could go into a piece like this…and I appreciate you adding soe worthy footnotes!

  19. Frank says:

    It explains how to find a purpose. But doesn’t explain what the purpose of life is. This is what everyone wants to know.

  20. Walter Prout says:

    I like your article and after scanning some of the comments others made, I guess I couldn’t pass up the chance to voice my own view here along with the others. Happiness is very fleeting in one’s life at all times, it’s alot like Love, it comes and goes at odd times. I guess I best make this point clear here about how I view this, ” Everything in one’s life is Fragile and Fleeting at all times, Love contours all if your Human enough to share it with others ! “. Most people would disagree with my view that Love and Happiness is not a BOND that we must continually strive to maintain within ourselves.

  21. Todd says:

    FRANK– that is the whole point….it is necessary to look internally to find out. It is an experience rather than an intellectual understanding. If you are looking for words to explain true purpose you will be disappointed.

    WALTER– thanks for the comment man. I am glad you decided to respond!

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  23. kirsten says:

    You’ve pretty much summed up a type of condition suffered in the U.S. the feeling of living a certain way to please an external image rather than living from the heart’s values. Las Vegas, as a business entity, thrives on people acting out their unlived sides!

    I’ve seen this problem too and made a decision long ago to live a simple life. I don’t have the “stuff” that others do, but the peace of mind more than makes up for it.

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  25. Thanks Todd for a fascinating read. I just enjoyed reading through every comment and I find it interesting that all of us have not come even close to consensus on this matter. And I don’t think we should try. The best that we coaches and other torchbearers can do is to shine the light on possible choices. Not everything works for everyone. Yet we all have a special path to walk and if we listen to our own individual calls and follow-through our purpose gradually reveals itself. The important thing is to be in the game. To show up in active pursuit of something that lights your fire is key.

  26. Steve Little says:

    As usual Todd you have hit it out of the park.

    We find in the work we do at Champion that many, if not most people have not invested much energy in identifying their ‘purpose’. Instead they live circumstantially.

    One of the key distinctions that exist is that of accomplishments vs results.

    Accomplishments are always tied to a committed purpose while results do not need to be.

    For instance, someone may earn a lot of money and the money for money’s sake may be a great result. But it may also be void of accomplishment.

    If however, someone earns a lot of money so that they can contribute to a purpose they are committed to, then that result becomes imbued wth accomplishment.

    From this we can see that identification of purpose is the single most important first step to experience the joy and abundant success of accomplishment.

    Unfortunately, especially here in the US, we are taught that there us something you ‘should’ do and that you need to ‘sacrifice or defer’ what you truly want to do until some almost arbitray time in the future…..

    And so, people live their entire lives doing what they should do and not enjoying the joy and abundance that is possible for the doing what they love to do.

    The real tragedy is that, when people actually start ‘being’ the passionate, purposeful person they want to be, then abundance of every kind is poured onto them without limitation.

    It is truly the case:

    “Don’t ask what the world needs. Instead ask what sets your free and do that. Because what the world needs is people who are set free.”

    Sent with love and admiraton,


  27. Todd says:

    TOM– Great point, and thank you for sharing.

    And STEVE– well, we just see eye to eye on things. I especially love that quote at the end. It is fantastic. Is that yours? Let me know I would like to use it again…

    With much gratitude to everyone that has responded here,

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  33. says:

    @todd, nice post, nice site. Came through from mysuperchargedlife.

    I like #4 and #5. What good is your purpose without the ability to express it? I think creative self-expression of your purpose is a good reason for living life. #5 hits home, because before things get better, they often get worst. This is what stops the majority of individuals from “breaking through” in any area of their lives.

    @Sam – more and more I am beginning to feel the same way. You are “born” with unique talents and physical conditions that “lead” you to your true purpose. The notion that “you can be ANYONE as long as you put in the effort” I feel is misleading. You can’t be anybody. You can only be yourself.

    @Benny – one of my favorite sayings is, “if you understand the why, then the how will reveal itself.”


  34. Evelyn says:

    Hi Todd, I like #5. The initial struggle can be quite difficult and to make a change, we must be ready to accept the adjustments that come along. Hopefully, living out our new purpose can show itself to be a better decision in quick time!

    Thanks for sharing,

  35. Todd says:

    Rx for life– THANK you for the wonderful comments and sharing an incredible quote. Adding that one to my list of inspiring quotes!

    And Evelyn, and am glad this article spoke to you. It is much appreciated!

  36. Ella Moss says:

    I like your site and have enjoyed your article greatly. I’d like to exchange links and would want to keep you in mind for my upcoming e-zine on spiritual journey.
    If you’re interested, post your link in html on my site.

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  38. Tod, thanks for your insights. I am loving at all the interest expressed in these comments.

    Here is a Personal Guided Mediation technique known as ‘Written Guidance” anyone can employ to identify their true purpose. The mediation takes around 30 minutes, which is no time at all compared to the profound truth discovered by the individual undertaking such an exercise. The technique was developed by William Whitecloud, founder of The Magicians Way, a Guru. I, and countless others, have used this technique with perfect results. You will need paper and a pen.

    1. Sit, close your eyes, be still.
    2. Say to yourself: “I acknowledge my thoughts an feelings” (as being not real)
    3. Say to yourself: “I choose to be in innocence” and imagine an image of yourself at a time (photograph) in your life, usually around age 2-4 when you were in fact innocent. Note that any symbol may represent your innocence to you.
    4. Say to yourself: “I choose to be in service to myself and to my heart”
    5. Imagine yourself walking through a beautiful forest for a while.
    Imagine coming to a clearing and as you look out you notice the ground is covered with magnificent purple flowers.
    Walk through the flowers for a while and notice in the distance a temple-like structure.
    Move towards the temple and make the image appear clearer as you come closer.
    As you arrive at this magnificent temple make your way up the stairs and through the large inviting doors.
    As you enter the temple notice its beauty and peacefulness. Notice in the middle an alter and move towards it. And as you move towards it choose a symbol of your spirit guide descending from above to meet you there at the same time. (In my case it’s the Sun, but it can be anything, indeed, the first symbol that comes to mind is in fact your spirit guide).
    Move towards the alter and meet your spirit guide. Let the love and infinite knowledge and power of your spirit guide infect your soul. (You may begin to have goose-flesh at this point).
    Just be with your spirit guide for a few moments until you feel replenished and whole and full.
    After a while reveal to your spirit guide that you are visiting now to discover your true purpose and ask your spirit guide to reveal it to you.
    6. Now open your eyes, take up your pen and paper, and let your spirit guide take over – ie your spirit guide is going to write for you, on your behalf, for at least the next 20 minutes. Don’t stop writing. Just let your spirit guide reveal your true purpose. In my case my ‘written guidance’ began…”Steven, I want to tell you…”

    When your true purpose is revealed to you there is nothing to do, only action to take.

    Love & Magic

  39. There is but One Reality and that is Myself. Going into myself, has been the greatest blessing in my life.

    Lately, I am losing my identity. And that’s a good thing. I catch myself looking at my body from a distance. It’s as though I am invisible. I have found that Being is so joyful. The ego is finally vanishing.

    Meditation, or no mind content, brings an understanding of the Ground of Being. You become one with All That Is. You can have anything, and know anything. All is given to you, and you experience joy, all the time. Life begins to live you, rather than you living life.

    This new knowingness or understanding requires nothing and non-doing. You simply introduce a desire, and it begins to come toward you. Surrender is the operating word. Sitting in silence is the cleaner of emotion, thought and desire. This blessing is there for everyone. Go to it often and realize your True Self.

    I have a song on our new CD called “Soul Affirmation” — Music for Better Outcomes, called “My True Self.” It speaks about the many qualities of consciousness. The main one, which is our birthright, is Joy.

    In Joy, All Blessings, Ken LaDeroute

  40. Sean says:

    Hi Todd,

    Just stumbled across this website and Im loving it.

    Im a 25 yr old guy who has been with my partner for 7-8 years. I was extremely happy, we brought a house together and it seemed like that was me sorted. I met this girl I worked with and at first it was pure lust, we dated, but very quickly, I realised I was falling for this girl.

    She is the complete opposite of my gf. All I felt all the time from her was love and my heart ached when I was not with her but I felt so guilty when I was with my girlfriend. The girl I met made it clear she was willing to spend the rest of her life with me and I was too scared of hurting my gf, it carried on for 2 years before finally, she met someone else and is now very happy and in a serious relationship.

    Since then I have been searching for my purpose. Im convinced Im missing out. Ive never been travelling, never been to the states, never done any of the things I want out of life. Its got to the point where Im thinking of leaving my gf, but I dont know why. I keep comparing her to the girl I met and my heart just aches cos I miss her so much, but know I can never have her.

    I really want to look back on my life when I get to 50 and say, I done this, I done that, Im just so scared I’ll get there and wont be able to say that

  41. Todd says:

    Ella, Steven and Sean– THANK you so much for the nice responses. It has been overwhelming with this article, and glad I could start some nice conversation about purpose!
    Continued Success and awareness…

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  43. Charlie says:

    “Ask yourself the question “what do I really want in life”?” …. “it is perhaps the most important one to ask in all of life”… I couldn’t agree more!!

    However, I got stuck with this question for 5-6yrs now and I haven’t managed to find and answer or a thing which answers this question… I found nothing which provides fullfilment yet and after all these years asking myself this question everyday, I now feel like its haunting me… its is pretty clear that the answer to this question won’t be the same for each and every one of us… but I am running out of ideas… I feel like I need some help because unless I manage to answer such a question I will never be happy…

  44. cassidy says:

    I agree that finding your purpose is about asking the right questions, but most people need more guidance and hand holding. A great life purpose self-test I have found to be of great help at The One Question (

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  46. Zahir says:

    everything seems to crumble.. coalesce.. swinging between disquiet and bliss.. eyes parched look around in fervent turmoil.. for that guiding soul.. and yet what of the myriad hands.. with their subtle nuances tracing the paths of our lives.. unobtrusively.. overtly.. leaving us standing on this precipice.. and we are still unable to.. jump.. and we still need a hand.. to help us back down!

    if we could just take out the time to ‘hear’ our heart.. the melody might never leave us the same again.. for each beat touches beauty and holds it inside.. expressing in unseen ways.. for eyes that could someday see.. and unfurl in it’s purity.. thank you for the fervency of your words..

  47. saju says:

    hi all,

    great, simple article. I have seen many people who are blissfully unaware about this issue. They just are obsessed with climbing that ladder of success, or too happy at being under pressure to meet a certain milestone.

    But I do wonder whether any of those people consider that as truly fulfilling.

    I have also seen many people who are truly happy at a colleague’s progress… they are not scared of the pace of progress around them. They work at their own speed. They know inherently where they are heading to. They are not at all bothered about the competition. These people are truly satisfied with where their life is heading.

    But these second type of people also don’t know generally, what their purpose in life is. They are content in what they are doing for their short term goals. They know that there is a general direction to their life. And hence they are happy.

  48. car says:

    Wow! Thanks for the great post

  49. realy an eye opener blog.wish you all the best in your tipping revoultion
    with love & light

  50. Я практически никогда не сомневался в Вашем интеллектуальном уровне, но поймите, не все такие как Вы. :)

  51. Ну, как сказать, понравилось конечно:) Хотя я все равно почти ничего не понял. :)

  52. Joey says:

    Tobb, you’re really great! Thanks so much, really thanks. Now I’m struggling in my life, no direction, no my own ways.. I have a very stable job, good salary, lovely family, but I still not very well after I divorced 2 years ago. I say thanks to God give me many things I’m not deserve, I know this is my gratitude. I’m recovering and restruture my life. Sudden, I have hundreds stuff wanna do, I want to quit my very stable but extremely boring job, I want to study oversea, I wanna get my counceling degree, I want to take my backpack to travel the world, I want play very well guitar, sharing my music and experience with people, I wanna do something meaningful in my life and I gonna achieve… but too much stuff I dunno what can I do firt.. at last, I didn’t do anyting. so, you right, I got to spend a bit time in silence to listen what I really want to do and listen my real heart what she say. Thanks Tobb, I learn from you and you encourage how should I do. Wish I can follow the steps to achieve it.

    With love, Joey (from HongKong)

  53. Todd says:

    THANK you Joey. You really made me smile today :)

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  56. Amy says:

    I stumbled upon this article as I was searching “Great Article” in google, just to read something worthwhile this rainy morning.Firstly, its a great post the second thing that I noticed is the length of the comments that were posted here running to almost two years – 2008 to 2010 and I believe it will run longer as long as people have the drive to find themeselves and search for help.

    I totally agree with you that many successful people live in internal discontent. I am not much experienced in life, but I believe that its simply because they are not able to focus on what makes them happy. The true purpose of life, I have not found. I am going through a tough personal situation presently. Initially, all the failures and discouragements that I had in my life earlier used to stand like giant dementors before me,sucking all the joy and happiness. As days passed by , I realized its creating an aura of negative energy around me turning down my dear and near ones. I am struggling to turn things around and have started meditating.Things have started looking up for me. Not that I have got a job, but my spirits have started elevating and I hope I find the true purpose of life and I pray that I get the strength and energy to realize it . I have stated my experience here as I hope that it will throw some light to anyone going through tough situations in life.

    This article and the comments make me believe that I am not alone and that there are ways out

  57. Todd says:

    Thank you so much for the post Amy. I am gladf you found this article and it looks like you are on a path now! Keep opening and expanding yourself….it is the key to finding purpose. Sometimes it takes a big risk to be who you really are…!

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  59. madeline says:

    It also happens that other people’s advice can sometimes add to that problem of external motivation… when I have too much of it as opposed to not. I recently came by a video seminar for finding my life purpose, have yet to go through the whole thing, but looks pretty good so far —

  60. These are my New Year’s resolutions: 1. Listen – help, challenge and listen to my inner self and others. 2. Patience – Have much more patience, God grant me the? tranquility to just accept the things I can’t change, the courage to change the things I can and also the wisdom to understand the distinction. three. Yoga-honor my body as a gift from God enjoying and celebrating with breath and movement. yeah four. Organize- Wonderful CD titled “Getting Things Done” helps me 5. Church Lessons-Doing the most effective I can using the skills I presently have.

  61. Todd says:

    Thats really beautiful….thank you for sharing!
    I hope all these things come true for you!

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