How I Made $10,000 From My Blog in One Day!

laptop-cash.jpgAlthough most of the content you will find on We The Ch

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ange revolves around personal growth and spiritual development, I would like to share with you the story of how I made $10,000 in one day from this website!

I think this is an important story because

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no matter how spiritual one becomes, it is still imperative to recognize that we live in a practical world. I spend a lot of time on this blog and related projects, and I have made no secret of my intention to make money with them.

When I first started We The Change 6 months ago, I read Steve Pavlina’s famous article “How to Make Money From Your Blog”. In it he discusses a variety of revenue sources including Google adsense, text link ads, asking for donations, sponsorships, etc…

The story I am about to share entails none of these strategies. I have manifested money from my blog in a much different sense—one that falls very much in line with my greater purpose in life. I think you will be encouraged by

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this tale:

A Little Background…

For those of you who read We The Change consistently, you understand that creation of this site was a kind of a personal experiment. You see, about 6 months ago I walked away from a lucrative marketing consulting position to follow my passion in life.

Although I was not exactly sure (at the time) what this passion was, I knew it was not in the field of finance where I had been working. So I just began writing We The Change with the underlying faith that expounding my own personal growth to the world and ‘journaling my journey’ would somehow lead to money and success and all the things I was seemingly walking away from.

In its purest form, the experiment was one of intention manifestation, patience, and faith. I really had no clue how money, for example, was going to manifest. I just felt and knew that if I followed my intuition and my heart all else will fall into place.

Six months later opportunities are percolating and things are bubbling to the surface. It is exciting and something happened last week that brought me 10,000 big ones. But this money, albeit exciting, is just the beginning. Let me explain:

Taking My Contacts Seriously!

computer-networking.jpgRunning what has become a relatively popular blog, I get contacted by a wide variety of people. It can sometimes be overwhelming, but I made a commitment from the beginning to review each website/product/service sent my way.

A few months ago, one of my readers sent me a link for a movie that is currently being made called The SHIFT. I was so inspired by the trailer (you can see it at that I contacted the director straight away.

Over the last few months I have become intimately involved in this project, and there are some amazing developments happening. [For more on my journey with the SHIFT movie, read All Roads Leading to Costa Rica For Me. Details of this story are not my mission here].

One of the areas I committed to help The SHIFT was in the area of raising money. Around the same time, I began conversing with another gentleman who contacted me via We The Change. Again, I rarely know who it is I am conversing with, and this particular gentleman wished to interview me for an entrepreneurial series he was doing.

When we got on the phone, we chatted for over an hour and it turned out we are extremely like-minded. His name is Steve Little, and he is someone who has experienced great financial success in Silicon Valley. Recently, Steve has gone through a sort of ‘awakening’ and is now searching for ways to give back, and make the world a better place.

He has turned very spiritual, and it was apparent a ‘shift’ was happening within him….

Making The Connection

As I got to know Steve more through conversations and his website Champion Success, I realized that he might be someone who could help with the SHIFT financial situation. So I asked him: “would you consider investing and supporting this project” and he said “I love the idea, set up the call”.

So the three of us got on the phone and had an inspiring conversation. Rochelle, SHIFT creator, told us the story of how she got the idea for the movie. In fact, the article I wrote last week ‘From Caterpillar to Butterfly, A New Reality for Humanity” was based on the tale she shared in this call.

Steve was inspired, and could see the importance of the project. He could also see how much incredible momentum there is for the movie and almost immediately agreed to provide financing for a few upcoming shoots.

To go a step further, Steve has made a commitment to aggregate other like-minded individuals in the Silicon Valley area to make an even more impactful contribution. Amazing…

How I Received $10,000

img_0404.JPGSo, as you might have guessed, my 10K was in the form of a finder’s fee for putting investor and creator together. BUT, I would like to say a few things about this:

First off, I have deferred payment at this time for an equity play in the project. As I have made abundantly clear, I believe in this movie and movement and would like to form a long-term relationship with the creators.

Second, this money is literally the tip of the iceberg. Cash is starting to flow into this project and I will be eligible for finder’s fees each time one of my contacts supports the film. There are several more investors that I have found through affiliations on We The Change that will most likely come through with aid.

Third, and most importantly, I have found a project that I truly believe in, and have become an integral part to something that has limitless potential on both the ‘do good for the world’ side AND the financial side. This all happened from starting a blog 6 months ago with nothing more than pure intention and a shelving of practical fears.

What YOU Can Learn

The main point of this story is this: when you follow your passion in life, and really put yourself out there, most of the things you worry about not happening fall by the wayside, and the things you need to survive ‘magically’ appear.

This is not to say everyone reading this should quit their job and start a blog because it is guaranteed success. No, that was my particular path. The question is: what can you do, in your situation, to uncover and follow your passion?

Furthermore, this is a story about thinking outside the box. I love Steve Pavlina’s article, and he has some amazing points about how to make money on a blog. But what about all the connections one makes with like-minded people? What about all the myriad of opportunities that exist within this great web of interconnectedness right here, right now?

I am certain that all the success that is flowing to me, and that will continue to flow, is based on me blogging about the things I have a passion. I have the worst technical skill EVER as a blogger…but I always connect with people and am open to their stories. What is your strength?

Can You Also Make Money With The SHIFT?

If you would like to help me with The SHIFT, I would love to hear from you. The tag-line for this film is ‘a movie made by a movement’ and we are trying to make it so.

If you know anyone that can help support the project financially, maybe the next article is about how YOU made $10,000 in one day.

On the final note regarding this project, I am off to Los Angeles later this week for a very exciting development. A major Network TV producer got hold of The SHIFT and wants to make a TV show about it right away. The Eckhart Tolle/Oprah webcasts have exploded, and the time is right for this content to get to the masses.

I mention this as I hope all you readers can send some positive vibes our way for this meeting. Our intention is for the meeting to go great….but even if it doesn’t we will be OK. I guess that’s the most important thing I have learned over the last 6 months!

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42 Responses to “How I Made $10,000 From My Blog in One Day!”

  1. farouk says:

    wow:)) lucky you:)

  2. Shilpan | says:


    Your story affirms the universal truth that when you put your heart and soul behind a cause or a profession that you love the most with deep passion, universe takes care of all the high hanging fruits that prevent most people from doing what it takes in the form of faith, courage, patience and deeply rooted burning desire.

    Bravo my friend, I am inspired by this and I would like to speak with you as to how I can engage in this. I am a hotelier and I have contacts that may help this project. Please let me know how I can contact.


  3. Todd says:

    Thats amazing Shilpan, and thank you SO much for the wonderful sentiments. I am at the airport now going to LA, but would love to speak with you and share the full scope of the project.
    Email me directly at to start the conversation!

  4. Very inspiring Todd. I think this stuff is great–keep it up.

  5. ZHereford says:

    Todd, this is great!

    This is a perfect illustration of what can happen when you go after what you believe in.

  6. That’s amazing! And incredibly inspiring. I love your blog.

    I would also like to get involved with The Shift. I am so happy that this movement is happening now, and that I can be a part of it.

    Check out my website at to learn more about me.

  7. Hi Todd, I was SO happy to read this post! A HUGE congrats on following your passion and for it working out for this important film! I would love to talk to you more about it and my thoughts are with you for a successful LA visit. Gratefully, Jenny

  8. Tiffany says:

    congratulations on the breakthrough. what you are ultimately describing here is the triple bottom line- businesses that measures corporate performance by profits, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. in other words businesses who care about people, the plant and profits. there has been this gray area with businesses that are in environmental sustainability, and social responsibility arena where we work from passion and almost feel guilty asking for money or charging for services…so i love what you said todd “I have made no secret of my intention to make money with them {projects}” because you are completely on track with building a brilliant and responsible business.

    thank you and continued success!

  9. Congratulations Todd. It is truly inspiring to hear the success stories of others that are really following their passions.

    Cheers to you!

  10. Congrats Todd,
    You are indeed a great networker with passion and heart. My blessings to you and your projects.

  11. Chris Cade says:

    Given where I am in life… in a corporate job that I’m ready to leave and follow my spiritual endeavors, this is very inspiring!

    Sometimes other peoples’ successes in this regard… in following spirit… can seem larger than life, or even impossible.

    It’s refreshing to see somebody who was in my shoes and is making it happen. Currently, I’m working 3-5 hour nights while my wife and son sleep to make that happen for myself as well.

  12. Congrats man and thanks for the inspiration. You’ve proven that it’s truly the connections that count. You show up as you are and speak your truth. What a beautifully authentic strategy!

  13. Al at 7P says:

    Hi Todd – congratulations! I was blown away by the title ($10K in one day), but was more blown away by the project you’re involved in. I haven’t heard about SHIFT until I read this article. I see big things coming, indeed.

  14. Ina says:

    I love happy news and stories about good things happens to good people. Congrats!

  15. Gamy Rachel says:

    The SHIFT movie is inspiring. Something to ponder about and start shifting to the better.


  16. Brad Baggett says:

    Congratulations Todd, since discovering your site you have been a real inspiration to my writing and me. I do not know why I was drawn to you but I have told so many people about your blog and how inspiring you are. Keep up the tremendous work; you are truly making a difference in the World!

  17. Evelyn says:

    Very inspiring, Todd! Congratulations to you.

    You’ve made the right decision by following your heart and found a purpose in the process. Thanks for the incredible message.

    I hope to contribute in my own little way. I wish you every success in your journey!


  18. MonkMojo says:

    Congrats Todd!

    Some fellow bloggers may enjoy the webcomic I made on this topic…

  19. Hey Todd – I just watched the trailer for The Shift. And I must say, as a former U.S. Peace Corps volunteer, the movie certainly looks like a step in the right direction to where the world as a whole should be heading.

    I don’t have any money to provide financial support but I do have a Masters degree in International Development, so if you require any assistance please feel free to shoot me an email.

    Kind regards,
    Mark H.
    Lifestyle Design Consultant

  20. Literally ‘Stumbled’ upon your site (I am always awed how Universe brings connections. Shift is what is happening – into awareness. And ‘shift’ is fast becoming an accurate account of what is happening in growing number of lives across the globe.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Living From The Heart

  21. Todd says:

    Thanks Johan, and to everyone else that so graciously commented. It is much, much appreciated!

  22. Nick says:

    Hey Todd,

    Great story. In fact so great, it pushed me a little closer to my own nebulous path. I have always been a “spiritual” person. I know my place in life. Something was holding me back. You made a point most spiritual people have a problem with, marrying money and spirituality. We probably all understand money is a transference of energy for what you do, yet most of us have a problem with that. We need a Shift.

    I saw the trailer a while back. I know now more than ever I have to become more involved with other like-minded people and not just locally. You’ve made that clear. If you ever need another enthusiastic spiritual person, I would love to get in touch with you.

    As for “shifts” and why it resonates so well with me, I left my IT and real estate world to follow my passion, I became a life and business coach. Shifts and “Ah ha” moments are what we live for. I have studied hermetic principles for some time now and you would be amazed how well intertwined both are.

    Anyway, I could go on and on and on… Thanks for an insightful post and quite a motivating one.

  23. SaiF says:

    Hey Todd!

    Congratulations on that attraction!

    This is GREAT stuff man! =)

    I think it’s just amazing how you attracted that money without much effort and had FUN while doing it!

    To CANI,
    The World’s First Teen
    Personal Development Video Blogger

  24. Eric says:

    Sometimes it takes “perceived” success (like your career you stepped away from that many people would “think” is success) to truly understand what success is to you as an individual.

  25. Amazing post! I just stumbled upon your blog and I have to say it’s first class with an amazing and very authentic undertone.

    I have left myself open to inspiration many times and I felt this article found me along with your blog at the right time.

    Thank you for your contribution of inspiration and all that you share!

  26. I relate to taking that leap of faith. I have taken a similar leap with my new web site.

    There are so many fears and doubts, but in the end, it comes down to whatever your truth is. And we must follow that. If we do, the right outcomes will ensue.

    I’ll subscribe to this site, as I want to follow your journey.

    Best to you,

  27. When you give, you always receive. Thanks for sharing, i’m waiting for my call now on how to help Hispanics get out of debt.

  28. Todd:

    I am in the process of putting together an interview I had with Peter Clemens, editor of PickTheBrain and blogger at The Change Blog. The first part goes up tonight with the second part next week and you’re mentioned in the 2nd half.

    That’s one way your name came to my attention. I’ve heard of you around the blogosphere but when Peter mentioned you, I felt compelled to stop by and I’m glad I did. He said some nice things about you, which made me curious. You know what happens when people get curious – they go on a fact finding mission. :)

    That’s when I found this extremely well written and inspiring article about your involvement with THE SHIFT. I haven’t yet checked out the movie link you provided but will do so in a moment.

    Like you, I’ve evolved spiritually and quit a six figure Wall Street career to pursue my passions as an inspirational speaker, writer and pilot. But not just any speaker, writer or pilot.

    You see, I’m deaf.

    Been that way since birth. Like you, I have a story to tell and I’d love to share some of them with you since you indicated you were interested in hearing about other people’s stories.

    It’s obvious that you have a gift for writing. Your inner sense of power obviously jumps off the page in a way that’s authentic, down to earth and unassuming. These are admirable qualities I look for when inviting people to be interviewed at my blog and when considering the possibility of subscribing. Well, consider yourself invited for an interview and me as a new subscriber!

    Look forward to hearing from you. Now off to check the link for THE SHIFT. :)

  29. Roy Phay says:

    Hi Todd,

    Wow congrats! Thank you for sharing your story! I’m always looking for ways to improve myself and I’m glad to have found your blog. Thank you for sharing with us.


  30. M Harper says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog while searching images to make an affirmation board (the make money sign). I’m hooked!
    Thanks for all of the interesting articles and best wishes for your continued success!!

  31. Peter says:

    Oh! you poor puppy! you done such a fine job! I’m so proud of you i could just shit! Wow you made 10 grand,,, you were sitting in your secure little world with a bank account that meant that no matter what its impossible to have a bad day and one day while you were eating your sushi you suggested to daddy war bucks to invest a wad of cash in project (B) oh Wow! and you walk away with ten grand,,,, come see me when you have no idea where the money is coming from to pay your bills and you don’t travel in your big uppity circles ande tell me how to make 10 grand!

  32. Glen Allsopp says:

    Awesome story, although it’s not one that people can directly emulate it’s definitely a great inspiration

    Keep up the good work

  33. Solo says:

    Great story for inspiration. I am sure lots of us wants to be in the same position withthat kind of money.

  34. Chris Phone says:

    How are things going on the film? I see there haven’t been any comments for a while. Hope all is well.

  35. Спасибочки автору. Возможно, в будущем я и действительно реализую подобную идею. :)

  36. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  37. VewEffify says:

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    American FTC against bloggers and website promoters
    for not publishing their advertising revenue, or existing
    relationships with ad networks.

    What are your thoughts concerning how this could potentially hurt
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  38. Am says:

    I found it quite interesting and the main thing I take from it is opportunities are around us and meeting new people sometimes provides opportunities too.

  39. mark roberts says:

    An excellent story!! I will be looking into this not only as a meens of getting referal fee’s but to do something I really enjoy doing. And for me that is helping people when I can. I have a friend named Joe. He has done short films on and would be delighted if he could come and help in anyway, as far as lighting,or setting up props whatever. He’s a funny guy.

  40. Labrat says:

    There are always new opportunities around the corner!

  41. Suharto says:

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  42. Suharto says:

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