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How To Set Fantastic, Achievable Goals for 2008 01/03/08

Ever since I started We The Change 3 short months ago, I have written several articles on productivity.  Some of these articles are among my most popular, and I am constantly approached by readers and friends with follow-up questions concerning how to become more efficient in daily life. This topic is very close to my [...] read the rest

We The Change Anniversary, an Amazing Coincidence, and Future Objectives! 10/31/07

  Last Monday was We The Change’s 50th birthday.  OK so not in years, but in days, and I still think its cause for celebration given how fast this community is growing! In a short time We The Change has garnered over 150 subscribers, received tens of thousands of page views, and steadily climbed the [...] read the rest

Why Holistic Physicians are Better than Western MDs 10/10/07

A wonderful expose concerning the realities modern physicians cialis sale face, and the advantages of holistic medicine!read more | digg story

6 Top Personal Development Activities 10/09/07

The following 6 personal development activities are geared towards serious PD devotees—people who spend significant time (even money) searching for unique avenues to bring success, happiness and fluidity into their lives. Try some of them out, and feel free to add your thoughts and suggestions in the comment field below: 1. Spend your Vacation time [...] read the rest

8 Realizations about Pharmaceuticals 09/25/07

The rise of technology in medicine is nothing short of remarkable.  Western medicine is growing in exponential fashion, and it is seems almost every day new procedures and drugs are released that save people’s lives (and help us live longer).  But there are drawbacks, and the purpose of this article is to provide 8 realizations [...] read the rest