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How To Cope When You Lose An 'Anchor' 07/10/08

As many of you know, a few months ago my long buy cheap cialis term girlfriend and I decided to split up. Although the move was ‘right’ for both of us, it has taken me a little while to discern what I miss most about the relationship, and about her specifically. Well, the purpose of [...] read the rest

The Cycles in Life: How To Re-emerge From 'Down' Times! 05/15/08

After seven months of posting an average of 3 We The Change articles per Buy viagra best price week, many of you have noticed that I have not published new content since the beginning of April. I have gotten several emails from blogger friends and concerned readers asking “is everything OK with you”? The sentiments [...] read the rest

5 Ways To Make Valentine's Day Last All Year Long! 02/14/08

Have you ever stopped and noticed the full spectrum of life events symbolized in the greeting card aisle? Birthdays, deaths, baby announcements, mourning, get well, graduation, weddings, recover soon, feel better, here’s some money, and on and on… This aisle is like a microcosm of the complete range of things buy viagra online that happen [...] read the rest

22 Ways To Give THANKS During The Holidays! 11/27/07

Since Thanksgiving fell on the 22nd of the month this year, here is a list of 22 things we can ALL give thanks for during the holiday season: 1. Our Elders We would not be here if it was not for the people who brought us into the world.  Say “thank you” to the elderly, and do [...] read the rest

9 Simple Exercises To Improve ANY Relationship 11/13/07

  There are always going to be people in our lives that we do not “vibe” with.  Unfortunately, sometimes our situations dictate that we spend a lot of time with these individuals (i.e. a boss, sister-in-law, or co-worker), and it is imperative to learn how to best deal with it! Here are 9 of the [...] read the rest

11 Creative Ways to Enjoy a Wedding 11/06/07

This past weekend, my girlfriend and I attended a good friend’s wedding in Florida.  Because I have observed over 20 nuptials in the last 3 years (I am just at that age) I have become a certified expert when it comes to knowing how to enjoy oneself at other people’s weddings! When you attend a large number [...] read the rest

Why Compromise is SO Important for Healthy Relationships 10/29/07

Even though I understand the importance of making concessions in healthy relationships, I am someone who has a difficult time with compromise. For example, last Friday my girlfriend Irina and I had made a commitment to have dinner with a few business associates of hers.  The plans had been forged two days before after a few [...] read the rest