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8 Critical Lessons Learned From Starting a Blog 01/07/08

My friend Peter over at I Will Change Your Life wrote an excellent article last week titled:  50 Tips From My Year of Change. I enjoyed this piece not only because it gave some excellent advice, but also because it provided a very clear synopsis of what Peter, and his blog, is all about.  To [...] read the rest

The 6 Greatest Workouts to Increase Stamina 10/23/07

Stamina is a measure of the capability to sustain prolonged stressful effort. Gauging your stamina provides valuable insight to your overall physical constitution and power to endure disease, fatigue, and illness. Because stamina decreases as we age, it is absolutely imperative to work hard and constantly stretch our bandwidth of endurance. There are a myriad [...] read the rest

Get Perspective by Working in Nature 09/17/07

A few weekends ago I did some volunteer work at Inwood Hill in upper Manhattan.  Most people do not know this (including people that live in NYC), but Inwood is a thriving 500 acre forest in the heart of the big city, and it’s a really special place to spend some time.   The mission [...] read the rest