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Why The '08 Election May Be The Most Important EVER 01/16/08

I do not follow politics very closely and like many people, my impression of politicians is negative.  I think of them as people who spend most of their time figuring out what “the majority” wants to hear, and crafting careful messages to get what they want personally—more money, more power and more votes. Perhaps I [...] read the rest

How To Cope When Something Goes Terribly Wrong 01/14/08

Last week I experienced a scary situation– I thought I had permanently lost all the articles and links on this website. A web designer I had been working with did some funky things during a hosting transfer, and the result was a perfect storm of negligence —the site was down, all my passwords were changed, [...] read the rest

Making a Habit of Thinking Happily 12/21/07

I have written several articles on positive thinking and the law of attraction, and am always surprised by how many readers privately contact me with strong skepticism.  “Do you really practice these techniques” and “do you really find that it works” I am asked. And although the answer is generally “yes” to these questions, I have made [...] read the rest

The Futurist's View Of The Future: Do We Like Where We Are Headed? 11/09/07

  As I hope you can tell by my articles on WTC, I am a firm believer in the benefits of spreading positive energy into the world.  I work under the premise that focusing attention on negative things only breeds more of them. But sometimes we have to take a step back and look at [...] read the rest

How Blogs and Social Networking Can Save The World! 10/26/07

  How we spend our time on the internet makes a difference in the greater scheme of things. When we focus our attention on gossip and spreading negativity in the blogosphere, what we are really doing is spreading jealousy, pessimism and hate into the world.  Alternatively when we are engaged in constructive and positive activities, [...] read the rest

How to Create Balance in Your Life Using Yin and Yang 10/17/07

Recently, the popular blog Pick The Brain published one of my articles concerning Yin Yang and the role of “opposing forces” in our lives. In the piece, I explain how stepping out of our comfort zones and implementing opposites is a great way to expand our mental (and physical) durability. Because the article was so [...] read the rest

Why The Law of Attraction Does NOT Work For You 09/28/07

The “law of attraction” has a very enticing promise: the ability to manifest anything you want through belief and intention.  But does it work? Some people are very successful with attraction (just watch The Secret to see 20+ personifications of it) while others fail time and time again.  I think a primary reason people fail [...] read the rest