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Why Money Is Just Another Form Of Energy 07/16/08

A few weeks ago I read an article in a morning new canadian viagra spaper talking about the benefits of investing in something called the ‘vice fund’, a portfolio of companies in the tobacco, alcohol, casino, gaming and oil industries. The article touted the ‘fantastic’ news that over the last few years this particular investment [...] read the rest

24 Hours Of Living 'In The Flow' 06/11/08

Have you ever experien sale viagra without prescription ced a period of time where it felt like everything you did was perfectly in flow with the way you should be living your life? When it happens you usually encounter a high frequency of coincidences, or what I prefer to call synchronicities. Most people cialis 20mg [...] read the rest

Take a Hike, Learn 6 Critical Life Lessons 03/28/08

There is nothing more calming and therapeut Buy Discount Cialis Online uk ic for me than taking a long walk in the woods. Whenever I am feeling down, confused, frustrated or sad I put on a pair of old sneakers and go foraging in a place of trees, sky and quiet for several hours. Here [...] read the rest

5 Ways To Become A ‘Giver’ Now! 03/04/08

A few weeks ago I was eating lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Manhattan.  Seated next to me were two very well-dressed men in their late 50’s/early 60’s who were having a conversation about their recent retirements.  Given that seating in New York restaurants is ridiculously tight and I was dining alone, [...] read the rest

Why We Love Watching Pro Sports! 01/24/08

To steal a line from the movie Coming to America: “did you happen to catch the professional football contest on television last [weekend]?  The Giants of New York triumphed over the Packers of Green Bay by kicking an odd-long shaped ball through a big H.  It was most exhilarating”! Being a die-hard Giants fan, I [...] read the rest

10 Reasons Why DIGG Users Should “Digg” More Consciously 01/22/08

Ever since I launched We The Change, I have spent hundreds of hours in various social networking communities (Digg, Propeller, Stumble) and have become somewhat dismayed by how much non-productive, fear-inducing and senseless content gets promoted and which ultimately becomes “popular”! I guess I was hoping to find that social networking realms were areas where people were [...] read the rest

The 5 Greatest Albums to Listen to in the Morning 01/17/08

    The activities you engage in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day.  If you are one of many people who engulfs themselves with depressing news (found abundantly in newspapers and TV/radio shows), you may be creating a tremendous amount of anxiety and tension that unknowingly lingers in your body…. Listening to [...] read the rest