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WTC Podcasts, Sponsors, and Recommended Books! 01/23/08

Breathtaking Nature Pics And Inspiring Quotes 12/07/07

This week I read Time Magazine’s expose on the current state of affairs in the global warming issue (which I will review on WTC next week), and it got me thinking:  how much time do we really spend thinking about the things we are trying to “save”? The answer: probably not enough.  Anyway, I figured I [...] read the rest

7 Easy Ways to Integrate Feng Shui into Your Life 09/18/07

The basic premise of Feng Shui is that the people and circumstances in our lives are a direct reflection of the environment and personal space we live.  I have been practicing a Feng Shui for several months order cialis and I attest that it can be a very powerful tool for increased effectiveness (if properly cultivated).   [...] read the rest

Improve Productivity with Sound Technology 09/14/07

Last year, upon attending my first World Wellness Weekend event in Austin, I learned of an amazing new way to improve productivity, motivation, and consciousness. The technology is called “audio-guidance” and uses sound to produce desired brain states. I have been toying around with these tools for over 6 months, and it can be very [...] read the rest

Welcome to We The Change 09/10/07

Thank you for checking out my first blog. I have a lot of interesting content to share with you over the next….well, hopefully for a long, long time. Everything I will write about is based on my personal experiences, either through physical engagement (I love to try things) or from books and publications (I love [...] read the rest