Blossoming Consciousness and Positivity Carnival: 1st Edition

clive.jpgWelcome to the inaugural edition of the “blossoming consciousness and positivity” carnival!  For those of you unfamiliar with blog carnivals, they are a collection of articles from different writers/bloggers within a given topic.  

For this carnival I have asked the blogosphere for the best content relating to consciousness and positivity.  When it comes to these subjects, I am constantly asked “don’t you feel like you are fighting an uphill battle, and that there are just too many problems in the world to overcome”? 

Sometimes yes, but I quickly find inspiration in the countless individuals who are putting themselves out there and sharing their unique voice to make transcending change in the world! 

So as you browse through the articles and websites below, remember that even though we may have a lot of “problems”, there are innumerable heroes working hard to be part of the solution!  Enjoy…

Albert Foong presents The life that has gone on before: The Perils of Compassion, Part 2 saying, “My writings are focused on a narrow area of the human experience – the inner world. It is one of the few areas I feel qualified to write on, the only area I have made significant progress in. Everything else is pure book knowledge, and book knowledge is just words”.

You can see more of Albert’s writings at Urban Monk.

Ivy Tan presents Our Mind is a Constant Battlefield where he explores: “When we look at our world today, there are wars everywhere. There are wars between countries, wars between religions, wars between races, etc. There are constant struggles between human, animals and even Mother Nature, causing great harm and disharmony among the livings”.

You can see more of Ivy’s writings Universe in a single atom.

Carole Fogarty presents Easily delete obstacles and welcome a rush of amazing new opportunities: saying “Become aware of how individual items decorating your home actually make you feel. I guarantee you will be surprised how zapping, stressful or pointless many of your possessions can be”

You can read more of Carole’s writings at THE HEALTHY LIVING LOUNGE

Han Xin presents Mind Power: The 3Ps’ That Will Make You A Champion! saying “Success can be elusive. It can find its way out of our lives. Why? Well part of the reason why is because we ‘settle’. We allow answers, solutions and circumstances to enter our lives that are not congruent with who we really are”.

You can see more of Han’s writings at Mind Power Hacks: Tap The Subconscious Mind Power.

Peter S C presents What Are You Doing That’s Different? saying, “I had an inner feeling that I am doing things right. Part of the reason why relates to the fact that I am following a path most people choose not to take – the ‘road less traveled’ as it is often called. I want to squeeze as much out of each and every day as possible”

You can see more of Peter’s writings at I will change your life . com 

Leisel presents 5 Ways To Make Your Brain Happier saying, “This article teaches 5 proven techniques to make your brain happier and your awareness heightened! Check it out and expand your consciousness!”

You can see more of Leisel’s writings at 4Mind4Life.Com

JC presents 10 Things I Do To Make More Time which discusses some very simple and effective methods for creating more time in our lives.  Making a few of these gems a habit can certainly go a long way.

You can see more of JC’s writings at A Journey Of Dreams.

Jeanie Marshall presents Moving Forward with Enriching Questions saying, “When people are focused on why something happened, they often miss the real understanding of the process of creating the experiences that are happening to them. A question beginning with “Why” can certainly be empowering, but more often it is not; more often it yields an answer that re-creates precisely what people do not want.”

You can see more of Jeanie’s writings at JMviews Meditation and Empowerment

CJ presents Why do we lie to ourselves? saying, “We may not initially recognize how much we do lie to ourselves. It is an easy thing to deny because there is no solid evidence that we do so. We do not utter the lie aloud, and no-one is there to hold us accountable. Thus, it is easy to pretend that it never happened (thereby lying to ourselves yet again).”

You can see more of CJ’s writings at

gia combs-ramirez presents Can We Really Change Who We Are? saying, “This post explores my thought processes after a trip to the Oneness University in India. I pondered our teachers’ views on how much of us is not able to change and I was left wondering, if this world view is correct, can we change?”

You can see more of Gia’s writings at The Science of Energy Healing

Tupelo Kenyon presents » How to Accelerate Manifestation saying, “Whenever a new desire or grand plan is born within us, the tendency is to share it with others. Every time we talk about it, the energy of the dream seems to deflate a little more, until it becomes merely a topic of idle chatter. Why is that? How can we add to the excitement and urgency of our dreams instead, and speed up their manifestation? (Enjoy soothing instrumental music as you read plus song selections with lyrics related to each article – all free.)”

You can read more of Tupelo’s writings at Tupelo Kenyon

Christine presents High School, Hair Color and Choices saying, “Conscious living means first and foremost to follow your own heart and dreams, to not allow others smother your desires for their own. This article is about teaching our children that it’s okay to be themselves as long as it doesn’t hurt them or others”.

You can read more of Christine’s writings at Me, My Kid and Life: An American Single Mom Living in France 

CG Walters presents Ego as Spiritual Ally saying, “A common “suggestion/implied obligation” encountered in one’s spiritual study is to “overcome the ego.” As a tool to avoid misidentifying myself as only ego, it has often been suggested to me to consider “the watcher” that remains outside the psychodrama of any moment of my mind or life—a marker to bring my awareness buy viagra online to the true, higher self. I, however, would suggest that as long as there is a “watcher,” there is ego…and it is not the enemy.”

You can read more of CG’s writings at Into the Mist

Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D. presents The Unexamined Life saying, “Most of us live unexamined lives. Why? Because that is how our world – generally speaking – is. We may examine our outer circumstances: our profession, our homes, our standing in society, our finances, etc., but we tend not to examine our inner lives.”

You can read more of Gabriella’s work at Psychology, Transformation & Freedom Papers

Alex Blackwell presents Feel the Music in You saying, “While allowing my heart to hear the words to the song, it occurred to me that I did indeed own my life. Regret and shame were just pieces of garbage I had been carrying around long enough. But there was still plenty of time and there was still plenty of hope and fight left in me.”

You can read more of Alex’s work at The Next 45 Years

gamy presents Stop coping with Fear, Transform it. saying, “Many people are coping with this word FEAR, without realizing it. I have been there, done that, and know what it is like to cope with fear.”

You can read more of gamy’s writings at Mind Think Success

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