All Roads Leading To Costa Rica (For Me)


Since launching thi

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s website 6 months ago, I have written a lot about the need to follow your passion in order to become genuinely fulfilled in life. As I write this post, I am sitting on a plane to Costa Rica, and am here because I am following my passion.

You see, the only way I know how to bring value to We The Change readers is share my personal journey with you, and I would like to explain how I find myself on a plane to Central America, why I am going, and what I hope to accomplish.

I also want to make clear that even as I write these words I am not certain where this path will lead. I am nervous, excited, optimistic, scared and open. I hope this article helps you see the power of intention manifestation…let me explain:

The Movement

I have made no secret that I believe we are living in a time when transcending cultural changes need to occur. I titled this blog “We The Change” for this very reason, and there is a massively growing awareness that people alive today have a choice: either to make the necessary adjustments to create a sustainable and peaceful future OR to remain on present course and suffer some pretty dire consequences.

It has been an amazing realization for me how large the “movement” which strives for fundamental changes really is. It is everywhere and I hope the content you find on WTC has helped expand your awareness!

Because I have put myself “out there” over the last year or so with my beliefs, a myriad of opportunities has presented themselves to me concerning this work. Many amazing things have happened to me, not the least of which is sitting on a plane headed to Costa Rica…

Following the Path

The meeting I am traveling to is being run by a wonderful group called The Alliance For a New Humanity. Deepak Chopra and Oscar Arias (Costa Rican president and Nobel Peace Prize winner) founded this organization and it will be attended by a wide array of thought leaders, writers, philanthropists, filmmakers and activists who are leading the way to a more sustainable future for all people.

I am attending because I have quickly found myself as part of a unique project that manifested in my life less then a month ago. Many of you have seen the trailer for the documentary movie currently in production called “The Shift” (if you have not, click here and watch 5 powerful minutes).

When I first saw the preview, I was so inspired that I contacted to filmmaker straight away and offered my services in any way possible. Incredibly, she responded to me within a few hours and we began our dialogue. Now I find myself on a plane to Costa Rica as part of her “crew” and as an associate producer of the movie.

Am I 100% certain what is going to happen? Not at all. For starters, it is still unclear whether the necessary funds to finish the movie will come in! But the entire scenario has just felt right to me…so I am just going with the flow.

Putting yourself out there is the only way to create magic in life!

Rochelle (The Shift’s creator) has repeatedly said to me “you know, I receive thousands of emails each week from people who see the trailer and want to get involved, and I do not have time to reply to them individually. There was just something in your message that made me say ‘I gotta get back to this guy’”!

That something was pure intention with a heavy dose of passion. In fact, I would like to share with you the email I sent Rochelle which has now landed me on a plane:

Hi there—I just stumble-uponed The Shift movie…and absolutely love it! I felt compelled to contact you and see if there is any way I can get more involved.

I live in Manhattan, am a business coach, marketing consultant, and also run one of the fastest growing self-improvement blogs on the internet called We The Change ( I started the blog 5 months ago with the very same mindset as The Shift movie!!

I am also helping to launch (in the next few weeks) a very simple and quantifiable web-based tool called “Worldwide Tipping Point”—it is the simplest expression of this “shift” you can possibly imagine, and there might be very real synergy there. Even though it’s not quite done, and being built now, I would share it with you guys based on the video I just saw.

Anyway, I just wanted to touch base with you and offer you my energy and ideas! Please feel free to contact me any time!

Todd Goldfarb

LASTLY, I would like to share with you my personal intention: To come back from

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Costa Rica with a tangible way for me to make money and work in this area full-time.

Perhaps this intention will manifest as part The Shift movie…or maybe it will be some other connection. But I know I am on the right path, and I am excited…and that is all that really matters!

So if you have gotten this far in the article…give me a silent shout out for my intention. It will go a long way. Thanks!!

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21 Responses to “All Roads Leading To Costa Rica (For Me)”

  1. Berky says:


    I just left you a voice mail. I read your blog today…sounds very exciting. Good luck and give me a hsout when you get a moment.


  2. Outstanding article, Todd.
    Not only it shows the power of intention but also the power to take action — like emailing to someone you don’t know because you see opportunity. Both are critical for entrepreneurs.

  3. Peter says:

    Incredible. You are an inspiration Todd.

  4. Kim says:

    Oh..My..Goodness. That is awesome. Thank you Todd for your inspiration and the courage to step up. Stirs me into getting my butt into gear a bit more quickly. Have a mind blowing time in Costa Rica and let us know all about it.

  5. ZHereford says:

    Todd, good for you for having the courage to follow your heart and your vision!

    I can’t wait to hear more.

  6. Norea says:

    May you receive what you ask for and find what you’re looking for. Be well, Norea.

  7. Todd says:

    Thank you for the wonderful well-wishes…I am back and the trip was amazing! I will write about it next week! You guys are the best…

  8. Todd,

    You are true inspiration. When I started my blog, I also sent an email to an expert writer, who is also a publisher of a well known daily paper, seeking his comments and mentoring for my blog and to my surprise he has been my mentor. Courage to take action always pays off. There are great ideas born every day but it takes someone to put those ideas into action quickly to succeed. Well done !


  9. Todd says:

    Thats a GREAT idea Shilpan, and I love hearing of creative ideas like this. Good for you! And thank you so much for your kind words about me…

  10. Wow, that is great. What a beautiful example of intention-manifestation. I too would like to get involved in something deeply (other than my blog) to create a positive change in the world. I’m going to set out the intention to bring into my life this change, thank you for your inspiration Todd.

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  12. [...] All Roads Leading To Costa Rica (For Me) [...]

  13. I’m so excited for you, Todd. I love hearing stories of people who are creating their own life miracles. I am sure whatever happens Costa Rica will open up your world in new and wonderful ways. It’s an amazing country.

    Can’t wait to hear more.

    :) Kelly

  14. The power of action united with vision is truly awesome. This is an excellent story which should encourage us all.

  15. Steve says:

    Hey man,

    I just wanted to say that now is the time where a lot of people are growing in awareness. I do agree. However there isn’t going to be come mass awakening or people left behind or facing dire consequences. This is someone apocalyptic thinking which probably stems from Eckhart Tolle’s belief, right?

    I do think something is happening for the good of course. I just don’t see it as DO OR DIE. Everyone dies, its just certain people realize they never die while others either believe they do not or believe they do..

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  17. Mizsham says:

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  18. There is a step by step model which teaches you exactly how to string all the parts of intention, passion and action together.

    It is the secrets of the Laws of Mind which provides the full blueprint and code of manifestation.

    For example, you mentioned passion which is one component of energy. Other components are:

    1. to follow your strengths
    2. to follow what you find important

    In intention also, there are several things required such as

    1. momentary living
    2. single minded focus
    3. doing one thing at a time
    4. concentration
    5. non judgement
    6. unawareness

    etc etc

    The only way to apply these correctly is through understanding the full system of manifestation and how everything relates to everything else. Without this, you are wandering in the dark and will never manifest your full potential.

    Visit my website at to learn more about this step by step system which encompasses EVERYTHING you need to know to get the life of your dreams.

  19. damiana00 says:

    (true philosophical dilemma)Um….what do you do when you are so skeptical beyond reason of people, of humanity that you resist becoming part of it? watching people finally wake up and do something, knowing all these supposed movements and changes should have happened years ago but didn’t. how do you deal with a resistance to trusting people again, their motives after watching so many let us all down..preventing you from embracing movements or joining groups or working with people for positive change, even though you know you need to or that change needs to occur because you have known about the extensive damage and corruption occurring around the world for a long time; because at the bottom of it all, you see the corruption or the potential of corruption in our behavior?? that we are corrupt even when we think we have a good motive at hand. how can you trust humanity again?
    Like companies donating money to charities, is that altruism or good PR and marketing??
    when stars get involved with charities and causes, are they doing it cause they care so much or because they feel guilty or need to boost their ratings or are swayed by societal trends and don’t want to be left out looking selfish? when videos swirl around the net and people are gleefully affected, join in and groups of people are seen dancing and participating in some new movement or whatnot, how do you know it’s not going to turn into another cult or pseudo movement or trend of the lost souls and end up with people losing their minds?

    obviously I struggle with a major skepticism and cynicism of humanity and having lost all my faith and hope in us. despite the recent win of obama I am still unsure how to trust humans again, yes I know the world is falling apart and all the things that many are just finding out about, I have know my whole life(38 years)! which only adds to my skepticism. Still, how do you forgive humanity for it’s barbaric cruelty to one another and still participate in life and still care for humanity without in the back of your mind thinking that these people might be full of shit or part of some new cult that is just now forming?? or worse:
    that we will let us all down again and end up in the very same place.

    got any suggestions??

    ‘Yes, I fell that far from hope…’DM

    feel free to write me back.

  20. Todd says:

    Hi Damiana, the way we relieve ourselves of the skepticism and fear, is by seeing it for what it is, a fleeting mind state, and moving forward.
    Read your message again…then read it again, and again….really just try to be an observer to your words you wrote.
    We can change spontaneously, and its happening. We are done with focusing on the breakdowns, there is no need….we need to focus our collective energies on the positive breakthroughs…and end to skepticism is imminent…allow yourself to go into the void and transcend fear.

  21. Katherine says:

    Hi Todd!!

    In your blog “How to Find Your True Purpose” you said to become a seeker of people and information. So here I am, doing just that! Oddly enough I moved to Costa Rica in July for the same purpose as yourself, to find out who I truly am. I am teaching third grade at a private school, but more importantly I have been reaching out and trying to find out what I want from this life that I’m living. I was reaching meditation when I stumbled across your website and how excited that I did!!!

    I wish you the best with the movie and if you are able, please respond to this message, I would love to speak with you more.

    Thank you

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