About We The Change

tg3.jpgAbout Todd Goldfarb

Hi I’m Todd Goldfarb and like you, I am on a journey…

I’ve heard people describe me as: Social entrepreneur, blogger, internet marketer, curator of ‘Tipping’ conversations over at Worldwide Tipping Point.

But most importantly I am a seeker of truths. Truths about the world I live, about who I am, and about what we are all here to do.

We The Change’s tagline is: ‘One shared vision, 7 billion expressions, one guy’s journey‘ and that is exactly right! This site is my public (and often personal) diary into discovering who I really am.

Sounds kind of deep? Well sometimes. You will see that I also like to have a little fun here and there. There is no point in trying to change the world, and evolve yourself, if you are NOT having a bit of fun :)

Things I love most: traveling, connecting with other humans, practical jokes, LONG walks in the woods, getting my back scratched, and more. Hope you enjoy the articles on this site and if you are inspired reach out to me!

Also DEF check out my more public mission over at the Tipping Point site….really interesting things going on over there :)

Love and Peace,

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