Make Your Home More Green with Reusable Energy

greenpower.gifWhen it comes to “saving the environment”, many people believe that their individual actions do not make a difference.  This could not be farther from the truth and the reality is that the ONLY way for things to improve (on a

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global scale) is for a critical mass of people to change their daily routines.

Here is one EASY solution that almost everyone in the U.S. can implement while making a worthy contribution to the environmental cause:

Find a local energy company that provides 100% renewable power… and use their services!

I live in the New York metro area, and Con Edison (our biggest energy supplier) has a service called Con Edison Solutions where instead of drawing on traditional power sources, such as nuclear power and fossil fuel sources, GREEN Power is used.

Green Power is comprised of renewable energy sources which help preserve the environment by reducing the environmental impact of the energy you use.  Con Ed uses wind power and run-of-the-river hydro as its sources for Green Solutions, which produce none of the detrimental environmental effects associated with electricity production that results in air emissions.

So how do you find a provider in your area?  Click here for a US map and list of service providers who sell reusable energy.  The process to switch literally takes 5 minutes and the cost is negligible (I’ve seen maybe a $2 per month increase in my utility bill).


Think about the good you will be doing– your money will now go directly towards the development and expansion of a more sustainable re-usable energy supplier.

To me, subscribing to services like this are an absolute slam dunk in terms of “doing your part” to help the environment.

If every person made a concerted effort to seek out similar services in their area, we would begin to see a real difference in greenhouse emissions in a very short time.

If the environment is going to improve you have to start believing that your actions DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  The daily decisions you make do affect the greater good and we can turn the ailing environment.

Lastly, for the purists, it is interesting to note that my apartment will not necessarily be supplied with electricity from re-usable sources, they don’t have the technology to guarantee this…but I know for certain that my dollars are going towards the growth of their re-usable technology division and that’s good enough for me!

So make the switch and spread the word of these amazing new energy sources! 

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    To show are country and the world the way to true green and reusable power. I call it true green because it doesn’t harm in any way, man or animal. I call my power to make electricity 24/7 for 50 years. Clean power and I’m the inventor of it, it will clean up the damage we have done to our planet. It will take 7 units to complete the cleaning job. In return we have 6 resources to sell, so it will pay for itself fast, putting people back to work now! Building clean power plants right NOW! We need to clean this planet so our kids will have a better world. And pay off our deficit too.

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