A Podcast With Gaia and a Favor For Me (please read on)…

5.jpgIf viagra online you are a regular reader of this website, you know I named it “we the change” because I believe we are living during a time when a wonderful shift occurs in our culture.  Profound changes are taking place, and people all over the world are banding together to put a definitive end to war, genocide and planetary deterioration.

Sometimes this reality scares me (as it does many people) but my fear quickly turns to hope as I realize there is a whole movement of people, organizations, websites, etc. that are working diligently to create a more sustainable and peaceful future for all of us.

The emergence of the internet is playing a huge role in this shift in awareness, and today’s post provides a few excellent examples of how the ‘world wide web’ is becoming the world wide “lets band

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together and save ourselves”:

Worldwide Tipping Point Launches (And a Favor From YOU)!

You will notice on the top left of We The Change a new widget (image), which says Worldwide Tipping Point:

This website recently launched, and it is nothing more than an aggregator (and counter) of people who wish to see the types of cultural changes I mention above take place. The concept is straightforward, and serves as a very simple umbrella-like tool which quantifies the larger movement.

Since I do some work for the group which came up with this concept I would really, really appreciate it if all readers of We The Change could take 2 minutes and sign on to the counter. It is free, easy, and the only thing you will receive is one email every month from the site.

This is the first favor I am asking of readers…and hope you guys can take a moment and check out the site.

One of the great features of Worldwide Tipping Point is the ability for any website owner to put the counter on their site (like I did). So if you have a blog or site, and believe in this movement, throw it up there. I believe the counter updates the number every 24 hours.

Today’s Podcast: Gaia Director Siona

In today’s podcast, I interview Siona van Dijk who is one of the directors of the Gaia Community (formerly Zaadz.com), one of the largest conscious social networking platforms on the internet. You can hear the pod here:

Interview with Siona Van Dijk

Gaia is one of the leading organizations in the “new earth”. The community is 100% mission driven and has a membership of over 150,000 people who are passionate about making positive changes in the world.

I have been a member for over a year and have made some meaningful connections with like-minded people. When used in this realm, the internet becomes truly, truly amazing.

Speaking with Siona was inspiring. After hearing our talk you will feel encouraged that there are hundreds of thousands (and millions more) of people out there who are working hard to make the world a better place. I hope you enjoy the interview.

You can also find my podcast, and subscribe to it, on i-tunes.  Do a keyword search “we the change” and you will find it!

As I say on my home page, We ARE The Change…so I hope you have the chance to join both Worldwide Tipping Point and the Gaia Community. 

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4 Responses to “A Podcast With Gaia and a Favor For Me (please read on)…”

  1. Norea says:

    Hi Todd,
    became a member of Gaia yesterday. Thanks for introducing me this wonderful community. Stopped by your profile and sowed some heartfelt seeds.

  2. Todd says:

    Your WELCOME Norea….I am so glad I helped you connect to the community! Enjoy :)

  3. [...] episode: Interview with Siona van Dijk (a director of the Gaia Community, one of the largest conscious social networking platforms on the [...]

  4. Becky says:

    Hi! Since the Gaia community is no more, do you know if there is a new Zaadz-ish community in cyber-existence now? Thanks!

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