8 Critical Lessons Learned From Starting a Blog


My friend Peter over at I Will Change Your Life wrote an excellent article last week titled:  50 Tips From My Year of Change.

I enjoyed this piece not only because it gave some excellent advice, but also because it provided a very clear synopsis of what Peter, and his blog, is all about.  To me the best blogs are personal, not abstract, and places where you get a very clear sense of who the writer is and what issues are most important to them. 

With that said, I would like to share with you 8 realizations that I have learned since I started We The Change four short months ago.   These sentiments represent my own personal growth during this time and also exemplify the core philosophy of this website (at least to this point).

As always, please feel free to share your own thoughts and realizations in the comment field below.

Making a habit to think positively is not only possible, but is an activity that can change your life!

This is one of the most important lessons I learned in 2007.  Although it takes some perseverance in the beginning, understanding how to think positively is very realistic and do-able for anyone that sets their mind to it.  To create this habit, please check out 7 Effective Ways to Implement Positive Thinking and How to Break Out of Bad Habits Using Affirmations.

“Spirituality” is a very real phenomenon and can transcend your life and the world around you

attraction.jpgEach day I feel as though I am becoming more “spiritual” and it all begins with being more conscious.  To me, once you get the smallest sense of this type of awareness, there is no going back.  What do I mean by “this type of awareness”?  For further explanation, browse through 12 Easy Ways to Become More Conscious and The Path to a Spiritual Life in 6 Simple Steps.

Being productive is really a measure of happiness

Through the creation of We The Change, and from the incredible connections I have made with readers and other bloggers, I have learned that the more productive I am, the more successful and fulfilled I feel.  Clutter and dis-organization are huge roadblocks to success and fulfillment.  To learn more about goal setting and productivity, check out 8 Unique Ways to Increase Productivity and my recent article How To Set Fantastic, Achievable Goals for 2008.

Shedding fear and expounding your personal information (and views) to the world is one of the most liberating activities you can ever experience

Recently, I published a very personal article where I wrote my own eulogy.  The wonderful response I received from readers and bloggers alike reminded me that we are all human, and that there is a very real inter-connectedness that exists between all things.  When you let go of the inhibiting mindset (and fear) that people are always judging you, it frees you to create beautiful things.

Information regarding proper nutrition and healthy eating habits are gaining such popularity because they are basic human quests

Food makes us feel connected to each other, to the world, and to the universe at large, and some of my most popular articles have concerned food.  This does not surprise me because food is so personal, and is such a powerful symbol of our inter-connectedness.  The 5 Greatest Foods for your Health and my article on Phytonutrients were spread all around the internet.  I will always write about food and nutrition, because it is such an integral component to our happiness.

Awareness of the environment and nature is the very

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essence of being alive

I am so thankful that we are living in a time where consciousness about the environment is exploding.  Transcending change is occurring right here, right now and I have tried to contribute my part with 40 Ways You Can Save The Environment and An Interview With Al Gore’s Climate Project.

The internet is a supremely powerful tool that symbolizes universal inter-connectivity

Ever since I have become ensconced in blogging, it has opened my eyes to all of the wonderful people and organizations who want to lead better lives and make positive change in the world we all live.  They are everywhere, literally, and it gives me great hope for the future.  Do we need better organizing structures and greater awareness?  Probably, and for more info please read Why Blogging and Social Networking Can Save The World and my article regarding the future of technology.

Treating the body well with physical activity is essential for a healthy mind and a healthy planet

How can we expect the world to be healed if our individual bodies are in disarray?  The answer is, we can’t.  Proper physical exercise is SO essential, and I encourage you to read my article on how to build stamina as well as visit Straight to the Bar.

Additionally, I mentioned my friend Peter at the beginning of this article, and he is one of MANY wonderful people and bloggers I have met over the last several months.  I have some other friends listed in my blogroll section, and I encourage you to check out all of their wonderful websites. 

There are a few other high quality blogs I have encountered, and I would like to share with you some of the best:

Juice of Champions– Brad always has some wonderful things to say

Gratitude Magic– I am grateful for having met Akemi and her great blog

Urban Monk– Albert is a spiritualist and a great writer

Heal Pain– Jenny Mannion provides some fantastic tips on health and wellness

Green Options– my friend Jeff really, really cares about the environment and has some excellent info here

Think Simple Now super inspiring site run by Tina

Change Your Tree– Kevin has done a terrific job with his new blog

Moving From Me To We– Kare has a great concept going on…

Anja Merret is always “chatting to her generation”


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10 Responses to “8 Critical Lessons Learned From Starting a Blog”

  1. ZHereford says:

    Thanks Todd for sharing your lessons, your knowledge, your positive attitude and yourself through your wonderful blog!

  2. Peter says:

    Awesome article Todd! And not just because you mentioned my article he he :)

    Starting a blog has taught me many things. The one that I will share here though relates to networking. Not much was happening with my site until I took the plunge and started contacting other bloggers. And this lesson has translated to my career – networking was a vital factor in me successfully getting a new job in November.

  3. Thank you heaps Todd, for the kind words! I really appreciate it!

  4. Hey Todd, GREAT post and thanks so much for including me on this awesome list of bloggers! VERY appreciated! Gratefully, Jenny

  5. Akemi says:

    I totally agree with you that “the best blogs are personal, not abstract, and places where you get a very clear sense of who the writer is and what issues are most important to them.” I aim to write this way, and it is very liberating.
    Thank you for mentioning my blog, Gratitude Magic. I feel so honored.

    Spirituality (not necessarily religion) is the backbone of my blog. I hope this post may shed some light on what it does in life.

    Belief can Change the Course of Life

    Happy blogging,

  6. Brad Baggett says:

    Great article, I really have learned a lot since I started blogging and have met some amazing authors. Our blogs are very similar and that is what has amazed me the most about the blogosphere. It is so great to find like minded people to share ideas and thought with.

    Keep up the great work!


    Thank you so much for the mention!

  7. Todd says:

    Thanks guys and gals for the comments…and keep up all the great work!!

  8. esoxyusemmob says:

    He wiped his hoop with the absolutely of his hand, and gave a pouty laugh, abstractly stumbled piercingly from the table.

  9. Todd, Thank you for sharing so personally and generously the lessons and insights you have learned, not just about starting a blog but also about the variety of topics on your website. This is a website I will return to again and again.
    Theresa Ip Froehlich
    Certified Life Coach

  10. Jamal says:

    I love this im looking for people in arizona who live natural and peaceful and i wanna start an organization with ALL the most conscious and decent people of the earth

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