7 Essential Habits To Acquire Greater Wealth


This purpose of this article is to help you get more money flowing into your life. No, I am not going to offer any “get rich quick” ideas nor am I promoting a specific product or service.

Rather, I am going to summarize 7 spiritual habits that if used consistently can be powerful agents to help you shift your mindset regarding money and enable you to generate, and accept, the wealth you truly desire.

You see, what I have learned (and am continuing to learn) is that making money is a mindset, a frame of mind, and a way of being. The most financially secure people you know have made a habit out of generating great abundance in their lives. And we all have the ability to assimilate this way of thinking; it just takes awareness, hard work, and patience!

After each habit, I will suggest an action step that you can implement for the next 30 days. Trying these exercises will not hurt you, I promise, and may be just the thing you need to have more money flow into your life!

1. Say Affirmations

Affirming statements are powerful tools that can re-direct the undercurrent of your life in a more beneficial direction. I suggest creating two or three simple sentences which state your intention as it relates to money. You might try something specific like “I am making $750,000 per year” or a more general statement like “I have a great abundance of money in my life”. The important thing is to make the affirmations meaningful and relevant for YOU.

Trial 30 Days:

Create 2 or 3 relevant affirmations and say them, out loud, each morning for at least 10 minutes. Really let the language seep into

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your subconscious mind. When you feel stressful thoughts popping up during the day, repeat the affirmations mentally. This can be hard work, but after 30 days you will see huge rewards.

2. Don’t Stress About Finances

Ask yourself: How many countless hours do I spend thinking that I don’t have enough money, or how I will never make enough money to do this or that? Believe it or not, this mindset may be the very thing that limits great abundance and money from coming into your life! Dwelling on unproductive and negative thoughts actually becomes your reality and creates the world you are living.

Trial 30 Days:

Every time you feel your mind beginning to feel the all-too-common money and stress combination, stop yourself. Repeat your affirmations, or follow the next point:

3. Focus Your Attention on What You DO Have

A great way to push your thoughts in a more positive direction is to make a habit out of focusing your attention on all the money and wonderful things you DO have. Every day, purposefully spend a few minutes in the morning or before you go to bed giving thanks for the great abundance of money-related things you have. Become a “glass is half full” kind of person when it comes to your finances.

Trial 30 Days:

Every night before you go to bed, physically write out 20 ways you are wealthy. Look at the list and give thanks that you have so much abundance in your life.

4. Become Aware of Opportunities as They Arise

Believe it or not, every day you encounter a number of opportunities that can lead to more money coming into your life. Are you the kind of person who 1) has enough awareness to see these avenues and 2) has enough guts to explore them in greater detail? These are such important questions to ask yourself! The path to leading a life filled with money and abundance is there for all of us, the only thing that blocks its reality is a limiting mindset.

Trial 30 Days:

Carry a small notebook with you wherever you go, and take note of ideas and opportunities as they happen to you. At the end of each day, write these things down in a journal, and start figuring out how you can take “next steps” to making them a reality.

5. Make Your Intentions Crystal Clear

When it comes to money, most people say “yeah, I want more of it” but they don’t have any plan of action. Be different than these people and make a concise game plan for how more money is going to come into your life. Make these intentions as specific as possible (without limiting your possibilities) and spend a few days making a comprehensive list of ways you can earn more money. Be creative and really think about how more wealth is going to manifest for you and your family.

Trial 30 Days:

Spend the next 4 weeks in stream of consciousness mode and write in a journal or spreadsheet all of your truest intentions when it comes to money. Realize that the words you are writing can be your future.

6. Follow Your Passion

Perhaps the greatest way to have more money come into your life is to work in a field that you are passionate about. When you have excitement about your work, you tend to do it better and create more value in the world. Once you get in the flow of your passion, money will follow. You just have to get over the inherent fears that come up with the thought of living this way!

Trial 30 Days:

Figure out what you have a REAL passion for. Put the voice which says “well, that’s nice but you can never make money doing that” aside and just create a comprehensive list of things you would love to do for work. Read this article for some additional ways to do this.

7. Give it Away

Giving breeds abundance. There is no better way to create more money and wealth in your life than to give money and wealth away. This may sound odd, but it is true. Try these things for 30 Days and see for yourself:

Trial 30 Days:

Give to charities and to the needy, or help a friend or family member that you normally wouldn’t. Just try it out, and see how good it can feel!

In the end, money does not guarantee us happiness. But it can also be a wonderful virtue, depending how you use it! Start realizing that the path to greater wealth already lies within you. Try these 7 spiritual habits for earning more money and action steps for 30 days.  Get yourself in the HABIT of feeling and being wealthy!

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22 Responses to “7 Essential Habits To Acquire Greater Wealth”

  1. Ian says:

    I like the first steps you offer with the tips. Thanks Todd.

  2. Chad Reitsma says:

    Excellent article, thanks!

  3. Frank says:

    Great ideas! An organized plan of action that will work because it is rational and makes perfect sense.

  4. Peter says:

    Awesome article Todd. You summed up my approach exactly.

  5. Todd says:

    Thanks for the great comments guys! Much appreciated and I really hope you try some of these things over the next 30 days…

  6. Hey Todd, great article! Very well written and ringing with so much truth. I especially like the last one. I’m a bit fan of giving away that which you seek. :)

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Brad Baggett says:

    The “Secret” of building wealth in a nutshell, and with instructions to boot! Amazing article, one of the best I have read so far on the subject. Keep up the great work and inspiration!


  8. Todd says:

    Thanks again Brad for the great comment! I am happy you are getting a lot out of WTC articles and am becoming a fan of Juice of Champions!

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  11. Debbie Carr says:

    Excellent and practical action steps. A lot of people are jumping on the ‘get rich quick with promoting law of attraction’ and your site is one of the most genuine ones I have ever found. Cheers.

  12. Todd says:

    Thanks so much for the comments Debbie…and for taking the time to read through WTC!

  13. Camille says:

    Todd, you rock. I’ve just read several of your articles and am grateful you have the desire to share your insights with others. Thank you!

  14. Todd says:

    THANK you Camille…love hearing that “I rock”, lol. I am glad you stopped by, and your welcome to any time!

  15. eric says:

    Thanks! I love how clear the article is. Also, I’m grateful you remind us to take steps as we are keeping our thoughts focused on what we want. Thoughts alone will not get us where we want to be.

    I’ve been enjoying your articles, fun stuff!!!

  16. Todd says:

    Thanks Eric…I really appreciate it, and glad you found we the change!

  17. Farouk says:

    I love the way you are implementing the law of attraction in a practical way

  18. Dennis Bay says:

    Hi Todd,

    Great article about acquiring greater wealth. These 7 habits really define what everyone needs to do on a daily basis in order to keep their focus towards their success goals and avoid being pulled away by all the negativity and distractions along the way.

    Thanks for a nice article.
    Dennis Bay

  19. Development for concious people. Great stuff. I like the bit about following your passion. Definitly good advice.

  20. Chris Phone says:

    I like what you said about follow your passion. It is so true. Not many people have enough faith to follow passion, but it could do wonders for you if you stick to it.

  21. Dr. Artfredo C. Abella-Philippines/U.S.A says:

    Here are my beliefs on the seven Spiritual Habits to Earn More Money:

    1. Make saving a habit with the intention of investing it,then after it reaches a substantial amount, share it fruits or its earnings to the needy and destitute;
    2. Pray to God with all your heart and soul that money will come and have faith in it, he who prays and have faith in it shall receive, taking into consideration that faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence of things not seen;
    3. Love money because it can do a lot of good things for this world but do not lust for it. The lack of money is the root of all evil;
    4. Tithe money, when you tithe your money to the church you are actually giving it to the foothold of Christ, besides tithing is sending message to the universe that you have enough that is why you can give and that is one way of repaying back to God what it actually belongs to Him, we are merely the stewards of God’s creation;
    5. Remember that money is just an energy as everything in this universe is made up of energy, how we treat money for its own good and for the good of the community is all up to us. Ask not what money can do for you but rather ask what you can do for the good of money;
    6. Money will only respond to the mindset that you have created in your life. If you believe in poverty then no one can contest you on it. If you believe you will become rich and wealthy then definitely the universe will conspire you to attain that goal you have set. Nature just like money obeys once commanded;
    7. It is always the rich who are usually spiritual in life, hence emulate them. God wants us to be rich as He is, so follow the ways of the rich and you will be one of them. The poor usually curse the rich that is why they re still living in perdition.

  22. Dr. Artfredo C. Abella-Philippines/U.S.A says:

    In Number One the statement should be “…share its fruits…”

    Another very important thing that I want to share is that I firmly believe that money is the invincible body of God because it answers everything. It can create hospitals, house, hotels,provide vacations, clothing,food,jewelries etc. etc.

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