4 Useful Suggestions For Sickness Prevention and Care

images.jpgAs you may have noticed, I have not posted a We The Change article in over a week. There are many reasons for this,

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not the least of which is that I have spent the last several days very sick with little appetite for writing (or food)!

It began last Sunday as I relaxed on my couch watching the Master’s golf tournament. I had just flown back from Los Angeles where I spent a hectic 4 days in full work mode. As I got up to make a sandwich, I felt a twinge in my throat and a weakening in my legs. At that moment, I knew that some form of illness fell upon me.

Although this ‘immediate awareness’ to my sickness may seem pretty cool to you, the truth is that my body was breaking down for several days before this. I just didn’t take notice. Here are 4 great suggestions for sickness prevention and care:

1. Prepare for Airplanes

The human body is not used to being at 30,000 feet of altitude for several hours. It has been scientifically proven that we are much more susceptible to illness, particularly infections, when flying.

What I ended up contracting was a pretty serious nasal and ear infection, and I am sure this manifested through a combination of lack of sleep, work stress, and high altitudes. Therefore it is imperative to prepare your immune system each time you fly by securing adequate rest, eating healthful foods, and limiting anxiety before and after your trip.

You can also go a step further and load up on vitamins and products like Emergen-C to prepare for flying. The point is, don’t be like me and learn the hard way…

2. Understand The Nature of Your Illness

Another mistake I made was not understanding the true nature of my poor health. For some reason, I was under the impression that I had contracted some type of virus while in Los Angeles, while the truth was a pretty hard-core bacterium had taken hold of my head, neck and chest.

After three days of resting, taking vitamins, and ingesting bowl after bowl of chicken soup I should have seen a health professional. Not doing this caused the infection to grow much stronger than it should have and left me sick for much longer than I anticipated.

When you are unsure what your sickness really is, go to a doctor.

3. Use Modern Medicine After Holistic Measures Fail

I always try and heal my body with holistic measures first. 95% of the time I find it works, but there is always the 5% chance that we need the genius of modern medicine to help us.

Believe me, I hate going on antibiotics. They cause much damage to the body, particularly to the large intestines where they kill off millions of disease fighting bacteria that we need for optimum health. However, sometimes modern medicine can be wonderful, and my recent bout with infection was certainly one of those times.

The important thing when taking a dose of antibiotics is to build the immune system back up afterwards. I am currently taking a daily dose of probiotics to build my large intestines back up, for example.

4. Use Exercise as a Means to Gauge Your Sickness

Everyone says “rest, rest, rest” when you start feeling sick. But

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I always find it more useful to ‘test’ my body when it is not feeling well is by exercising. I am not talking about running a marathon but doing some moderate cardio workout to gauge the nature of your sickness, and even flush it away.

After two days of feeling ill, I went to the gym and jogged lightly for about 15 minutes. Afterwards I went into the sauna and envisioned the sickness being soaked out of me. This process usually works quite well. In this case, it didn’t work as I still felt ill the next day.

At this point I was quite sure that whatever I had, it was more serious than the common cold. I still didn’t go to a doctor (like an idiot), but knew I needed to take it real easy.

In The End…

Because I rarely fall ill, I have learned it usually means the divine wisdom of the body is communicating with me that I need to slow down and take a break. When I was younger, I used to fight and ignore sickness. Now, I look at times of physical weakness as a check point in the continuous cycles of my life.

SO, honor the wisdom of your body and pay attention to the signs if illness. Then, take proper care of yourself. I hope you found these four recommenndations useful…

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14 Responses to “4 Useful Suggestions For Sickness Prevention and Care”

  1. ZHereford says:

    Interesting and helpful article Todd!

    I’ve read that airplanes also recycle the air which is of poor quality and laden with germs. I’m sure that doesn’t help no matter how healthy you are so your point about preparing for it by taking vitamins is well taken!

  2. Todd says:

    Thank Z for the comment. Yea, I used to fly a lot for work and was susceptible to illness. The recycled air is NOT good for you.

  3. Peter says:

    I recently got sick as well – not fun! Likewise, I think it was a sign that I needed to slow down a touch.

  4. Good to see you back Todd, airplanes are certainly no fun. But, an inevitable part of modern life.

  5. Tim Brownson says:

    Todd, good to have you back man!

    I’d never normally leave a post advertising one of my own posts but I have published something today that is incredibly prescient considering your situation. I can’t even claim the credit for it but I know you and your readers will get a huge buzz from it. It’s called ‘Reducing Physical Trauma’

  6. Todd says:

    Thanks for all the nice comments guys…and its great to be back, feeling better!

  7. I would also add to this list that ‘moving meditations’ like Yoga, Tai Chi, and QiGong are invaluable in preventing sickness.

    Also, bodywork such as massage can help release some toxins that build up in our tissue that we’re not aware of.

  8. Simon says:

    I think it is amazing how much our bodies try to tell us, as you’ve described Todd, it’s just often times we’re not listening. It will almost always take me until day three of a moderate and persistent headache to realise that no amount of pain killers will fix it and that I need to visit my chiropractor. Only then do I discover that I have a neck, shoulder or back problem that is manifesting itself in my head aching. The relief I feel once this is treated is usually very quick and the feeling better than any drug. But do I learn? Do I remember next time around? Sadly, the answer is more often than not I fail to listen to what my body is telling me :) .


  9. I think listening to our bodies is key to good health. Get well.

  10. Todd says:

    Chris, Simon and Andrew– GREAT points and thank you for sharing. I agree with all you have so graciously added to the conversation!

  11. Evelyn Lim says:

    I toally agree, with the not taking drugs as the first option. It is tempting I know, to get instant relief.

    My daugther just recovered from a bad case of flu, without antibiotics! So it is possible to get healed using holistic measures.

    Take care,

  12. Great article, Todd! I’m with you – try the holistic approach first (my favorite cure-all is Throat Coat tea, which loosens up everything, mixed with ginger and honey, which are natural antiseptics and prevent infection). But sometimes, a round of antibiotics can be a God-send. It’s definitely my last resort, but I don’t believe in suffering, either! :-)

    Get well & blessings,

  13. Shann says:

    It is so true that If we listen, our bodies will tell us everything we need to know to feel well again. Glad you are on the mend. Shann

  14. farouk says:

    nice article, another thing is, if the reason if the illness is psychological we should deal with it first so that our subconsciouses mind doesn’t block our fast recovery

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