25 Fun Ways to Pamper Your Body and Increase Vitality!


Taking great care of the body relieves stress, increases vitality and feeds the soul.

In this article we will cover 25 recommendations will leave your body (and mind) prr-ing like a cat. 

By integrating the following tips your body will feel loose and fertile, and be on its way to becoming the well-oiled machine you know it can be!

1. Drink at least 30 oz of Water every day

Water is the elixir of life.  Too many of us walk around de-hydrated and over the long-term this can hurt our vitality.  Make it a habit to drink at least 30 oz of water every day. 

2. Scrub your Skin

After a shower, take a wash cloth and literally scrub your body from head to toes.  This removes dead skin cells and enables the skin to excrete toxins and “breathe” easier.  Plus, you will look fantastic the next day.  I highly recommend 1) scrubbing outside of the shower and 2) performing this routine 2x a week.
3. Wear comfortable Shoes

The feet are the workhorse of the body, and it is critical for our long-term health to take good care of them.  ALWAYS wearing comfortable shoes is a great way to do this.

4. Sleep in the Dark

Light interferes with sleep, at least partly because it inhibits melatonin secretion and thus resets the biological clock. For this reason, it is very important to keep your bedroom as dark as possible to ensure full cycles of sleep. (if your room is not pitch black, I suggest using a sleeping mask)!

5. Eat Organic Foods whenever possible

Organic foods have less (if any) chemicals and pesticides than non-organic fare.  The fewer chemicals you ingest, the more vital you will be!

6. Go to a Comedy Club once a Month

Falling on the floor laughing is one of the best things you can do to increase vitality in your life.  Laughing boosts immunity, strengthens the heart, and improves lung function among a myriad of other benefits.

7. Use Hot Water Bottle

Placing a hot water bottle on the stomach (or lower back) at the end of the day does wonders for your “core”.  The sensation of hot water aids digestion, calms the muscles, and provides an overall sense of relaxation.  Use a hot water bottle when tension has taken hold

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of you.

8. Get Acupuncture

In my article 10 Simple Ways to Never Get Sick Again, I list Acupuncture as one of the best preventative measures for long-term health.  Acupuncture can leave you feeling renewed and in touch with you “chi” of life force.  Once a month is a wonderful idea!

9. Take Naps!

Taking periodic naps increases vitality and provides deep relaxation when the body needs it.

10. Eat Bigger Meal in the Middle of the Day

A great way to pamper your body is to get in the habit of eating your bigger meal in the middle of the day.  Your digestion is much more active during the day.  At night, the body naturally begins to slow down and it is harder to digest.

11. Use a Tongue Scraper

Scraping the tongue of unwanted bacteria is a great way to increase vitality.  In the ancient Chinese philosophy of acupuncture, the appearance of the tongue is very telling of the overall health of the body.  Scraping every day can make food taste better and even help prevent certain types of illness.

12. Get Frequent Massages

Massage stimulates increased blood flow to the muscles and tendons, and also generates a sense of deep relaxation.  Plus, it feels so good!  There is no better way to pamper yourself than to get frequent massages.

13. Give Frequent Massages

Giving a massage generates the same benefits for the person you are massaging, and providing this type of enjoyment for another person is a terrific way to feed the soul.

14. Stretch

Regular stretching improves blood circulation and increases energy levels!  Proper stretching is like giving the muscles, tendons and joints a great big hug and is a wonderful preventative measure to take!

15. Eat Spicy foods

Integrating a diverse range of foods, and trying new ones, can stretch your internal bandwidth of acceptance and is a fantastic way increase vitality in your life.

16. Take a Fish oil Supplement every day

Taking a high quality fish oil supplement every day is crucial for long-term health.  This supplement provides you with much needed omega-3 fatty acids and is especially high in the hard-to-get DHA compound.  Fish oils are wonderful for the health of the heart!

17. Sing in your Car

Too many of us hoard our feelings deep within us, and this is not great over the long haul. Singing out loud elicits a wide range of emotions (depending on the type of music you are listening), and is an excellent way to increase vitality!

18. Get a Water Filter for your Shower

Filtering the water that comes from your shower lessens the amount of chemicals your skin comes in contact with.  Over the long-term, this is excellent practice to increase vibrance (remember, the skin is the body’s largest organ and we HAVE to take good care of it).

19. Eat more leafy green Vegetables

In my article The 5 Greatest Foods for Your Health, I talk about the healthiest foods on the planet for long-term health:  Kale (leafy green) is on the list.  These vegetables contain the lifeblood of the planet, chlorophyll, and are so good for you that it would take two full pages to list their benefits.

20. Purposefully deal with Stress

Stress is the silent killer among mankind, and causes tremendous (and often unseen) inflammation in the body.  To create a sense of vibrance in your life, it is necessary to implement habits that deal with stress.  Breathing and meditation are wonderful practices for this.

21. Get a Pet or Plants

Having a pet can bring you unbound joy.  If you can not have a pet, buying a few plants can serve the purpose.  The point is, having other life around you creates vitality.  YES, for those of you with kids, this is even better :)

22. Listen to Relaxing Music before you go to Bed

Making a habit of listening to relaxing music at the end of the day is great practice for long-term health.  Light some candles and incense and really relax before you go to bed!

23. Plan a Vacation!

Nothing is better than planning a really great vacation, and consistently having things to look forward to is a great way to insure vivacity over the long haul.

24. Schedule Periodic Meals with Old Friends

In today’s super busy world, it is harder and harder to make the time for old friends.  Making a conscious effort to get together with old buddies is excellent practice for maintaining a fertile mindset.

25. Implement 20 minutes of Aerobic Workout 4 times a week

Getting a sufficient “cardio” workout increases the body’s ability to get oxygen to the cells efficiently; this lowers blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and decrease body fat.  These are absolute necessities for vitality.

There you have it, 25 great activities that can add years to your life!  Please feel free to share your methods for pampering yourself in the comments field below.

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55 Responses to “25 Fun Ways to Pamper Your Body and Increase Vitality!”

  1. Jason says:

    All good, simple, and common sense ideas… which means nobody actually does them ;)

  2. Ian says:

    Totally agree with #4. I recently moved and the new place is much darker than before. Helps a lot!

  3. Straightforward and effective advice! I do massages regularly and I can attest to the affects of that. I always feel refreshed after an hour or two of pure relaxation. :)

  4. zhereford says:

    Todd, you’ve brought up many points I’ve never considered. Very informative article!

  5. Fireman John says:

    good stuff! you mention things many of us skip over.
    the only thing to add are supplements, and assuring an adequate source of protein thru the day.
    keep up the good work,

  6. Todd says:

    Thanks for the comments guys…
    JOHN– I do mention Fish Oil as a supplement (although its not really a “vitamin”) and I do agree with you about having consistent protein…!

  7. Adam Lehman says:

    great post.

    consider me a subscriber!

  8. h0mefry says:

    Excellente’. This is one of the best articles I’ve seen on maintaining one’s stress.


  9. Todd says:

    Thanks so much Professor! Much appreciated…

  10. ehl37973 says:

    Great article, Todd. For number 22, you can also take a shower before you go to bed. it relaxes your body and get ready for sleep. It has the additional benefit of slightly lowering your body temperature. This helps you not feel like you are being boiled when you get under the covers. When you are comfortable, you will be able to fall asleep faster.

  11. Todd says:

    EHL– Great point…its also great practice to “shake it up” and take a cold shower every once in a while. Cool showers can be very relaxing before bedtime (actually), and I recommend trying it out…

  12. Sam says:

    Deep breathing exercises and concentrative meditation work well for me. The deep slow breathing opens the top and bottom of the lungs, eliminating bacteria, increasing the lungs capacity and oxygenating the blood. The meditation is a stress reducer and gradually leads to a greater understanding and control of your mind. Increasing the ability to concentrate leads to improved memory and cognition.

  13. I believe that a minimum of 60 ounces of water seems more appropriate for a day of average activity. 30 ounces of liquids sounds far too low, & if one’s getting thew remaining fluids from another source, that is definitely no substitute for pure clean water. Also, protein is important, but I definitely believe that the majority of people are way off when it come to how much protein people need. People only need a small fraction of the amount of protein eaten by the average American, not to mention that animal protein, unfortunately, is often the most likely source, but the least healthy source of protein. And on the shower issue, starting off your shower warm and as you approach the end of the shower lowering the temperature gradually until it makes you gasp is good for stimulating the endocrine system.

  14. Todd says:

    Ed– thanks for all the great comments. Regarding the water, it is reported that most Americans drink less than 15 oz per day of water, and although I agree with you that 60 oz is even better, I suggest 30 as a good starting point! Also, great point about the shower…!

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  16. laketrees says:

    great tips here Todd…
    I know I’m guilty when it comes to not drinking enough water…..and we’re planning for a holiday right now….and looking forward to it immensely :)

  17. Todd says:

    Thanks Laketrees– vacation is a terrific time to drink water, flush the system, and get on the path to creating more vitality…have fun!

  18. La Chatte says:

    Thanks for the great tips! I hope you don’t mind me putting this on my blog… I included the link on it.

  19. Todd says:

    Hi La Chatte– I am glad you found the post informative, and absolutely feel free to link to it :)

  20. Cindy says:

    I love this list. I’m going to print it and try to do as many as possible before the end of the year. The Comedy Club is a great idea. Thank you for participating in Fitness for Moms Carnival.

  21. Todd says:

    THANKS Cindy…glad you enjoyed. If you get 15 of them in, you will feel great!! Lete me know how it goes…

  22. Crystalshealingtouch says:

    Another great way to increase vitality is to neti pot regularly. Its an ayurvedic nasal cleansing routine that uses warm water and non-iodized salt. There are also supplements, usually called neti wash, that typically include zinc, goldenseal, phellodendron, and barberry root to name a few. I have had great luck in health since I began using the neti pot and wash.
    Great list!

  23. ioni says:

    Grand merci!
    It is realy nice to find things neatly lined up for everyday use :)

  24. Todd says:

    Thanks Crystal– I JUST learned about the Neti Pot, and was planning to try it out!! Thanks for reminding me…I hear its a great way to cure allergies…?

  25. Joy says:

    I agree with (and sometimes “preach”) a lot of the same things you list. But #7–the hot water bottle was new. I can’t wait to try it!

    Hey–this is the 25th comment on a list of 25. Do I get a prize?? :)

  26. Todd says:

    THANKS for the great comments Joy, and as for the prize (LOL), hmm, let me think about it!

  27. I am a fan of “we are what we eat”. It’s as similar as with cars and gas; If your gas sucks that your engine will malfunction.

    My advice is to prefer fish over meat and eat more vegetables. A Fish has Omega3 and 6 fats which does good for heart and brain.

    In addition to these 25 above mentioned fun ways, you will definately increase your vitality.

    All best Wishes,
    Just a funny little being :)

  28. Todd says:

    FunnY Being– THANK you for the comment, means a lot! And really good points…

  29. elan says:

    I agree each word of yours

  30. Todd says:

    Thank you Elan, I am glad you enjoyed…!

  31. It was really good, listed all essentials for healthy life…
    I just started blog where I can post on few health tips whenever I come across…


  32. Vincnetas says:

    About filtering shower watter :)

    (remember, the skin is the body’s largest organ and we HAVE to take good care of it).

    And also remember the purpose of skin : protect.

    So if it will be treated without any chalange it will not train.

  33. ben says:

    You forgot the social aspect… GO OUT MORE! :)

  34. Todd says:

    Thank you Sumanth!
    Vincnetas– Good point about the shower filter, I know I use one!
    Ben– lol, you are right, being social is very important for vitality.
    THANKS for the comments,

  35. the dude says:

    I think one important one was left out. Masterbate or have sex once a day.

  36. Todd says:

    Your right, the dude, I did leave this one out. I got yelled at :) I put this point in a subsequent article titles: 24 Powerful Relaxation Techniques! Thanks again,

  37. CG Walters says:

    Very good article, Todd. Thank you.
    I had never heard about the water bottle before.
    Peace and wonder,

  38. Todd says:

    Thanks CG– the water bottle is AWESOME. Try it out…

  39. Liam says:

    i like all the tips. its tough though to keep up with it.

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  41. Carly says:

    I liked this list. I do most of these things on a daily basis. First off, I’d like to say that I am a vegetarian. But, in some of my cases, because I am a server in a resturant, I take a bite of this and a bite of that every so often; periodically during the course of my busy, fun day. I am able to maintain, and not only mantain my weight, but I maintain my sugar levels, and I get all the wonderful effects of drinking some water. I drink alot of water every day, and in turn, my skin is coming along beautifully and looks pretty clear ;o LMFAO lmfao

  42. Blue says:

    It’s nice to be reminded of these simple ways to feel better. :)

  43. Frank says:

    Tongue scraper, I never thought about that and I thought I had good oral hygiene…one more fresh chore to add to the morning. thanks dude

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  45. latex beds says:

    Great list, and you’ve brought up some that most people are unaware of. For example, getting a water filter for the shower. Otherwise, lots of chlorine can enter the body … not only through the skin, but it has been shown that significant amounts can be inhaled in the shower. I’ve definitely noticed better vitality and healthier skin since I got a shower filter.

    Tongue scraper is also great … I think it helps my digestion, as it removes a lot of bacteria from the mouth, and some dentists feel it can reduce tooth decay.

  46. Mr.Krikkit says:

    For everybody reading this,
    This is my personal expierence,

    Try pulling your stumache muscles, 3 seconds inhale, relaxe, exhale 6 seconds, continue until you feel very very, and i mean quite uncomftirble you will feel sweat on your back, continue and andvisue your breath circulating throughout your stomache, and then you will know who you are.

    but still this is the beginning.
    but for me it is a milestone.

    Nameste, (indian bullshit probaly, or is it :D )
    Good look to you all, and succes with your lives.)

    With friendly Greetings.


  47. Kim Bonsteel says:

    I love all the suggestions, but tongue scraping is a yogic practice, not Chinese. Chinese medicine says that a healthy tongue is a fresh, vital pink with a thin, white coat all over, moist but not wet, not greasy, sticky, or yellow. No scraping is thought to be necessary. It’s possible that the healthy tongue is coated with beneficial bacteria. Your acupuncturist will shoot you if you scrape your tongue before a visit :-P

    • Yaseng says:

      * I’m an acupuncturist and I’m grateful for what Kim just noted. A healthy tongue does not have a tofu-like coat or discoloration from what she described; look at a grade schooler’s tongue. That’s what it’s suppose to look like.
      * “Namaste” means “the divine in me honors the divine in you” (said with hands in prayer position and bowing).
      * get your skin scrubbed super clean and soft in Korean spas for only $60-80/hour; thereby not only toughening and beautifying your protective layer but also boosting your immune defense (lung qi function).
      * we are often exposed to massive doses of positve ions (inflammatory, allergenic) via electronics/appliances, smog, Santa Ana winds, etc. A great way to get mega doses of the opposite is to take off to the mountains, lakes (waterfalls is optimal), and beachws (waves crashing really up the positive ions); you can do that at home by taking showers (with that filter mentioned by others), and even better by alternating warm and cold water (not for those with already low blood pressure).
      * Alkaline foods–greens, greens, and more greens–combat the inflammatory acidic kinds (meats, fried, processed, sweet, … you know, most of the traditional American diet). Look into incorporating tofu, wakame and konbu (seaweeds), among others.
      * spicy (hot pepper) foods should not be overdone by those with “empty fire” or those with dry mouths, pressure headaches, night-time gassiness (that noisy, bloating sensation), skin dryness and itching…it boosts metabolism and adds a zing to foods though.

      I really appreciate information about living a life full of vitality and would love to know what other sites you all know of.
      BTW: my website is not complete yet; setting up shop in Seal Beach, CA this time.

  48. this article really is one of the best on healthy and stress free living.I hope I can make full use of it in every way.Thank you very much.

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  51. Brian Schamp says:

    These were great tips…especially the leafy greens:) I appreciate your work on putting this information together. Easy to read format…good job!

    Brian Schamp @BrianSchamp

  52. Seth says:

    Great article man, if you use these 25 points, it can change your life into new levels.

  53. What a great list and some I’d forgotten about, esp. the idea to warm our core with a hot water bottle, with the end of summer now where I live, a simple practical idea like that helps me to welcome the winter. Namasté

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