24 Hours Of Living 'In The Flow'


Have you ever experien

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ced a period of time where it felt like everything you did was perfectly in flow with the way you should be living your life? When it happens you usually encounter a high frequency of coincidences, or what I prefer to call synchronicities.

Most people

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dismiss these experiences as just random acts in the random play of life. I could not disagree more! The moments you are truly living in the flow (and it could be for an hour, a day, or even weeks and months on end) are the times you

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have access to the universal wisdom that lies within each of us.

And this wisdom holds the key to living a life with excitement, success, fulfillment and love we all desire! Therefore it is imperative not to dismiss the times you experience high degrees of synchronicity, but rather bask in its wonderful flow with attuned awareness and consciousness.

It is also important to share these stories with friends and loved ones, as living in the flow is contagious…the more we talk about it and think about it, the more it happens.

Which brings me to MY tale:

A few weeks ago I was travelling back from LA on business, and the morning of my flight was the beginning of 24 hours of very intense coincidence and synchronicity.

It began at dinner with a bunch of colleagues as a friend shared a very emotional story of something that happened to him in the past, the date of which became quite significant in his life.

Almost on cue, Keri (one of the other people at the table) and I blurted out “what’s the date”? It turned out to be September 20 and Keri and I looked each other and she said ‘yea, that’s my birthday’.

Keri explained that she just knew he was going to say that date. The gentleman next to Keri then shared that his eldest son was born on September 20. The person next to him then explained that September 20 is the day her mother died.

Another friend chimed in that his eldest sister is born on that date. Besides me, everyone at the table had a significant story regarding September 20! It was an eerie (and very cool) few moments…and the connection between those at the table was palpable.

Synchronicity 30,000 Feet In The Air

The next morning I get on a plane back to New York, exhausted from the long trip and passed out. A few hours into the flight the girl next to me taps my leg (while I was sleeping) and says “excuse me, but if you are bored and need something to read I have an extra book on my bag”.

I looked at her for a second as if to say “are you kidding me…you wake me up to exchange pleasantries”, but I just go with it and ask ‘what book’. Of course it turns out to be the Eckhart Tolle A New Earth book, which I have written about a lot on this site.

This sparks a pretty deep conversation and we ended up talking for close to three hours. It turns out my new ‘friend’ is going through a pretty serious awakening process and there were many similarities, or coincidences, between us. I guess there was a reason she felt compelled to wake me up!

Upon landing, I had to go directly to a meeting for yet another start-up venture I am involved. This project’s leader is a particularly bright and engaging individual named Derrick Ashong (from the band Soulflege, The SHIFT movie trailer, and a few infamous YouTube videos).

I got to the meeting just as Derrick was starting his explanation of the business, and listened with great interest as he described a launch event in New York City this fall on…you got it, September 20. I almost fell off my chair, and shared with the folks at the meeting my dinner experience from the night before. Synchronicity working its magic…

The Next 12 Hours

The next morning I woke up and went to my usual diner for breakfast. I have become friendly with one of the waitresses there (she always sees me reading books on meditation, self improvement and the like) and upon seeing me says “OH, where have you been, I’ve been waiting for you and have some stuff you might enjoy”.

She then hands me a bag with a few books and a CD by a local Cellist I told her I liked. One of the books concerned Yoga practice, and seeing it tipped me off that there is a local Yoga studio that I have been meaning to check out for some time…and that today might be the perfect day to do it.

You see, a few weeks before I received an email from the business development manager of this particular Yoga studio after she did a search on the ‘caterpillar to butterfly’ phenomenon and found my article on Google.

She became intrigued by We The Change and saw I was located in New York City and sent me a very nice email. After some communication, she suggested I come into the studio and take a free class.

SO, after a few hours of catching up on emails I went over to Lafayette street to check it out. I walked into the studio and it was pretty much closed (it was the middle of the day and they only have classes in the mornings and evenings). BUT there was one person there: Kristen, the girl who had written me the email.

The two of us hit it off right away, and got into an hour conversation about all sorts of things. One of the major coincidences was that she used to date Daniel Pinchbeck, the author of 2012 The Return of Quetzalcoatl (the book I was reading and in my bag at the time).

She then told me a story of how a few years ago she spent an entire summer in a state of love. I was intrigued by this and asked her what this felt like. She explained that during this time she was constantly enveloped in feelings of grace, peace and acceptance.

She also realized that this is how human beings were supposed to feel ALL the time, and that love and non-resistance were our natural states…and stress and anxiety were mind-made constructs.

Living in Continual ‘Love’?

On the way home from speaking with her, I gave the idea of living in a constant state of love some thought. Was it really possible to live this way all the time? I stopped off to pick up some lunch and walked into my apartment. I turned on the TV for the first time in about 2 weeks and the first thing I heard was Hugh Grant’s voice in the movie LOVE, Actually.

Of course this movie was on, given the conversation I just had and the day of synchronicity I was ensconced (FYI, if you have not seen this film, it is AWESOME and I highly recommend it)!

SO, I sat there and watched this movie which is all about Love and the various forms it comes. When it ended I realized that it had been exactly 24 hours since I landed from Los Angeles. I reflected on the events and got the sense that I had been living in a state of grace, acceptance and love, and that the 24 hours were full of flow and synchronicity.

In The End…

I feel that these moments are the universe’s way of telling us “you are on the right path”. I believe it is our job to manifest these synchronicities in our lives, and to experience with heightened awareness the wonderful feelings of flow they provide. OR, you can simply be resistant, combative and constantly unfulfilled with life. We all have this choice…which sounds better to you??

Photo Above By Cheryl

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26 Responses to “24 Hours Of Living 'In The Flow'”

  1. Speaking of synchronicity Todd, just as I clicked this article the song “Strange” by Built To Spill started playing from iTunes. Coincidence? I don’t know. Probably not.

    It’s so easy to get caught up in the drama and hectic nature of day to day life. Returning to that state of love and awareness is so important. It’s what I live for, and I think what we all search for. We only need to realize that it’s available here, now, in the present. Of course, the search is half the fun. =)

  2. Thank you for sharing this story, and glad you are back to blogging!

    I’ve been thinking for a few days how the seemingly small things in life, the mini decisions we make in everyday life, work into the big picture of life, especially in our intention to live a joyous and peaceful life. This post shows it clearly. Thanks again.

  3. How exciting! :) I have observed that the more I notice synchronicities, the more they seem to happen. I’m not yet sure if they actually happen more, or I’m just attuned to them so I notice them more.

    What I do know is that, like you, I can no longer ignore them. They are FAR too significant… and now it seems they are happening all the time.

    On your quote:

    “I gave the idea of living in a constant state of love some thought. Was it really possible to live this way all the time?”

    I believe it is possible based on my experiences with gratitude. On a few occasions, I’ve been in a “state” of gratitude where it did not matter if what was happening to me was “good” or “bad,”… I wasn’t grateful FOR something, I was simply grateful.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that love can be the same way. We can be love… or loving, without a reason or attachment to the result.

    I am interested to explore this further…

    Thanks for sharing your synchronicities! I always enjoy reading about this stuff because it seems to awaken within me more synchronicities in my own experiences as well…

    Sort of like the ‘Yawn Effect’ :)

  4. Tim Brownson says:

    No BS I swear this is true, as I started reading this post I had Itunes playing in the background and you would never believe what came on!!! Yes it was indeed ‘Necessary Evil’ by Napalm Death! What a coincidence, eh?

    No seriously, it was Summer of Love by Factor 15. Ok, not amazing, but kind of interesting.

    Good story man!

  5. Brad Baggett says:


    It is really great to have you back writing again, I have missed your inspiration!

    I really like your term synchronicity better than coincidence because everything in this World is connected and happens for a reason. We are all “synched” with each other and the more everyone realizes it the faster CHANGE can happen.


  6. I realized I was completely engrossed in reading this post as I thought back to the last time I felt such a flow. I’ve experienced it so I know exactly what you mean and I suppose I catch myself looking to ‘ride that wave’ again.

    But as you pointed out, things like resistance get in the way.

    And *smile* a summer of love. I wouldn’t say I had an entire season but there have been periods of times where I just went with it and I was genuinely happy and appreciative. The people around me often noticed and commented..

    This is one inspiring piece that I just really needed right now. Thanks!

  7. Yes you had me from beginning to end as well. This is a captivating story and a fine piece of writing. Thomas Leonard said that synchronicities were the intersection of you and opportunity. Thanks for the lovely reminder.

  8. Hi Todd,

    Thanks for sharing your story in such a meaningful way.

    I too, am trying to live in each moment – it’s difficult, but worth it when it happens.

  9. Todd,

    I’m struck by the notion that synchronicity (and/or our awareness of synchronicity) is the result of living life in a particular way… a way that finds our thoughts, words, and actions aligned with our greater purpose.

    I think there’s a fluidity of perspective that allows allows people to glimpse these synchronicities and embrace them.

    Thanks for living the example!


  10. Synchronicities are everywhere, and I think that becoming aware of these is a significant step on the journey of self-awareness. I don’t believe in coincidence, the more you look, everything happens for a reason.

  11. Robin says:

    I pretty well have the “in the flow” thing happening most of the time – I notice more when it ISN’T happening, and take some time out to reconnect with myself (even if I just need to change an attitude).

    Thanks for your post

    Cheers, Robin

  12. Chris Edgar says:

    Thanks for this inspiring post. I’d add that one method I use of keeping myself in a state of “flow,” whether I’m working or playing, is to catch myself each time I start thinking about my agenda or what I want to achieve with what I’m doing. When I find myself “self-seeking” in what I’m doing, I try to focus all my attention back on just doing the activity, and that restores my productivity and peace.

    For example, if I’m writing and I start worrying about what editors are going to think of my article (“self-seeking”), my productivity will drop because I’m going to second-guess every word of my piece. But if my attention is simply and entirely on the task of writing, my quality and efficiency go way up.

  13. Todd:

    First let me say that I’m so grateful that there is a way for readers to correspond directly with the author of articles because it allows anyone (me) to express my excitement, opinion, thoughts, etc.

    I love the topic of synchronicity because I’ve experienced it countless times, leaving me (each and every time) in a state of awe. It never ceases to amaze me how perfect the universe is.

    My church even created an event around the topic of “in the flow” because it’s so powerful!

    This article was extremely captivating – and it made me wonder what was going on “behind the scenes in the universe.” I tend to like to figure things out which could actually be a downfall or “character defect” if you will. I am continually reminding myself of the need to let go and simply be in awe. If I’m meant to learn the meaning behind something, it’ll come to me.

    Another reason I liked today’s post so much is becuase I’ve been experiencing a series of events that can only be described as being in the flow (where everything seems to be unfolding naturally and with ease). All of a sudden people are inviting me for interviews that can only be gifts, including a nationally syndicated columnist and a writer from Forbes. It’s all happening naturally without much effort on my part.


    Because of being in the flow. Embracing the mysteries of life and letting the philosophy of “time picks you, you don’t p;ick time” work to your advantage. Trust that when your time comes, it will. But not on your terms.

    Thanks, thanks, thanks. I really enjoyed this Todd. Keep sharing – I love your style. :)

  14. Marelisa says:

    Hi Todd: I think that synchronicity is a way to speed up how fast we get the good things that are coming to us, if we choose to pay attention to them. For example, you feel compelled to talk to a stranger sitting next to you, but you choose to ignore the feeling and miss the opportunity. It turns out this stranger had the missing element that you needed to be able to launch your new business. Without that information, it takes you several more months to launch your business than it would have if you had followed your hunch and spoken to him. You have a great blog here.

  15. [...] 24 Hours Of Living ‘In The Flow’ [...]

  16. Hey, thanks for sharing your experience! As an artist I try to cultivate being in that wonderful space as much as possible. However, I also find many distracting demands on my time that can hinder the process. Well, it is always a work in progress…

  17. Adam says:

    I remember this state, from when I was a child. I had frequent DeJa Vu.
    Then I learned to lie, and gradually all this ended. That’s the part I remember.
    In recent years I’ve been trying to improve myself as human being, after making some mistakes in life, and ended up “learning from it” the hard way.
    Don’t get me wrong and misunderstand me right here.
    I’m not enlighten yet. I think I stand on the verge of finally understanding what I did wrong and why. I stand before the path, I just don’t see it yet. Time has proven me to be slow learner, I guess because the basics of my natural humanity have been altered by people and society, in a way that is all but harmonic.
    For me the start of my awakening was “The Celestine Prophecy” which I read in 2000.
    I’ve been feeling this clock in me, ticking all my life. Sometimes it ticks very loud. Sometimes it just stops, to start again, and so on, later.
    I don’t know significance of this, I thought at some points that I’m going mad, at other that this is how you feel when you are about to die.
    Well 34 years, I’m still around, the clock is ticking quietly, and I’m feeling sometimes, for short periods of time, being in sync with other things and people for some reason, that I cannot grasp.
    Seen the Zeitgeist, and agree with some of the ideas, but I don’t seem to share faith in humanity in such extent as the authors. Digital or real “communism” cannot exist, since all of us are equipped with an ego since birth.
    Most of us don’t separate this “greatest enemy” from the real us, and pay consequences over, and over again.
    I guess “the revolver” has a point or two.
    I’m happy that I found this blog, and maybe reading about other people awakening, might help me and those close to me awaken too.
    Keep it going

  18. Farouk says:

    i always feel like that when i wake up early and start working on time, whenever i had to travel to another city for work (which happens frequently) distractions happen

  19. Haz says:

    I came across this as I have been looking to learn how to live in the flow. Synchronistically (?) my mother’s birthday is September 20th .. and there is some personal significance to me coming across this article.

  20. Simeon says:

    I just wonder why it is that the wonderful periods of living in the flow of the Universe are always temporary and seem to just come and go at a random. How can we deliberately harness and make them permanent states?

    • Larry says:

      Hi Todd,
      Thanks for writing this neat little piece. I don’t remember where I first came across the word synchronicity, but I’m thinking it was in a book by Tom Wolfe, and written in the late 60s, a time I don’t like to remember much. Back here in the 21st, a dear friend I’ve known only a few months has been trying to get me plugged into each moment and to the author of those moments who she says is just dying to tell me the story that will include me as a featured actor if I will only watch and listen and allow the story to unfold, and ask to be guided through it.

      My sweet and wise and amazing friend sent me an email yesterday with a link to this page, and as is usual with what she offers me, your message hits the spot. I think it is not too late to get in the flow. Thanks.

  21. Larry D Smith says:

    I have found myself in a state of constant love for the past two weeks. I came upon this blog in perfect timing. Thanks.

  22. Stu Galloway says:

    Thank you. My pathway to this state was Abraham-Hicks, the original source of the Law of Attraction. They call that Wonderful state being in the Vortex. Plug Abraham-Hicks into the search box above YouTube to see for yourself. Below their own channel are hundreds of more clips posted by their students/fans. After reading their books and listening to their clips I feel that I am ‘in the Vortex’ the majority of each day.

  23. Cesar says:

    Hi, Todd! Greetings from Portugal!

    I loved your post! You are right, we’re supposed to live constantly in this flow of love and grace and if you look closely, all the books on spirituality say the same:
    Eckhart says it is Presence, Penney Peirce calls it home frequency, Kryon calls it the neutral state or the Golden Chamber, Nale Donald Walsch wrote these books on how we are a part of God or Source Energy and Abraham calls it the Vortex.
    All these authors end up encouraging us to meditate and try other ways of increasing our vibration in order to keep us in this state of grace. As Kryon said, “you can have all the treasures that are in the chamber of abundance, but first you’ll have to open the chamber of peace”, and this is the best way I know to put this. Presence, living the present moment and accepting it, causes us to have the most amazing feelings of gratitude, love, grace, it makes you feel like you want to hug everyone and tell them they’re wonderful.
    By the way, I’m so glad I found this blog :)


  24. Kristi combs says:

    My birthday is Sept 20th

    Im a former yoga teacher.

    My favorite symbol is the butterfly; and I used the caterpillar to butterfly analogy very often while teaching.

    I am a practicing LOA female.. my boyfriend is an LOA Life Coach…

    Apparently … Im in the flow…. just WOW… :)

  25. LaMont Wheat says:

    Its so funny I am in the flow now. I randomly clicked on this email and read your article and ironically my partner for the last 12 years birthday is on September 20. When I took a chance to live my dream of being a full time songwriter and recording artist and quit my corporate job in Texas; packed my car up and moved out to Los Angeles I was given a place to live by a technician who serviced my clients in LA… Yes his birthday is on September 20. I’m a cancer, and so when he (my techy freind) was having issues dating I hooked up a profile for him on a date site. The first female he connected with happen to be a cancer and within six months they were married and now 5 years later have a baby daughter.

    I experienced an awakening moment last July and what an amazing journey.


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