22 Ways To Give THANKS During The Holidays!


Since Thanksgiving fell on the 22nd of the month this year, here is a list of 22 things we can ALL give thanks for during the holiday season:

1. Our Elders
We would not be here if it was not for the people who brought us into the world.  Say “thank you” to the elderly, and do your part to make them feel welcome and comfortable during the holidays.

2. Friends
Life wouldn’t mean a whole lot if we didn’t have other people to share our experiences.  Be grateful for your friends and for all those you get along with.   

3. Music
It rocks us.  It relaxes us.  It exhilarates us. In all, music makes us feel SO good. Appreciate the music you have in your

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4. New Ideas
Human beings are SO creative and ingenious; we should give thanks to our inherent ability to generate new ideas!

5. The Power of Forgiveness
We are all born with the ability to forgive others, and we should be most grateful for this trait.  This is a wonderful time of the year to forgive someone you normally wouldn’t.

6. Family
Whomever you consider “family”, give thanks to them.  These are the people who will be there for you unconditionally.

7. All The Wonderful Things Going On Across The Globe
There are so many wonderful humanitarian events that deserve our awareness and thanks.  This holiday season, put your attention on all the positivity going on in the world! 

8. Children
They can be innocent, fragile, and adorable but they are also the future of mankind.  Say a prayer for the wonderful future we are creating for them.

9. Love
Love is what gives meaning to our lives and we should stop for a moment and give thanks to our most important emotion, however it reveals itself to us.

10. The Sun
The sun sustains life and allows each of us to flourish on Planet Earth.  Say a small prayer for the sun this holiday season!

11. Things You Don’t Know
Give gratitude for all there is to learn during your lifetime.  Realize that learning never has to end if you don’t want it to.

12. FOOD
What a great time of year to sit back and truly savor the food that nourishes you, makes you strong, and keeps you healthy!

13. Your Teachers
Who are you most valued teachers?  Say a silent prayer for the guidance they have given you.  Commit yourself to becoming a teacher for others.

14. Books
Books are the expression of human creativity and knowledge.  Commit this holiday season to reading good books and sharing in their joy!

15. The Internet
This incredible platform allows us to learn from and connect with people all over the world.  It is truly fantastic!

16. Your Breath
The breath is always there, sustaining our lives.  Be aware of it and thankful for it even for a little while.

17. Your Internal Organs
Your organs sustain your life, but how often do you put awareness towards them and give thanks for the hard work they do?  This is a great time of year to do this.

18. Planet Earth
Planet Earth is home to us all.  Saying a collective “thank you” for all the wonderful things it provides is always a good idea.

19. Your Dwelling
Look around in the place you live, and really give gratitude for its comforts and positive attributes.

20. Rain and Snow
They give us water which allows life to flourish on the planet.  Appreciate the rain and snow for how vital they really are.

21. Sports
Whether you play sports or are a spectator, give gratitude for the human competitive fire that resides in all of us!

22. The Power of Giving
Humans are giving creatures by nature, and we should be grateful for this wondrous ability.  This is also a great time of year to practice unconditional giving by volunteering your time to those needier than you.

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5 Responses to “22 Ways To Give THANKS During The Holidays!”

  1. Peter says:

    I’ve never celebrated Thanksgiving before in my life (I am from Australia), and yet this year since moving to Canada I feel like I have celebrated it twice (we celebrated it here a month or two ago)! I love the message (ie to give thanks) behind the holiday so it’s no big deal. THANKS for the great article Todd.

  2. Great list, Todd. People tend to think that we need MAJOR things before we can be grateful, but the irony is that by showing gratitude for the little things, the major things come about as a natural result.

    Thanks for sharing this list, Todd!

  3. Great list, but for me every day is Thanksgiving. My recipe for happiness is: Ask yourself every day:

    What’s good about my life?
    What needs to be done?
    How can I get this done and enjoy the process?

  4. SowLove says:

    Greetings Everyone-

    Todd, ‘Thank You’ for a great article. It opened my eyes to new things for which I can and will be ‘Thankful’ for.


  5. Todd says:

    No problem SowLove, I am GLAD you liked it!

    JEAN– those are great questions to start your day off!

    Peter– Thanksgiving is the BEST, and I am glad it is becoming a part of your life!

    And Aaron– That really is a great post.

    Thanks for sharing!

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