11 Creative Ways to Enjoy a Wedding


This past weekend, my girlfriend and I attended a good friend’s wedding in Florida.  Because I have observed over 20 nuptials in the last 3 years (I am just at that age) I have become a certified expert when it comes to knowing how to enjoy oneself at other people’s weddings!

When you attend a large number of these occasions, it is easy to forget how special each one is.  Two people have decided to share the rest of their lives together, and have invited you to share in their most sacred moment. 

Here are 12 excellent practices you can engage during other people’s weddings and contribute a positive burst of energy to the event:

1. Arrive On Time for the Ceremony

Although many of us think of weddings as a big party, there is also that little part in the beginning where two people make a deep commitment to spend the rest of their lives together.  The ceremony is a wonderful time to give silent prayer to the new couple and also reflect, with gratitude, on the relationships you have going on in your life.  Remember– this is why the couple invited you, to see them tie the knot, and just for the open bar.  

2. Write a Handwritten Card

Write a sincere, heart-felt, and handwritten card wishing the couple all the best for the future.  Take your time and use words that make sense for your relationship with them.  This one little activity will mean a lot to your friends or loved ones, and make the memories even more meaningful!

3. Give Cash

For most new couples, cash is the best thing you can give as a present.  There are innumerable variables involved with the joining of two lives, and giving them a pink vase, no matter how beautiful you think it is, may not be the best thing for the new twosome.  Let them decide what to do with their wedding day accumulations!

4. Give Them More Money Than You Initially Planned

Once you decide on a number to give, add 20% and then write the check!  Giving abundantly spreads positive energy and will yield wonderful things for you in the long term.  There is no

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better time to practice the art of “abundant giving” than at a wedding.

5. Eat the Cake

The cake is the physical manifestation of the party:  it’s typically lavish, decadent, and made with great care.  Ditch your diet for the night and have a piece or two and relish in the sugary delight of marriage!

6. Compliment the Hosts on the Food and Decorations

Although I have not had my own, I am well aware of the incredible amount of time and hard work that goes into planning a wedding.  Make it a point to tell the bride, groom and their families how terrific everything is—the food, the music, the flowers, the attire, etc…This will make them feel really good and contribute to the positive vibe!

7. Make It a Celebration For You Too!

Weddings do not only have to be a festivity for the happy couple.  In fact, I highly recommend taking this time and make it a special occasion for you as well.  If you are married, make it a long weekend with your spouse.  If you are attending with college buddies, make it more meaningful by planning a few dinners or spa packages.  Weddings are events that bring people together, so make the most of it!!

8. Travel For It

On the same note, many people nowadays are having “destination weddings”.  Instead of complaining about it, make it a mini-vacation!

9. Dance with Older Relatives

They are there at every wedding you go to:  grandparents, great uncles, great aunts and older generations of the celebrating families.  If you really watch them, the elders are usually the happiest and most fulfilled people at these occasions and it is a wonderful practice to grab Aunt Beatrice or Grandpa Chuck and have a whirl with them.  Their gratitude will certainly rub off and you might even learn something interesting about the history of the families you are celebrating with!

10. Be the Last People to Leave

Staying until the last song is sung will allow you more time to stay in celebration mode.  Where are you rushing off to anyway?  Hang out and dance, eat and talk with friends as long as you can.  Remember, this day is all about the bride and groom, and being the last people to leave shows that you really enjoyed yourself and that their party was a success.

11. Send a Follow-up Email Afterwards Giving Thanks

A few days after the wedding, send a quick email to the bride and groom (and anyone else with whom it makes sense) and tell them what a wonderful time you had.  Describe a funny anecdote that happened to you during their wedding; this will make the experience more substantive and memorable for all of you!

Weddings are a time of merriment, and we should make the most of these happy occasions when they are brought into our lives.  The advice in this article provides a few simple reminders for doing so :)

Picture above by Andrew Morrell

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5 Responses to “11 Creative Ways to Enjoy a Wedding”

  1. Hi Todd, GREAT tips for a wedding! My husband and I look forward to the dancing and socializing a wedding has to offer as well. Meeting new people who are also happy to be celebrating the joining of the couple and after they have had a few is a good way to form a quick bond! : ) The year I got married we had 7 other weddings so know where you are. It is nice to notice the individuality of the weddings and how much care went into planning. Ours was in the middle of the woods — we had 130 people drive 3 1/2 hours from NYC and got married in the beautiful outdoors on my mom’s property. 35 campers that night including ourselves — not traditional but VERY fun! Thanks for the tips! Gratefully, Jenny

  2. Peter says:


    Did your girlfriend help you make this list? I bet she could easily think of a “12″. Hint: it involves a chapel and a white bridal dress. Haha… :)


  3. Todd says:

    Peter– LOL (and you’re right, by the way)!

    Jennifer– thank you for the thoughtful comments and your wedding sounded amazing! Getting married in the woods like that is like a dream to me :)

  4. ZHereford says:

    What a creative, thoughtful post! I think everyone going to a wedding should read this.

    Any thoughts about your own? :)

  5. Todd says:

    LOL, Thanks Z! And yes, i’m thinking about it :)

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