10 Simple Ways to NEVER Get Sick Again

There is certainly no shortage of information about things we can do to maintain an illness-free and healthy lifestyle. Perhaps our biggest challenge is deciphering which nuggets of information are beneficial and which aren’t so great!

Developing a preventative mindset may be the true answer to long-term health, and it is necessary for each of us to implement practices which prevent sickness and disease before they happen.


Imagine never having to delve in the world of doctors, hospitals and pharmaceuticals until the very end (when it’s absolutely necessary).

Wellness guru Dr. Andrew Weil is famous for saying that he wants to live only as long as he is able to maintain a full-range of health, awareness and vitality…and have his life “culminate with rapid decline” at the end. Living as long as we can while being as vibrant and healthy as possible—that seems like a worthwhile goal to me (and the purpose of this article)!

So how do you start integrating preventative measures in your life? Here is a list of 10 practices that will help you stay away from hospitals, feel healthier and live longer:

1. See a Chiropractor

The roots of chiropractic care can be traced all the way back to the beginning of recorded time. Hippocrates, the Greek physician, who lived from 460 to 357 B.C., declares in one of his writings “get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases”. Effective chiropractic care: inhibits spinal degeneration, restores normal nerve supply, improves immunity, allows better sleep, prevents surgery, and slows the aging process. This is preventative lifestyle at its finest.

2. Laugh HARD

Falling on the floor laughing is one of the best things you can do to prevent sickness from entering your life. Laughing boosts immunity, strengthens the heart, and improves lung function among a myriad of other benefits! Making a habit of renting funny movies, going to comedy clubs and watching Saturday morning cartoons like you did when you were a kid (SpongeBob Squarepants is actually hysterical…I have to admit) can add several years to your life!


3. Scatter your Workouts

“Shaking up” your workout routine is a great way to stay healthy over the long-term. Too often we get stuck in exercise patterns that do not promote a diverse experience for the body and mind. Although you may feel like you are doing a really good thing by concentrating on one routine, you may be limiting yourself. People who only do Yoga need to lift weights; people who focus solely on weights need should do more Yoga! Doing the unexpected creates a wonderful “pop of opposites” in the body (a major component of Yin Yang theory). I’m not saying to ditch your favorite workout, but changing it up can strengthen a wider variety of muscles and tendons, increase your heart rate and intensify mental clarity!

4. Sleep at least 7 hours a night

Making a habit of sleeping well is the number one thing you can do to boost your health and longevity, and if you follow no other suggestions on this list try and implement this one. It has become widely accepted that the risk for developing disease increases significantly for people who get less than 6 or 7 hours of sleep each night. Furthermore, lack of sleep has been associated with the worsening of blood pressure and cholesterol, and increases risk factors for heart disease and stroke. Sleeping adequately reduces stress, lowers inflammation in the cells, and makes you more alert.


5. See an Acupuncturist

The basic premise of acupuncture, and much of Chinese medicine, is that all sickness we encounter is the result of obstruction to our naturally flowing life-force (or “Chi”). Practitioners treat conditions that are a result of Chi becoming stuck, depleted or weakened and thus making the individual susceptible to illness. Acupuncture benefits the improvement of physical health conditions as well as affective disorders and instills a feeling of increased mental clarity. Acupuncture is an invaluable tool for long-term and sustainable health (And no, the needles are not bad at all)!

6. Meditate

Meditation is the practice of silencing the mind, and can increase your health and vitality beyond measure. When your mind is silenced and focused on a particular part of the body, the blood flow to that part increases and cells receive significantly more oxygen and other nutrients. Continuous meditation practice has been shown to strengthen the mind, and enables it to execute projects more efficiently. Meditation also leads to the following: deeper levels of relaxation; increased blood flow; a lower heart rate; an enhanced immune system…and it can build self confidence! A truly wonderful way

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to add healthy years to your life!

7. Perform Cardiovascular Exercise at least 4 times a week

Integrating at least 20 minutes of cardio workout a minimum of 4 times a week is a wonderful preventative measure to take. “Cardio” increases the capacity of the lungs to provide oxygen to the blood and improves the hearts ability to transport oxygenated blood to the cells. What is considered an acceptable heart-rate during a cardio routine depends on many factors (age, weight, general health) but no matter what kind of shape you think you are in you can lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and decrease body fat by consistently getting the heart rate up!

8. Stretch

Stretching prevents injury by increasing the length of both your muscles and tendons. This leads to an increased range of movement, which means your limbs and joints can move further and (often) thwarts injury before it occurs. Stretching also ensures that your muscles and tendons are in good working order and conditions them to handle the rigors of sport and exercise. Furthermore, regular stretching improves blood circulation and increases energy levels! A great time to stretch is first thing in the morning, and is an incredible preventative activity to integrate!


9. Eat Organic Food

In my article The 5 Greatest Foods For Your Health, I covered some fantastic foods for longevity. I did NOT mention the importance of food quality and think it’s important to add “eating organic food” as a critical factor leading to long-term health. Bottom line, you want the least chemicals in your body as possible and eating as much organic fare as you can limits the amount of pesticide and chemicals you ingest. There is much ambiguity in the scientific community concerning the role of pesticides in human disease…but your best bet is to stay as far away from them as possible!

10. Be Wary of Medications

This is the only recommendation on this list that has a negative spin to it (where I suggest “not” do something) but I think it’s important to note the potential dangers of our pharmaceutical friendly society. There are tens of millions of people in the U.S. alone dependent on drugs, and I think its necessary to ponder whether or not this is a good thing. Although proponents of pharmaceuticals will point to the increasing longevity of human beings as a sign that they are good for us, I think what is really needed are some new statistics. Perhaps something like: “longevity while living with independence, strength and happiness” will do the trick. For more information about the drawbacks of pharmaceuticals, read my article on 8 Realizations About the Pharmaceutical Industry.

In conclusion, cultivating a “preventative lifestyle” means habituating a way of living that inhibits illness from ever taking a hold of you. Amid all the clutter out there it is absolutely imperative for each of us to begin taking responsibility for our own health. The recommendations in this article are holistic and timeless, and can get you on the right track for living 100+ years with full awareness and fulfillment…so try them out!

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42 Responses to “10 Simple Ways to NEVER Get Sick Again”

  1. Peter says:

    Todd, I needed this article LAST WEEK before I got sick :) .

  2. Dave says:

    No. 10. It’s easy to say that when you don’t fight a daily battle with depression. Drugs have kept me alive. Not happy, at least alive. You can’t possibly imagine how it feels to have everything you’ve ever wanted in life and want desperately to kill yourself.

    Honest, it’s not just whining.

    • ... says:

      to be honest. i dont think anti depresents are a good thing. they dont make you happy you have to get out there and get involved and active in your own life.
      happiness is a state of mind. its in your own power and control not that of some drug.

      • Zelby says:

        Happiness for Dave wouldn’t even be POSSIBLE if it weren’t for antidepressants. Medication for some people who are clinically depressed gives them a chance to achieve the happy “state of mind” and be content. And this is a good article but you’re not helping Dave by telling him it’s his fault for being depressed and telling him even antidepressants are bad when it is proven that clinical depression is a result of an imbalance of chemicals and hormone levels in the brain, not “a choice”.

        • Sassy says:

          Dave Zelby is correct. Happiness is a state of mind. Its how you think about life. Its also has a lot to do with the foods you eat. Americans have been lied to on many occasion to get us to take drugs, but food, exercise, what we think and drink. Stress is also a state of mind. It wanting to be there when your here. It hurts to know were the cause of our own problems. You need to eat foods that make you happy, detox cause the toxins will have you in a depressed state when your health is not good. Try spirulina, chyrophyll, bentonite, aloe vera juice, nettle leaf, lecithin, drink alkaline water, meditate, eat more vegetables and less meat.

  3. Ian says:

    Great article. A little late for me, but from now on!

  4. Todd says:

    Dave, I am sorry to hear, and you’re right I do not know how that feels. I hope some of the other recommendations were helpful, and I like your blog!

  5. Dave says:

    Thanks, didn’t mean to be mean. Just in pain today.

  6. Jason says:

    I know how that feels, Dave… I managed to get over it, myself (I don’t suffer from depression for more than a couple hours at longest now), but I do remember it. It really stinks to feel like you don’t care about anything, like nothing is important. If there’s anything I can do, let me know.

  7. val dobre says:

    Very intersting, please detail what you meqan by ‘Cardiovascular Exercise’

  8. Todd says:

    Hi Val– You can use the cue “warm and slightly out of breath” to gauge your aerobic activity, or you can get more precise and use heart rate. I recommend the heart rate method for calculating a target heart rate (more exact). Aerobic exercise falls in the range from 40% to 85% of your maximum heart rate. Again, these #s will vary according to age, health and other factors but you can plug in your own values to find your aerobic range on many health sites…there is a good one at emedicinehealth.com! Hope this helps,

  9. Hi,
    Thank you for posting this article. I have used a lot of the methods you used and similar ones to heal myself of several chronic illnesses and chronic pain. I was told I could not do it and would feel worse. The mind is very powerful and you can use it to aide in healing. I am not against all medications — I know there are people that can’t be without some. But I think it is important that an integrative approach is used and that doctors start telling patients medications are not the only mean of controlling pain. If I had taken my drs. advice and stayed on the meds and taken them as prescribed I would be in very bad shape right now. I was only on the pain pills a short time and already was needing more and was becoming less tolerant of ANY pain when they worse off. Instead I am pain free and pain med free. Thanks for the post! Jenny

  10. Todd says:

    Jennifer, this is GREAT feedback. Wow, amazing story about “if you would have” taken the drs. advise…I hear this all too often. I am glad you were able to figure things out by taking responsibility for your own health!

  11. Hi
    All said above in the article is fine. However I would like to stress on effects of emotions and health.
    Anxiety, Anger, Fear and Grief to be precise.
    These are primary negative emotions and we get it all in different measures every day.
    Any attempt to maintain health or prevent diseases will not bear fruits unless this aspect is not dealth with effectively.

    What to do then?
    Simply ventilate freely; Speak up and discuss every things with somebody every day.

    (An example in context;Women suffering from primary breasy cancer who have attended group of women suffering from similar illness and have discussed their emotions,survived twice as long as those who fought it alone)

  12. Todd says:

    Hi Dr. Deepak– I 100% agree with you on the negative health affects of anxiety and stress. They cause “silent inflammation” in the body and can lead to many health problems…thank you for sharing.

  13. SootheSayer says:

    There is also the issue of keeping our body’s ph alkaline. Nutritionally, this means eatin 2/3 more alkaline foods to 1/3 acidic. Here’s the rundown: Acid: Meat, Milk, Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Wheat Alkaline: You guessed it, most fruits and vegetables.

    Ayervedic medicine has an interesting outlook on nutrition and health: They include all the flavors that tastebuds perceive at each meal–so they are satiated. Those flavors are: salty
    umami (monosodium glutamate sensitive)

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  15. In my opinion, what we eat can heal us. Preferably the veggies and the fish.

    Thanks for this great article.

    Would certainly like to know more about Cardiovascular Exercises.

    Best regards.

  16. Todd says:

    Thank you Funny Being–

    Yes, cardio is VERY important for preventing sickness. Getting your heart rate up at least 4 times a week can add years to your life!


  17. Nathan says:

    unfortunately i already do these things and i still got sick last week.

  18. Todd says:

    Im sorry to hear that Nathan, but it happens. I hope we can agree that implementing these methods certainly helps in preventing sickness…?
    I hope you feel better, Todd

  19. hollie says:

    Heyy.. im 16 years old. female, and i never get ill, i thought it was a bit wierd so i googled it and came acros this website . readin al these things kinda make sence, i laugh alot, i do randum bits of exersize, i try to meditate, i dont take medicines at all!(evan wen i do sumhow get ill) and i sleep good. people are always goin on sayin how helthy it is to drink lots of water, and eat fruit.. but i never ever eat fruit! dont lk the taste, i dont drink water! its to plain , and i dont evan have breakfast cos i dont like serial . and from not doin al that.. i never get ill. its pretty wierd.. would lk to kno why i dont get ill.. anyone got any ideas please??

  20. hollie says:

    also i think knowing ur own mind, prevents u from getin sick, just genualy bein happy .

  21. iskra says:

    great advice

  22. Donna says:

    Great advice and comments. I’ll work on incorporating.
    I agree with Hollie, to know your own mind-nice! and Dave, sometimes a med is necessary. They aren’t all bad, they are created to help manage the chemicals in our body. I’m on a tummy med that allows me to avoid surgery for a hiatus hernia.
    One concern though, doesn’t regular chiro and acupuncture get expensive?

  23. Rakesh says:

    Hi.. Im 24 years old. Male, and i never get ill, i thought it was a bit wierd so i googled it and came acros this website . readin al these things kinda make sence, i laugh alot, i do randum bits of exersize, i try to meditate, i dont take medicines at all!(evan wen i do sumhow get ill) and i sleep good. people are always goin on sayin how helthy it is to drink lots of water, and eat fruit.. but i never ever eat fruit!and from not doin al that.. i never get ill. its pretty wierd.. would lk to kno why i dont get ill.. anyone got any ideas please??

  24. Rakesh says:

    Hi.. Im 24 years old. Male, and i never get ill, i thought it was a bit wierd so i googled it and came acros this website . readin al these things kinda make sence, i laugh alot, i do randum bits of exersize, i try to meditate, i dont take medicines at all!(evan wen i do sumhow get ill) and i sleep good. people are always goin on sayin how helthy it is to drink lots of water, and eat fruit.. but i never ever eat fruit!and from not doin al that.. i never get ill. its pretty wierd.. would lk to kno why i dont get ill.. anyone got any ideas please?? & also u can mail me on rksaccount@gmail.com

  25. Alexis says:

    Hi, I am 9 years old and my mom is always ill. She takes the pills that was prescribe for her, but she seems to be getting worse. She resently came of all the medication she was on, because the medications has to many horrible side affects. I showed my mom this article and she along with my help will be doing everything on this list, because it’s time for her to try it another way. Everything you wrote is correct. Thank you!!!

    • delois lee says:

      Hi Alexis, Get her off some of that medicine let her eat a lot of fresh cooked vegetables or raw, like carrots, celery, salad. Get her some Ensure or Boost it puts a lot of vital vitamins back in her body, that she needs. Make her eat a lot of fruits, peanuts, peanut butter , pasta etc. Good luck hope she feels better.

  26. Todd says:

    Hi Alexis, thank you so much for the nice words and I am SO glad this article was useful for you and your mom. Let me know how everything goes…and the amazing thing about our health is, we have the power to change it INSTANTLY if we so choose. Buy for your mom the book “Spontaneous Healing” by Dr. Andrew Weil, it can change both of your lives!
    Much love,

  27. Billigflug says:

    The pro and con of medication. I don’t like too much medicine. Ever since I was small I’ve problems to swallow even the tinniest pill. Only when I’m really bad ill I seem to be able to do it without problems, till I feel better again. My body preventing me from big mistakes I think.
    I’ve seen with my grandmother what wrong medication can do. She had pains everywhere, so they pumped her full of pills and medicine. The result: She still hurt, but she was not able to tell anymore if she was home and she didn’t recognize people anymore. It was such a bad time and I’m so glad, my mother talked with the doctor, he stopped most of the pills and my grandmother is now back to normal again.

  28. Занятно! Все бы так писали :)

  29. Chentao says:

    There is no reason why anyone should take any medications. There are natural ways to cure everything in human biology.

    So let’s start with the basics. 1) Get a sufficient amount of sleep (about 7 to 9 hours). 2) Drink water. 3) Take a deep breath every so often inhaling preferrably through your nose. 4) Going along with #3, when you inhale air, inhale through your nose. 5) In the morning, gargle and drink a cup of water before brushing your teeth. 6) Eat garlic–it’s an antibiotic. 7) Choose fresh lemons over limes. 8) If you drink alcohol, drink only once a week or in moderation. 9) If you smoke, smoke no more than one cigarette every other day. 10) Eat right–i.e., do not mix foods that cause acidity. For example, do not mix proteins (like meats) with starches/fibers (pasta, rice, bread).

    I have many more tips but these will get you off to a great start!

  30. mom says:


  31. Love Love Love! says:

    :) great list! Laugh, and smile! :)

  32. Josh says:

    Nathan, it could be a food allergy making you sick. Many people are allergic to chicken, red meat, dairy, and wheat gluten. Also your body could be allergic to dust or pets. Hope this helps, I got constant sore throats and flu-like symptoms because I had no idea I was allergic to red meat until I was tested.

  33. TBK says:

    Thank you for your sweet honesty it’s appreciated I’m working on it.

  34. Praky says:

    Hi there, this article is worthy of being read..Very worthwhile tips and suggestions..perhaps it can include a prayer to the divine..and taking a natural/organic multivitamin and fresh fruit every morning..Thanks for your writings..keep up the helpful work, stay beautiful ppl

  35. German says:

    YOU FORGOT WATER , I THINK !! the rest is really great i learned alot of stuff thanks

  36. NotPleased says:

    I love how people love to denounce the use of medication, easily forgetting (or just disregarding) that there is a large population of people who require medication simply to live. I see people suffering from depression are mentioned here, but what about the folks with auto-immune diseases or, like myself, asthma? I could not function without the medications my medical insurance provides me with. I could easily find myself suffocating to DEATH if not for my inhaler. I have no other choice unless I were to literally live in a bubble and do absolutely nothing but be on the PC all day, every day (and even then, complications could still occur). Unfortunately, I have a job, and a number of physical hobbies I would hate to have to quit simply because I need to “avoid medication.” Medication in and of itself is not the enemy. It’s people’s ignorance towards them. Not all medications are necessary, but sometimes, they actually fucking are. No shit. Living proof right here.

    • Carissa says:

      Great post, so much good info here. Getting healthy by being in tune with your body is so excellent… Prevention and maintenance over treatment. That being said, while I agree with the avoidance of most medications, there are times when they are necessary.
      I used to suffer from severe depression and was on antidepressant medication from the time I was 12 years old. Eventually, I learned to control those feelings and while sometimes it is hard, I am happier that I don’t have to take any pills.
      No one is saying go cold turkey and throw all your medications away, but rather that as a society many of us depend too heavily on meds when we don’t need them. The problem is that much of the time this is simply treating the symptoms and not addressing the underlying problem. I know so many people that, if they have a headache will just reach for the Tylenol instead of anything else, like drinking water because you’re dehydrated.
      There are some conditions where yes, your medication is necessary! However if we all focused on taking better care of ourselves instead of only relying on meds, we might be able to lessen our unnatural chemical intake, and that can only be a good thing.

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