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How To Deal With Life In Tough Times 01/08/09

Living in Manhattan, I know several people who have recently lost t Buy Kamagra Cheap Online heir jobs. Most of these people are smart, educated, driven, great in their careers…and many of them have families, mortgages, and a ton of responsibilities. Understandably, they are scared. What makes the present situation even more terrifying is the [...] read the rest

THE SHIFT Really Is Happening! 09/09/08

As many of you know, I am intimately involved in the making of

The World According To…A Sea Bird? 07/31/08

<img title=”464869125_9211bba078_m.jpg” src=”” alt=”464869125_9211bba078_m.jpg” align=”right” />Today I took a long walk on the beach and sat down next to a sea cialis uk buy online bird staring out at the ocean. I began wondering: how does this tiny creature perceive the vast expanse of water in front of it? Does it see a blue sky, [...] read the rest

Why Money Is Just Another Form Of Energy 07/16/08

A few weeks ago I read an article in a morning new canadian viagra spaper talking about the benefits of investing in something called the ‘vice fund’, a portfolio of companies in the tobacco, alcohol, casino, gaming and oil industries. The article touted the ‘fantastic’ news that over the last few years this particular investment [...] read the rest

How To Cope When You Lose An 'Anchor' 07/10/08

As many of you know, a few months ago my long buy cheap cialis term girlfriend and I decided to split up. Although the move was ‘right’ for both of us, it has taken me a little while to discern what I miss most about the relationship, and about her specifically. Well, the purpose of [...] read the rest

24 Hours Of Living 'In The Flow' 06/11/08

Have you ever experien sale viagra without prescription ced a period of time where it felt like everything you did was perfectly in flow with the way you should be living your life? When it happens you usually encounter a high frequency of coincidences, or what I prefer to call synchronicities. Most people cialis 20mg [...] read the rest

The Cycles in Life: How To Re-emerge From 'Down' Times! 05/15/08

After seven months of posting an average of 3 We The Change articles per Buy viagra best price week, many of you have noticed that I have not published new content since the beginning of April. I have gotten several emails from blogger friends and concerned readers asking “is everything OK with you”? The sentiments [...] read the rest